WTF with Bianca Barnett

I know it's too late to be featuring a Christmas-themