2014 Christmas Compilation

With Christmas around the corner, here are a selection of some of the lovely and talented ladies whose interviews and featured articles have graced the pages of this site, decked out in the spirit of the season. Starting it off is actress and talk show hostess Michelle Tomlinson who could have, but did not bake that pie herself. A big thanks to all the ladies here, especially to the ones who took the time and effort to take a photo exclusively for this feature. Happy Holidays!

Sarah French - Santa's Helper

Actress and model Sarah French gets us into the Christmas spirit with some very recent holiday photos. Besides making the move to Los Angeles early next year, Sarah will have a lot going on in 2015. Several films she stars in (Zombie Dollz, Insectula, Hollywood Apocalypse, and Bad Habit, to name a few) are slated for release within the next few months and two more she recently completed (A Cursed Coven, and Chainsaw Maidens) should be out later in 2015. She's currently working on Marilyn: Zombie Hunter, which was the focus of this October article.

Stephanie Hsu and Alice Lee for Discover Card

This currently airing 30-second spot for Discover Card has Stephanie Hsu as a Discover cardholder calling to ask a representative, played by Alice Lee, about her cashback bonus.

If one didn't know otherwise, one might assume that it's the same actress playing both roles in this commercial, as both ladies look very similar. Why did the producers of this ad hire two girls who look alike? Did they want viewers to think there are twins here like in that other Discover Card commercial (with Sinab and Meltem Gulturk)? Perhaps they wanted viewers to think it is the same girl in both roles because of Discover Card’s ad slogan; “At Discover, we treat you like you’d treat you.” Maybe Stephanie or Alice can say for sure. Stephanie's on Twitter and so is Alice.  Also see more of Stephanie at her official website. You may have also caught her playing a not-too-concerned babysitter in another recent commercial for Nest smoke alarms. It’s wrong, but funny.

More James Girls

Known for photographing outrageously sexy models who look as if they only exist in fantasies, artist and photographer Mike James has an unmistakable style. With the popularity and all the good feedback we've received from the July feature on Mike's gorgeous models, known as the "James Girls," I knew a follow-up was definitely in order.

As with all of Mike's former and current models I've corresponded with, the ladies who gave me their comments for this feature, speak very highly of Mr. James, personally and professionally, as he does of them. The James Girls included in the first article can all be considered current James Girls, as they have all done recent shoots with Mike and plan to again. Just two of the ladies featured in this piece fall into that category. Unfortunately, the others now currently reside in the "Former James Girls" file but there's hope they may again appear before his camera.

The vision in red above is one of Mike's current favorites, Mala Mastroberte, from a very recent shoot entitled "Red Devil." Mala is one of the two ladies in this article who currently models for Mike and graciously responded to my request for her comments on what it's like to work with him. Of course, it goes without saying who all the photo credits in this article go to.

Natalie DeGennaro

When Natalie DeGennaro made her first film, she was a student, but you can't say she was a student filmmaker, since that refers to a film school student. Natalie was an elementary school student, who, at the age of 12, had realized her life's ambition was to produce and direct films. Since then, she's continued to follow that path, focusing on films with heavier subject matter that are a far cry from the "chick flick" box that some may assume she'd be within, after learning she's a filmmaker.

Currently a sociology major at the State University of New York at Purchase, Natalie, now just shy of her 22nd birthday, tells me; "since I became a sociology major, I have made it a point to incorporate my sociological knowledge into my films." In fact, she plans on exemplifying that in her senior film project, entitled My Life and the Kinsey Scale, that she's currently busy researching and writing the screenplay for.

A native New Yorker and obvious Yankees fan, Natalie says she would never want to leave the Big Apple to live anywhere else. The accompanying photos here, all courtesy of Natalie herself, definitely seem to confirm that.

What would have been Joanna Kim aka Etherealvixen's interview

Joanna Kim, whose screen name is/was Etherealvixen, is/was a model of sorts and, according to a bio she has at a popular model networking website, a former Miss Korea Hawaii. I don't even remember what first brought her to my attention, but I sent her a message on a whim and asked her is she'd be interested in a brief interview, so the cyber world could learn a little more about her. She replied; "sure." So, I did some research and send her some questions, to which she never replied. Didn't surprise me, don't care, her loss. However, my questions sure won't be a loss. At left would have been a photo of Joanna/Etherealvixen.

Bagel Soo - Bath Time

Despite a commenter at Reddit saying they call her “Bagel Soo” because he just “cream cheesed” in his pants while watching one of her videos, Bagel Soo’s nickname has nothing to do with the O-shaped bread.

Jess Greenberg - "Rock and Roll"

Above is Youtube star Jess Greenberg belting out an acoustic cover of the 1971 Led Zeppelin classic "Rock and Roll" that would surly make Page and Plant proud. Jess, who'll be 20 next month, performs all the songs she covers unaccompanied, unplugged, without overdubbing, and in the keys they were originally performed in.

Despite her up-front, outrageous sexiness, some cleverly-titled articles on her videos like "The Breast 'Highway To Hell' Cover Of All Time" and some bloggers criticizing her for "sexying-up" her image since her Youtube debut four years ago, Jess' playing and singing can easily stand on their own, regardless of the look she goes with. To hear and, of course, see more of Jess, check out her Youtube channel, her official website and she's on Twitter.

What would have been Chrissie Wunna's interview

I thought an interview with model and actress Chrissie Wunna would have been a fun and entertaining piece. I don't even remember how I first heard of her, but she was one of the contestants on the "reality" show Paris Hilton's British Best Friend. I didn't see it, but after checking out its Wikipedia page, I assumed Chrissie definitely wouldn't be one to pass on any free publicity, so I asked her if she'd be willing to do an interview for this site. She replied to my message and accepted the offer, but unfortunately and despite my efforts, it didn't end up happening. Anyway, enjoy the following unanswered questions.

Adele Yoshioka in Magnum Force

Above is Adele Yoshioka as “Sunny,” Harry Callahan’s very friendly neighbor, introducing herself to the San Francisco police inspector in 1973′s Magnum Force. According to the film’s screenwriter, John Milius, the character Sunny was written in as Harry’s “love interest” because Clint Eastwood received many fan letters from Asian women that contained sexual propositions. Unless the info that those ladies were Asian, was solely gathered because they stated so in their writings or from their names, one can assume photos were also enclosed in those fan letters. I wonder if Mr. Eastwood saved them. 

As for Miss Yoshioko, she pretty much retired from acting after her role as a lab assistant in the 1999 film A Table for One. She currently serves on the board of directors for the Coalition for Asian Pacifics in Entertainment, an organization she’s been involved with since 1991. Read more about that in this 2010 interview she did with Examiner.com.

Amelia Gotham in Mannequin

The 2013 short Mannequin from Cowmaster Studios is testimonial to the interesting things apartment dwellers can find discarded by their fellow tenants. Of course, it's unclear if the mannequin was discarded by someone, or perhaps, escaped from a department store and was just hanging out at the complex's trash area (since it's a place visited often and by every resident there), in hopes someone would take her into their apartment.

For whatever reason the mannequin was there, when the lovely resident (played by Amelia Gotham) just snapped a photo of the mysterious figure and walked away, it apparently pissed off the living doll. The ending leaves the viewer guessing the outcome. As for Amelia, find out more on her at her official website.

What would have been Megan Sacco's interview

Megan Sacco is the founder and CEO of Lady Haunter Management, which is an independent film company that works to support local charities in the Boston area. Hers would have made for an interesting interview, if it would have happened. It didn't but, since I'm not going to let my good questions go unseen (even though they may go unanswered), here they are. Of course, at left would have been a photo of Megan and credit for that photo would have been written here.

Ijeoma Aniebo in 6:30pm

While I was watching the Nigerian short film 6:30pm I kept saying to myself, "this is gonna be good," since I was anticipating a shocking and climatic ending to a very suspenseful 9 minutes and 40 seconds. What I got instead was (SEMI-SPOILER ALERT) an anticlimactic ending that made me say "huh?" "so, that's it?" and "did I miss something??"

What would have been Claudine Marra's interview

I first caught former model Claudine Marra on a segment of KSAZ in Phoenix's Fox FYI, entitled "Are You a Facebook Addict?" The segment originally aired in December 2010 but it reran several months later on my Bay Area Fox affiliate. In fact, above is where I would have posted the video for the entire segment, instead of the five-second SMPTE color bar test pattern.

I subsequently found Claudine on Facebook (where else?), sent her a message, told her where I saw her, and asked her if she's be willing to do a brief interview, to which she replied; "def." Claudine, who lives in New Jersey, also told me of some modeling gigs, pageants, and bikini contests she'd done when she was younger, so this would have been a good opportunity to shine some light on all that. However, she never followed through and replied to my questions. So, I'll just welcome you to read on and enjoy my unanswered questions to her.

What would have been Angela Tropea's interview

As I've said before; if I take the time and effort to do research on someone who's agreed to be interviewed for a feature here, and that lady simply doesn't hold up her end of the agreement, I'll be damned if I'll let my good questions go to waste. So in keeping with "Incomplete Interview Month," here's my half of what would have been the published interview with Texas-based actress Angela Tropea. At left is where Angel's photo would have been and I would have given credit to the photographer here.

What would have been Jodi Selman's interview

Jodi Selman isn't an actress, model, or in any form of the entertainment industry. She's actually just a huge horror fan and pretty hot-looking, so I thought it would be fun, for both of us, to give her an opportunity to be featured her here with a brief interview and sort of introduce her to the horror fans who are readers of this site. So, I contacted Jodi about it and, despite being receptive to the idea and agreeing to do a brief interview, she never replied to my questions that I e-mailed her. I double-checked to make sure she received them, she did, but she just never replied to them. Her loss, but my questions to her from over three years ago sure weren't lost. They were in my sent file and now they're here. At left is where a photo of Jodi would have been.

What would have been Dani Lowe's interview

We've decided to make this November "Incomplete Interview Month," in which we'll be publishing halves of scheduled interviews that didn't pan out because the interviewees didn't reply to their e-mails. So, to kick off "Incomplete Interview Month," here goes: Indie film actress Dani Lowe's interview would have been a brief one, as her list of credits was fairly short when she accepted my interview offer. It still is, as of this writing. At left is where a photo of her would have been.

Avery Misuraca

I first spoke with Avery Misuraca when I was interviewing "James Girls" for this article featured here last July, in which Avery was definitely a part of. If the dark hair, dark eyes, and deep voice with the slight Jersey accent weren't enough, finding out Avery was one of the official Vampirella models was all I needed to ask her for an interview for a spotlight feature of her own.

Besides capturing one of the most definitive looks (as evident at left) of Vampirella, when she posed as the character for Harris Comics, Avery later created her own sexy horroresque character in the form of the beautiful Countess Vladimira, whose comic book was published by Peregrine Entertainment.

Behind the dark personas of Vampirella, Countess Vladimira, and Morticia Addams, whom she also did a brief stint as, Avery is a real down-to-earth sweetheart. One of her passions since she was a child is animal welfare and she's actively involved in Fur and Feather Animal Sanctuary, who rescue and raise awareness about neglected and abused animals.

It was my pleasure to recently speak with Avery (and listen to that sexy Jersey accent) for this exclusive interview and it's no coincidence that this goes to press on her favorite holiday, which of course is Halloween. (Photo credit: Terry Sanders)

Kerry Finlayson in Bedfellows

Drew Daywalt's 2008 horror short Bedfellows is very short, very simple, and awesomely terrifying. It stars Kerry Finlayson, who's a seasoned actress and no stranger to fright films. Learn more about her at her official website.

I felt the already-very-short short, would be even more frightening if it were even shorter, so the above is a shortened 1:15 version (including titles and credits) of the original 1:30 film, that you can see here and then decide for yourself which is more frightening.

Sarah French as Marilyn: Zombie Hunter

According to director Thomas J. Churchill, his upcoming film Marlyn: Zombie Hunter is a mystery, an action film, a suspense movie, a thriller, a western, and most of all, it's a bloodbath horror film ....and it stars the lovely Sarah French. With some of her other recent titles that include The Bitch That Cried Wolf, Insectula, and the recently-announced Lazarus: Day of the Living Dead 2, Sarah's a lady who's truly earned the Scream Queen title. As this goes to press, fans can catch Sarah this weekend at Santa Fe Comic Con.

Cerina Vincent and Annika Marks in Skypemare

John Fitzpatrick's 2013 horror short Skypemare, has won several awards at major film festivals and earned very favorable reviews from horror critics. Even though the two main characters are chatting through Skype, a modern social medium, the film follows a simple, straightforward premise that was always a winning formula for so many classic slasher movies of the late-70s to mid-80s: Girls home alone at night (and in this case, it's Halloween, no less), TV newscaster reporting on an escaped maniac loose in the area, etc. However, this story takes a different turn at the end and serves as an example of what can be the unfortunate consequence of a very well-played prank.

Michelle Tomlinson

A native of New Mexico, actress and acting coach Michelle Tomlinson moved to Los Angeles right after graduating from Eastern New Mexico University with a degree in theater. She began her film career by doing student films, which was sort of on-the-job training for her since up to that point, she only had stage experience. She's since become a well-respected indie film actress, having appeared in dramas, comedies, and of course, horror. A few of her notable film roles of the latter genre have been in Kevin Tenny's Brain Dead, and in Matt Zettell's 2007 frightmare The Cellar Door and his upcoming Axe to Grind.

Early this year, Michelle debuted as the host of her own one-on-one interview show, An Intimate Look with Michelle Tomlinson, which she also co-produces. Michelle tells me it's a project she considers a labor of love. After writing at her blog about her experiences of being diagnosed, fighting, and eventually beating papillary thyroid cancer, she had many responses from people who gave her support and inspiration with their own stories to tell. That sparked the idea for the show, which is now set to enter its third season. Above photo by James DePietro.

The Ladies of Sorority Slumber Party Slaughter

With a tagline that reads; "Even a pillow fight in your nightie can go too far," Twitchy Dolphin Flix's upcoming comedy-horror Sorority Slumber Party Slaughter is bound to be an attention-getter, just judging from its cast, alone. Directed by Terissa Kelton (the hardest-working lady at Twitchy Dolphin) in her directorial debut, the film is slated to go into production next month. The recently-announced cast features (from left to right in the above photo) Margaret Ann Garza (interviewed here in September 2012), Katie Miles, Vicky Illk (yes, unlike the spelling of her name on the poster, she spells it with a "y"), Madison Weber, Brittany Flurry, and Andrea Dettling. Six versions of the film's poster have already been released, featuring each one of the six ladies. See them, as well as info on the film's lovely and talented director, after the break.

Judy Cerda Revisited

Since my first interview with actress Judy Cerda, more than three years ago, she's continued to stay very visible in San Francisco's indie film scene. Last year, she appeared in Last Doorway Productions' Monster of Golden Gate, and Forgotten Tales, the former of which she was on hand to promote at this year's Big Wow ComicFest in San Jose. The latter, currently in post-production, was filmed at an actual cabin in the woods that Judy says added to the horror-movie feeling of the shoot and helped her get into character.

Some of the recent short films Judy has done, include Jon Schipsi's Cosplay Dreams and Jeff Lunzaga's Agent 6, in both of which she plays a psychologist, albeit within very different storylines. In David Millett's Autum's Fall, Judy took on the role of a jaded, tough-talking prostitute, a role she tells me she had a lot of fun with. Always a true professional and highly-respected by those she works with, Judy was prompt and gracious to accept my offer for this follow-up interview.

Vanessa Lai

Actress and model Vanessa Lai started out at a very young age as a dancer and later got into modeling and acting, in her words; as a "fluke." However, it was a good fluke because since she began modeling in 2002, she's built an impressive portfolio which includes her stints as a model for Svedka vodka, and appearances in Volo magazine and Asian Mystique calendars.

Since beginning her acting career in 2009, Vanessa has appeared in the HBO series Body Language and TV series Lingerie. One of her most horrific characters is in Jamie Carswell's FM Andy, which recently premiered at the Royal cinema in Toronto. Coverage shows that it was met with a good turnout of supporters, just in time for the Halloween season, as Vanessa describes it as a "pretty twisted" movie. Her most recent role is as a vampire in the Babak Payami horror, Manhattan Undying. Slated for release next year, the story centers on a vampire who seeks out an artist to paint her portrait so she can see her image for the very first time. Even though she wasn't cast as the artist in that one, painting is among Vanessa's talents and she's also one of the best selfie-takers I've ever seen. In fact, the above photo is courtesy of Vanessa, herself.

Jessica Cameron at Film4 FrightFest

Above is the always gracious Jessica Cameron giving an interview at this year's Film4 FrightFest in London, where the UK premiere of her film Truth or Dare was shown. The focus of the interview is on the film, which has earned overall positive reviews from fans and horror pundits alike, but Jessica delves into other topics, as well. After giving an award-winning scream, she talks about the challenges she faced going from in front of the camera to behind it, and comments about today's social media "celebs." At about the eight-minute mark, she gives her views on why there are so few female directors in the film industry, and not just in the horror genre.

National Mean Girls Day

This past April marked the 10th anniversary of the theatrical release of the now-cult classic film Mean Girls. While it may not be in the same midnight-showing cult league as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, or even Night of the Living Dead, the 2004 Lindsay Lohan star vehicle (which actually had an ensemble cast and was a big boost to more than just Miss Lohan's career) does have its avid fans, and those fans know the significance of today's date.

Choi Jin-sil on Saturday Night Music

Even though she was never much of a singer, top Korean actress Choi Jin-sil made quite a few appearances on the MBC show Saturday Night Music. Above is a then-24-year-old Miss Choi singing “For Our Precious Love” during an April 1993 broadcast of the show.

Today marks the 6th anniversary of her suicide by hanging. Her brother took his own life in March of 2010 and her ex-husband in January of 2013, both in the same manner.

Shannon McDonough Revisited

Actress, model, and (as she puts it) self-employed rock star Shannon McDonough was featured here back on St. Patrick's Day, as I thought it appropriate to have an Irish lass in top spot that day. I recently got in touch with the multi-talented Minnesota native for for this follow-up interview.

Even though Shannon has starred and looked great in such retro sci-fi films as Terror from Beneath the Earth, Attack of the Moon Zombies, and The Giant Spider, she's more a fan of classic musicals and doesn't aspire to being a Scream Queen. (In fact, she hates spiders.) Her versatility has also landed her roles in which she's showed her comedic and dramatic sides in non-horror films, such as Jarrod Crooks' Thieves Like Us and Dispatched. As a singer, Shannon has appeared all around the Twin Cities area, currently with Elvis tribute performer Anthony Shore.

One fact about Shannon that she seems to understate, is that she's also a very talented artist. An example of one of her drawings, as well as info on where others are available, in her interview after the break. The above photo is from a recent shoot with Old Abbot Photography.

JAV Idol Mana Aoki Makes the Cover of Basic Mathmatics

Earlier this month, Thai publishing company Muangthai Book released a public school math textbook featuring a shot of JAV Idol Mana Aoki as their “cover girl.” The photo is originally from the promo shoot for Costume Play Working Girl, in which Miss Aoki (naturally) stars as the costume play working girl. The authors’ names on the image of the cover (at right) that’s been floating around the net to accompany this story, have been blurred out to protect the embarrassed.

Of course, Muangthai Book didn’t know who Miss Aoki was when her photo was found on the net and selected by one of their employees, but when they found out, they stopped publication of the book until a new cover is chosen. As for the reported 3,000 copies that had been released, it’s a good bet that they’re already collectors’ items, so some astute math students and teachers will probably hang on to theirs, despite a recall.

This has been all over the net for a couple of weeks now, so for more details, a simple Google search will take you to many other articles covering this, such as this one at Rocket News 24.

Tammie Baird

Award-winning Hollywood stuntwoman Tammie Baird grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. The eldest of six children, Tammie studied gymnastics as a child until her mother deemed it too dangerous and made her quit. Needless to say, it didn't make Tammie shy away from risky activities. Quite the opposite, in fact. She's since doubled for numerous A-list actresses when their characters have gotten in fights, been slammed on concrete, and hit by cars, just to name a few things. Despite all that, she says she's never had any serious injuries, just a few aches and pains the next day.

When not on the set, Tammie can often be found swinging from the Traveling Rings at Santa Monica, which, she tells me, relieves her of all stress and makes her feel weightless and free. She says her "to do" list includes (probably to the horror of her mom) hanging from outside of a helicopter, crashing through glass, and doing a car-to-car transfer. (Yes, of course while they're moving fast.)

Also an avid Pez collector (which is probably something only those close to her knew until now), the above photo of Tammie with two of her most prized Pez dispensers; Inspector Clouseau and the Pink Panther, is courtesy of Tammie, herself.

Charlo Greene says "F*ck it" and Quits

Above is KTVA reporter and sometime anchor, Charlene Egbe, known professionally as Charlo Greene, giving her final news report as an employee of the station, in which she announces on the air that she's the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club (which probably wasn't such a big secret, anyway, and may explain why she chose her professional surname).

Calista Flockhart & Lucy Liu – Television’s First Interracial Lesbian Kiss

Many TV trivia pundits say that US television’s first interracial kiss was between Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura (William Shatner and Nichelle Nichols) in a 1968 episode of Star Trek. Actually, that isn’t true because Lucy and Ricky Ricardo (Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez) kissed many times on screen in I Love Lucy over a decade earlier, but I digress. Above is US television’s first interracial lesbian kiss, between Ally McBeal and Ling Woo (Calista Flockhart and Lucy Liu), on an episode of Ally McBeal entitled “Buried Pleasures,” which aired in November of 1999. It didn’t suck.

Dahlia Derriere

Model Dahlia Derriere was one of the "James Girls" featured here in July, whom I found to be particularly charming and gracious. So charming, I asked her if she'd be interested in giving me an interview for a solo feature, so readers could find out a little more about her, and here it is.

Even though she considers herself a just regular girl who likes to model on occasion, Dahlia is currently one of the premiere pinup models on the East Coast. She's graced the pages of such popular magazines as Retro Lovely, Tease and Cake, and has an soon-upcoming feature in the debut issue of Tinsel. Her images have also adorned posters, calendars, and billboards in and around her region and she often poses for area artists. "It is such a delight to see different interpretations of yourself put to paper," she says.

Also a lady with a good head on her shoulders, Dahlia has some words of wisdom for young ladies interested in going into modeling, whether it be professionally or just as a sideline. The above, unedited, photo is courtesy of Dahlia, herself, proving to those who haven't had the pleasure of meeting her, that her beauty is no studio creation.

Ms. Vampy Interviews Michelle Tomlinson and Denise Gossett

Above is the debut episode of Ms. Vampy entitled "Coffin Tawk" [sic] featuring Brooke Lewis as hostess Miss Vampy and her guests, actresses Michelle Tomlinson and Denise Gossett.

The show Ms. Vampy only ran for four episodes in 2009 but the Brooklyn vampiress followed it up in 2011 with Ms. Vampy's Tween Tawk, Teen Tawk & In Between Tawk, which ran for six episodes, and in 2013 with Ms. Vampy's Bites and Ms. Vampy's Love Bites, which ran for five and four episodes, respectively. You can read all about Ms. Vampy, and some about her alter ego, Brooke Lewis (who really impressed yours truly in the 2010 short, Sprinkles), at her official website.

As for Ms. Vampy's lovely Coffin Tawk guests; Denise has a long and impressive list of credits that begins with her small screen debut as Lena Luthor in the TV series Superboy. Michelle, whose acting resume is equally impressive, has a upcoming and exclusive interview that will appear at this very site in the near future.

Elizabeth Di Prinzio & Angela Fong for Boost Mobile

The above TV commercial that ran earlier this year for Boost Mobile, features Los Angeles-based actress and model Elizabeth Di Prinzio, as a girl getting her purse “snatched” by a do-gooding motorcycle passenger in the form of model and former BC Lions (of the CFL) cheerleader, Angela Fong.

You can see more of Elizabeth at her official website and she's on Twitter. See more of Angela, who's also a former WWE Diva, and may be better-know by wrestling fans by her ring name, Savannah, at her Facebook fan page, and she's also on Twitter.

Jasi Lanier for Heinz Ketchup

Top Hollywood stuntwoman Jasi Lanier was one of the "James Girls" featured in this article last month. She commented that she's a real tomboy but photographer Mike James helps her get in touch with her "girly side" during her photo shoots with him. In the above 2007 commercial Jasi did for Heinz ketchup, she shows that tomboy side as she deals with an interruption that doesn't often occur while waiting for ketchup to emerge from the bottle. However, I suppose since Heinz ketchup is so thick and rich, it takes much longer for it to come out than it does for other brands, so anything can happen during that wait.

Naked News' Isabella Rossini Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Even though doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is not quite as much of an ordeal for a naked newscaster of the Toronto-based Naked News show (as she doesn't have to worry about having to change out of her wet clothes afterwards), I'm sure fans are glad Isabella Rossini stepped up to the challenge and got drenched for the cause.

The "official" rules for the Ice Bucket Challenge seem to vary, but generally, when challenged, that person has 24 hours to comply by either dumping a (generally, but not necessarily) five-gallon bucket of (should be) ice cold water, with or without (should be with) ice over their heads, along with a small monetary donation to ALS research OR skip the water and make a larger donation. However, some challenges allow those to take the water over the head in lieu of any donation, which has brought on criticism that the challenge has become a spectacle rather that a true movement to raise awareness for the disease.

Since Isabella probably doesn't spend a lot of money on clothes, I'd say it can be safely assumed that she was able and generous enough to spare something for the cause, as well. In fact, she even endured the cold water a second time in a SFW version that can be shared at the more restrictive websites. For those who would (for whatever odd reason) like to see the SFW version of Isabella's dousing, it's available here.

Naked News Anchor Carli Bei

(Editor's Note: This interview with popular Naked News anchor Carli Bei was conducted in June of 2014 by Tom Heckbert for the now-defunct website Eyestrane.com. It’s been republished at Idol Features courtesy of Carli and Tom.)

Carli Bei is one of the newest anchors on Naked News. For those who do not know, Naked News, billing itself as "the program with nothing to hide," is a subscription website featuring a real television newscast. The show is filmed in Toronto and airs 25-minute episodes, 6 days per week. The gorgeous, all-female cast delivers the news fully nude or while removing their clothes.

A very short time after starting at Naked News, Carli has become one of the most popular anchors due to her on-screen personality, reporting skills and of course, she’s easy on the eyes. Naked News anchors cover regular news such as current events, business news, tech, travel, TV, music, dumb criminals, and more. There are also interviews, and a regular "Versus" segment where the anchors compete with each other at various tasks like hockey, sumo, and darts with often hysterical results. Naked News anchors travel occasionally to cover events like Hedonism Jamaica or the AVN awards.

Welcome to My Darkside - Women in Horror Documentary

Slated for release in November, Last Doorway Productions' documentary Welcome to My Darkside, features interviews and commentary from 35 talented ladies who've made names for themselves in the horror genre. Their characters have been on the giving, as well as the receiving ends of murder weapons of choice, and they have worked on both sides of the camera.

Papillon Soo Soo in Full Metal Jacket

In the above scene from Stanley Kubrick’s 1987 Vietnam war classic Full Metal Jacket, Papillon Soo Soo speaks the iconic lines that have since amused and infuriated Asian ladies all over the Western world.

This was the second of only three films the British-born actress and model appeared in. The first was the 1985 James Bond movie A View to a Kill and 1992′s Split Second was her third and final. The song playing in this scene is Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’” and the songs you’ve undoubtedly heard samples of Papillon’s (in)famous spoken lines in are 2 Live Crew’s “Me So Horny” and Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.”

James Girls

Artist and photographer Mike James has been capturing gorgeous ladies with his camera, pen, and sculptures for nearly 20 years. Every image he publishes are just as much illustrations as they are photographs. Featuring out-of-this-world sexy models in outfits that he often creates himself, the ladies' poses and themes range from the outrageous to the the fairly mundane. Of course, seeing ladies looking like this doing everyday tasks such as cooking breakfast or doing the laundry seems inconceivable, which is all part of Mike's unique style.

Also a pioneer in the resin sculpture field, Mike's figurines are considered the finest of their kind. Not mass produced, the characters are his own original creations that he carefully crafts himself, to maintain quality. As for his work with a brush, some of his pin-up girls can be found on video cover art, speedboats, and even a professional lacrosse goalie's helmet.

I recently contacted Mike and asked him if he would tell me a little about some of his lovely models, whom he's dubbed "James Girls," to which he happily obliged. (I can't say the ladies in this article are his favorite models, because all the models he regularly shoots are his favorites, he tells me.) Of course, wanting to hear from the other side of Mike's camera lens, I also asked several of the James Girls what it's like to do a shoot with Mr. James. After hearing their replies, it's no wonder that most of the ladies who did their first shoot with Mike over a decade ago, still pose for him today. Above is one of those ladies, top Hollywood stuntwoman Jasi Lanier, from one of her most recent shoots with Mike, entitled "Caged Legs."

Ursula Taherian for Shiny Suds

Despite the title of this piece, the above 2009 commercial featuring actress Ursula Taherian is not for Shiny Suds bathroom cleaner. Shiny Suds doesn’t even exist. This is a faux commercial-within-a-commercial for Method’s safe and environmentally-friendly cleaning products. The fictitious Shiny Suds and its wonderfully-perverted bubbles are to illustrate Method’s message regarding the “dirty” and “dangerous” chemicals most household cleaning products contain and leave behind.

This ad was banned by many TV stations due to complaints over you-know-what by mainly you-know-whom and was eventually pulled by Method for the same reason. To see more of Ursula (but not as much as the bubbles saw ….especially right after she dropped the loofa at the end), check out her official website.

“Yoga Goddess” Yan’s First Pitch

Above is Taiwanese yoga instructor, know as Yoga Goddess Yan, opening up the July 6th CPBL game at Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium between the Brother Elephants and Lamigo Monkeys (yes really, I did not make those names up) with a ceremonial first pitch that was less impressive than her flexibility and the outfit she wore.

It’s not uncommon for sexy female celebs to open up professional baseball games in the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean leagues (as this artile shows), but it seems Miss Yan’s recent appearance here has garnished the most media attention since Korean rhythmic gymnast Shin Su-ji’s pivotal pitch last year.

Destiny Soria

Born in Savannah, Georgia, actress and model Destiny Soria lived for several years during her youth in Frankfurt, Germany, where her father was stationed while in the US Army. After returning to the States, she lived in Texas for a while before moving to Red Wing, Minnesota, which was where she made her acting debut in a 2009 comedy entitled Entr'Acte. Her subsequent film credits now number over 60 with over two dozen currently in various stages of production.

Besides acting, Destiny is a formally-trained dancer, skilled in a wide range of styles, from tango to hip-hop. Her modeling shoots include unique concepts that show she has a love for wildlife, particularly wolves. Said Destiny; "I love wolves. The loyalty and love they have."

Now calling Hollywood home, Destiny is also often actively involved in worthwhile community organizations. One of which is the recently established LCULA (Let's Clean Up Los Angeles), whose participants hit the streets of LA to literally clean them up and they're soon to be starting an employment program for the city's homeless and disabled. Above photo of Destiny and Sage the timberwolf taken in Pasadena by Major Carter.

Chloe’s Naked News Audition

Even though the amply-endowed Chloe is dubbed as a breast guest anchor in Naked News’ video archives, the above video from a few years ago (her one and only for the program) is actually an audition and was never a segment of a regular Naked News show.

Why she wasn’t chosen to be a permanent bare broadcaster on “the program with nothing to hide,” probably had to do with her delivery or slight accent, because, given the physical assets Chloe possessed, they she surely would have been a viewer favorite. The ladies introducing Chloe at the beginning of this video are very popular Naked News anchors, Rachelle Wilde and Peyton Priestly.

Carly Capra Lights up the 4th of July

Since my interview with Carly Capra last October, the Texas-based actress has kept pretty busy. Among her recent projects that are currently in post production is Michael Crum's Allegiance of Powers where she's been cast as a girl with supernatural powers, similar to telekinesis, that allow her to move throw, and collide objects. Slated to be released in September, Carly says of the film; "The movie is filled with messages; action, sex appeal, humor, deception, gore and major special effects. They even incorporate comic book-like scenes into the movie. No one in the indie industry has made a movie like this."

She's currently filming Jim DeVault's Blood Reunion 2: Madeline, which is the second part of of a trilogy. It's also scheduled to be released later this year and like the first part, the storyline features the main characters returning to their childhood home, where some may meet their ends. Carly says of her character Izzy; "She’s a sexy young girl who may or may not make it out alive. This is one of the sexiest roles I’ve played."

Also a former member of the Cowtown Hotties promotions and bikini team, Carly still does occasional photo shoots. One of the most notable recent ones being a Nightmare on Elm Street homage with photographer Jeremy Campbell in which Carly portrayed a sexy female Freddy Kruger, minus the burns. She's also featured in Malevolent Magazine #3, which is having its release party the day after this goes to press. Above photo courtesy of Carly herself.

Luna Lee on Gayageum

Above is gayageum virtuoso Luna Lee (known professionally as simply "Luna") covering the guitar solos from the 1976 Eagles classic "Hotel California" with such perfection, it would surely make Don Felder and Joe Walsh proud.

The Korean National University of Arts graduate has been studying the traditional Korean instrument since childhood, and also teaches traditional music to elementary school students. According to an April 2013 interview Luna did with the Korea Times, she began experimenting with American-style blues after a guitarist friend introduced her to the song "Tender Surrender," by Stevie Ray Vaughan. In the interview, Luna was quoted as saying the "gayageum has a technique called nong-hyun, which is quite similar to bending on the guitar, but nong-hyun can go further. It really has a dynamic range. This makes the gayageum perfect for playing the blues."

To date, her Youtube channel has nearly 3 million views and it features her versions of such other popular American rock songs as Santo and Johnny's "Sleepwalk," Joe Satriani's "Starry Night" and Bob Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower" (which is more popularly known from Jimi Hendrix's version). Also check out her Facebook fan page.

Tara Cardinal at Florida Supercon

The Red Reaper herself, Tara Cardinal will be appearing at Florida Supercon in Miami from July 3rd-6th. The gorgeous redheaded actress, stuntwoman, and producer will be on hand for the screening of her films Legend Of The Red Reaper and Scarlet Samurai: Incarnation. Afterwards, she'll be taking part in panel discussions with fellow indie filmmakers Kaare Andrews and Lloyd Kaufman. Also on her schedule will a sword fighting demo with her martial arts master.

Of course, Tara will be meeting fans and signing her Legend of the Red Reaper novel and DVDs, which will be available for sale. Reliable sources tell me Tara also may have something special in store for Red Reaper fans who show up at the event. Full details of Tara's schedule are at Florida Supercon's official website.

Above is the shot of Tara that graces the first page of her feature in this month's issue of BTS Book Reviews, that you can read online. (She's featured on pages 4, 13-19, and 164-167.) Also check out my April 2012 feature with Tara.

Friday the 13th Victim, Lana

It's that date again, so in recognition of Friday the 13th, above is sexy waitress Lana (played by Rebecca Wood) literally getting axed in the franchise's 1985 installment, Friday the 13th: A New Beginning. Just prior to her death, Lana gave a gratutious breast flash, so you just knew she was going to get it, however she didn't get it from Jason. She got it from (SPOILER ALERT) a paramedic named Roy Burns, who donned the infamous hockey mask and stepped into the then-allegedly-dead Jason's role, in order to seek revenge for his son, who was murdered earlier in the film. As far as Rebecca Wood; she's been residing in the "Whatever Happened to..?" file ever since her last role; a small part in the 1991 film Switch.

Debra Lamb in "Event"

The above 2001 USC student short film Event, is a rarity in that it features Scream Queen Debra Lamb in one the few student films she starred in during the early 2000s. During this period, Debra did just this and one other USC, and two UCLA student films. Event was produced by director Teresa Kuan and her cinematographer Sarah Johnson.

Waveya Moves to Allegro con fuoco from Dvořák’s 9th

Antonín Dvořák’s New World Symphony, traditionally know as Symphony No. 9 was by far his most popular musical work. Composed in 1893, while Dvořák was the director of the National Conservatory of Music in America, the piece’s fourth movement, “Allegro con fuoco,” starts in E minor, goes through a realm of dynamics, accented by strings and horns, finally intensifying at about the 11-minute mark until it builds to a climatic crescendo, ending in E major.

Jwaundace Candece

Stuntwoman and actress Jwaundace (pronounced Ja-wan-dece) Candece is regarded by her peers as one of the top stuntwomen in Hollywood. Her over 70 stunt credits include big-budget films such as Scary Movie 5, Dreamgirls, The Help, and The Hunger Games. Her small screen stuntwork includes the shows The Vampire Diaries, CSI, Devious Maids, and Elementary, just to name a few. She's stunt doubled for the likes of Viola Davis, Queen Latifah, Taraji. P. Henson, Whoopi Goldberg, Tyra Banks, and Jennifer Hudson. Those are just some of the ladies who have Jwaundace to thank for making them look even better in their roles by filling in for them when their characters went to blows, took falls, crashed cars, and were even in flames.

On the list of Jwaundace's "safer" accreditations, she holds a masters degree in psychology, is a published author and a certified reading teacher, all of which were fields she worked in before her show biz career, which began with her pro wrestling stint as "Delta Lotta Pain" with the Women of Wrestling (WOW) organization in 2000.

As an actress, Jwaundace's credits are no less impressive. Most recently, she appeared on Cinemax’s new original action series Banshee, on an episode of BET’s popular show Let’s Stay Together, entitled "Hooked On You," and she had a recurring role on ABC’s Resurrection. This summer, you'll be able to see her comedic side in the upcoming film Let’s Be Cops with Damon Wayans Jr. and Jake Johnson. The above photo is courtesy of Jwaundace, herself.

Remembering Momoko Kōchi, the Original Godzilla Actress

With all the “Godzilla-mania” going on due to the recently released CGI remake of the 1954 Japanese horror classic, Godzilla (sometimes written as “Gojira” after the Japanese pronunciation), it’s fitting that someone pay homage to the original that spawned the giant monster movies. However, that’s not what this site’s about, so instead, I’m just paying homage here to the film’s lead actress, Momoko Kōchi.

Miss Kōchi played Emiko Yamane, the daughter of the archeologist who finds conclusive evidence of Godzilla and wants to study the creature, rather than destroy it. In the above scene, Emiko decides she must break her promise to keep silent about an Oxygen Destroyer created by her scientist fiancé, whom she doesn’t love or want to marry, and tells what she knows to the salvage ship captain she does love and wants to marry. She reveals what she knows because she realizes, despite her promise and the damage the device can cause, the Oxygen Destroyer is the only thing that can stop Godzilla.

Horror Hotel with Lamia, "Queen of the Dark"

Above is the full and most recent episode of Horror Hotel, shown on the Reel TV Network and hosted by Lamia (pronounced "Lay-me-uh"), portrayed by Kristina Michelle, the hard-working lady behind the Reel TV Network. As she introduces the 1959 Vincent Price classic The House on Haunted Hill, one can tell "The Queen of the Dark" is a very knowledgeable horror film historian who gives the facts and stats on the movies she hosts, as well as what was going on, horror-wise, during its era. Exuding a more subtle sexuality and without the campiness of Elvira, who's known for delivering double entendre-laced monologs while spilling out of a sleek form-hugging dress, Lamia does some segments of the show with her "co-host" Lilith Alexandria (Kristina's real-life pet python, that we first see at 25:16). During the closing segment, rather than wishing viewers "unpleasant dreams," Lamia signs off with "stay bloody" and an evil, fang-baring hiss. 

Asian Ladies of the Gold Rush

With the 2014 NFL Kickoff Game just under four months away, most of the teams’ cheerleading squads have already held their try-outs and selected the ladies who will be donning the midriff-baring uniforms and entertaining the fans on game day with their spirited dance routines.

As San Francisco is the NFL city with the largest Asian population, it’s a given that the 49ers cheerleaders, know as the Gold Rush, will have Asian ladies representing in the red and gold. One of whom is Airi (above), whose first year as a Gold Rush cheerleader will also be the first season the 49ers will be playing at their new home field, Levi’s Stadium.

The Ladies of Remake

Doug Phillips' 2012 independent slasher film, Remake was shot entirely in and around Minneapolis, and its cast features some very lovely ladies from the area, two of whom; Kate Cloutier and Kelly Barry-Miller, have been featured here before. Above are Kate, Donna Marie Beard, and Kelly at the film's June 2012 screening at Minneapolis' Heights Theater.

I recently contacted all of the ladies in the cast and asked each a couple of questions about their experiences working on the film. What follows are their replies and comments.

Mean Girls' 10th Anniversary

Film pundits and fans of the 2004 now-cult comedy Mean Girls are acknowledging today as the 10th anniversary of its theatrical release. Hard to believe it’s been so long since we first saw “The Plastics” clique, led by queen bee Regina George (winningly played by Rachael McAdams), strutting around North Shore High. Not so hard to believe is that the film, produced by Saturday Night Live’s head honcho Lorne Michaels and chock-full of SNL alumni in its cast, has since developed a cult following.

The above select scene features Regina and her minions, Karen, Gretchen, and Cady (played by Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert, and Lindsay Lohan, respectively) in the dress shop "1-3-5" as queen bee Regina can't believe she doesn't fit into her size 5 dress, especially since all she's been eating lately are Kalteen bars, thinking they'll help her lose weight. However, they actually make you "gain weight like crazy," a fact revealed to Regina by a beau, later on in the film. The very snooty salesgirl here is played to the T by Jo Chim, who delivers the only two lines she has in the movie in such an uppity tone, she earns her place as one of the film's memorable characters.

Twisted Twins Coming to Texas Frightmare Weekend

Jen and Sylvia Soska, the eerily sexy sisters behind Twisted Twins Productions, shot this promo video last December, but the event they're plugging here is happening in Dallas this weekend (May 2nd through 4th), as this goes to press. Coincidentally, the day this goes to press is also the ladies' birthday.

Ploy Nyam for Headmuns Security Pants

This Thai commercial for Headmuns Security Pants has pretty Miss Ploy Nyam speaking of the dangers that concern many of today’s young women living in Thailand’s urban areas. However, she need not worry any longer, because Headmuns now offers a defense designed to ward off potential attacks, while also providing protection for the wearer’s “lady parts.” These security pants are guaranteed to thwart any would-be assailants by presenting them with something they didn’t expect to find their intended victim to be packing. Then again ….since it is Thailand ….maybe it’s exactly what some would-be assailants would be expecting to find a young lady packing.

The song that accompanies this spot is “Lovely” by Audrianna Cole, and pleasantly offsets Miss Nyam’s monologue, which one viewer described as sounding like “a cat that’s fallen into a wood chipper.”

Vanessa Bayer Moves to "I Don't Want to Know"

Named by the Huffington Post as one of the best Saturday Night Live sketches of 2013, "Divorce Meeting" features Vanessa Bayer (one of SNL's all-time hammers) and Paul Rudd as a bitter couple meeting in a neutral location to hash out their divorce agreement. However, they keep getting diverted away from their hostility toward each other when their favorite song, Fleetwood Mac's "I Don't Want To Know," keeps playing.

Judging from viewer comments, many who enjoyed this skit searched Google and Youtube for "I Don't Want To Know" soon after it aired. SNL fans will now probably associate the song (which was written in 1974 by Stevie Nicks and ended up on Fleetwood Mac's 1977 Rumors album) with this sketch just as much as they do Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear the Reaper" with "More Cowbell." For me, there's just something about Miss Bayer's dance moves that make me want to keep replaying this one. Would have also loved seeing more of the moves from (Vanessa's fellow SNL hammer) Nasim Pedrad, whom we catch groovin' to the song just a bit of at the very end of this sketch.

Psyche Chimère

According to Psyche Corporation vocalist and frontwoman Psyche Chimère; the band is a “dark, fairytale, steampunk, cyberpunk band” who “deal in alternative world music, both in the world music sense and in the alternative world sense.” They’re based out of New York City but again, according to her, they’re also “based off of a dream manufacture company far into the future, where brain implants allow you to download dreams from the Internet.”
The band’s music provides an often haunting sort of background to Miss Chimère’s flawless soprano and narrative lyrics. She’s also one of the few, very visible Asian ladies of the steampunk sub-genre. Above is the official music video for “Jewels,” off of their early 2013 album Crypts and Codes.

Brenda Song on Dads

Despite a seasoned cast that included 26 year-old Brenda Song, the FOX sitcom Dads, didn’t even make it one full season. Above is Brenda making her second screen appearance in the pilot episode, in which her employers talk her into dressing as a sexy Asian schoolgirl straight out of a hentai comic book in order to "impress" some Chinese investors being pitched a new video game entitled “Kill Hitler 2.″

The show was widely panned by critics and deemed “racially insensitive” by some Asian-American groups, who found certain jokes (some spoken by Brenda’s character) and referencing certain stereotypes (like the one above, I suppose) offensive. Even though we won’t be seeing Miss Song on Dads anymore, given her track record over the past 20 (yes, 20) years, I doubt she’ll be drawing unemployment for very long.

Rachael Robbins

Actress, model, and comedienne Rachael Robbins has ventured down several avenues of show biz throughout her career, so far. She started modeling for Playboy in 1997 and delved into acting a couple of years later with the 1999 comedy-horror film Terror Firmer. Also among the 40-plus acting credits she currently has, is her role in Ernest G. Sauer's 2001 gem Little Shop of Erotica, alongside two big names of the adult film industry. (It's one that she seems to want to forget, but I made sure to ask her about.)

No stranger to the stage, a few years back, Rachael starred in the all-female cast of Pieces (of Ass) throughout its off-Broadway run, as well as its stint in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Her most notable screenwriting credits to date, are for the 2013 Kenneth Del Vecchio horror films Captured Hearts and the soon-to-be-released (July 1st) Scavenger Killers, both of which she also has starring roles. The former, as one of the five lovely and lethal Van Houten sisters. Most recently, she's in the pre-production stage with Matt Zattell's The Advocate.

As a stand-up comedienne, Rachael has had to overcome the handicap of being outwardly sexy in a business where the objective is to get laughs, not leers. However, despite her looks, she's succeeded in the field and has regularly performed at such venues as New York's Gotham Comedy Club and Times Square Comedy Club.

Rachael is also directing the upcoming Marilyn and Friends, which will be showing at New York's Metropolitan Room, April 16th (next week, as this goes to press) and stars renowned Marilyn Monroe tribute performer, Erika Smith. (Info and tickets here) Above photo of Rachael and the Notorious P.I.G. courtesy of the lovely Miss Robbins, herself.

Mo Whelan

Maureen "Mo" Whelan is an actress, model, animator, graphic artist, writer, and (as she puts it), "duct tape film producer." She tells me she primarily considers herself a creative producer, and one who isn't afraid to handle legal matters that come with the territory. One of her latest projects, a horror she co-wrote entitled No Service, she'll be producing and directing with Miss Misery Reyna Young, and will feature Felissa Rose of Sleepaway Camp fame. Among her animation credits is 1999's South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut, where she spent hours animating Terence and Phillip's heads.

Before the glitz and glamor of show biz called, Mo managed a large auto parts franchise store, so she's a lady who knows her way around under the hood of a car. Also a lady with a big heart, Mo actively supports many charitable causes and is often seen at their events and fundraisers around the Los Angeles area. I was recently fortunate enough to get Mo to take some time out to answer some of the questions I had for her, which included her artwork (she also paints), her views on the future of the visual effects industry, and her thoughts on Eric Cartman. Above photo of Mo at last year's A Nightmare to Remember International Film Festival, courtesy of Oscar Benjamin.

What would have been Stella Chuu's interview

To be clear, when I contacted model, cosplayer, and burlesque performer Stella Chuu about being interviewed for a feature here, she didn't say yes or no, but rather said I could send her my questions though Facebook and "we'll see what we can do." So, I subsequently sent the questions, but she ended up deciding she wouldn't "feel comfortable" being featured here, for whatever reason a burlesque performer may have for not feeling "comfortable," and declined the offer.

Absolutely no problem with that and much more her loss than ours, but I don't like to waste my time researching someone, only to have the good and pertinent questions I came up with, go unanswered, nor let interviews that others would have surely appreciated, go unseen. So, even though my questions will go unanswered, I'm not going to let them go unseen. Here's my half of what would have been an interview with the aforementioned Stella Chuu. Of course, at left is where a photo of her would have gone and I would have given credit to the photographer here.

Lotta Losten in Lights Out

Have you ever been home alone and heard a noise after you turn the lights out? You turn the lights on and everything seems to be fine. Shut the lights out, and a minute later, there's that strange sound again. Is there something there in the darkness that isn't there in the light? Or someone? Of course not. You've just seen too many horror films and have an overactive imagination. Or it's just the wind ....or the house settling. However, if you actually see something in the dark that isn't there in the light ....

May Ling Su Revisited

It was hard for me to believe it had been so long, especially since she doesn't look a day older now than she did then, but the first time I wrote about May Ling Su was over seven years ago. That brief article I did on the lovely "Internet exhibitionist," was actually for another site and I shared it here.

Keeping in loose touch with May Ling through Facebook over the last several years, I knew she was somewhat of a nomad. She's lived on both coasts of the US as well as her native Philippines, since I first met her. Currently living in Maine, she still has several unique websites that she personally operates. Super Spy Chick and Strip Karaoke being two of the more humorous and milder examples.

In addition to her work in front of the camera, May Ling has recently lent her voice to the audio book version of Anthony Pacheco's Armageddon's Princess. Also making a name for herself as a photographer, she's had works displayed in galleries in the US and Europe. She tells me that her Maine location and the winter months have made it difficult for her to find models, but she plans on meeting with some this spring and for those interested, "fierce and fearless" is the type she says she's looking to shoot. 

Shannon McDonough

On St. Patrick's Day, it's couldn't be more fitting than to feature a beautiful Irish lass who's dressed for the occasion, and actress Shannon McDonough definitely fits the bill.

Despite appearing in mainly horror films, such as It Came from Another World!, Terror From Beneath the Earth, Attack of the Moon Zombies, and The Giant Spider, the Minnesota native's favorite film genre is romance, both dramas and comedies. She's said of doing horror films; "I didn't think I'd like horror at first, but it's kind of fun getting all bloody and dirty." As of this writing, Shannon has just completed her work on Jarrod Crooks' Dispatched, which is currently in post production and slated to be released later this year.

Also a talented singer and DJ, Shannon has performed at many hot spots in and around her native Minneapolis. You can look forward to an interview with Shannon at this site in the near future, in which she'll confirm she's a gourmet cook, a former Rogue Cinema Sleepover Girl, and an avid Doctor Who fan.

Elissa Dowling

Actress and singer Elissa Dowling obviously has a way with her bird, Loo, and a look down her long list of film credits will show she also has a way with horror filmmakers. Some of the more colorful titles Elissa's been in, include The Legend of Bloody Mary, The Corporate Cut Throat Massacre, Orgy of Blood, and A Night of Nightmares, for which she also sang the soundtrack's title song. More recently, she appeared in Joe Hollow's Disciples, which has a cast like a who's who of Scream Queens.

Tressa Graves

Horror novelist Tressa Graves is an intriguing lady, with a look very fitting to her occupation. As someone who's read a couple of her works, I did find her characters to be well-developed, the settings vivid, and the stories gripping, even though some will probably not be to everyone's taste. I know it's cliché to say "I couldn't put it down," but if you aren't flipping ahead to see how many pages are left to go in the chapter until you can take a break, then it's a gripping read, and that's what I've found Tressa's writing to be, particularly her short story The Lady in the Backyard.

As evident from reading the early chapters of her most recent novel, The Sawgrass Footpath, it's clear that Tressa seems to believe there's a significant cultural clash between Southerners, living in the heart of Dixie, and "Yanks." Perhaps there is, but before reading her humorous narratives of these incompatibilities, which are from a Southerner's point-of-view, I thought it was only Northerner's who were aware of it.

What follows is hardly what I'd consider an in-depth, or even full interview with Tressa, but for those who haven't heard of her, and are looking for something new by someone new to add to their horror library, here's an authoress whose works you may want to check out.

Park Seo-yeon – Gastronomic Exhibitionist

Sexy broadcast jockeys (known as BJ’s and yes, I know), who dance for and flirt with their viewers in exchange for tips, are nothing new in Korea. However, in the last couple of years, a new breed of pretty female BJ has emerged, who simply eat for their viewers’ enjoyment.

Seregon O'Dassey

Actress and model Seregon O'Dassey is another of the ladies who first caught my attention while viewing the New York City Horror Film Fest interview with her and two of her Captured Hearts costars, which I featured here several weeks ago.

With horror titles beginning with 2005's False Face to the currently-filming Bloody Slumber Party on her IMDb credits, Seregon is another lady in modern indie films, who has truly earned the title of "Scream Queen." It's a title she's honored to have, even though she prefers acting in drama and sci-fi to horror.

After Seregon very graciously agreed to an interview for this site, research on her found some unique and interesting facts on her resume. Two of note are that she has a degree in mortuary science and is an aspiring drummer. The former has gotten her a gig on the TV crime drama Elementary as their morgue tech adviser. The latter hasn't earned her any gigs yet, but with her dedication, it's a good bet she'll be afforded the opportunity to show off her drumming skills in the near future. Above photo of Seregon at Plainfield, New Jersey's Dragonfly House by Xavier De La Vega.

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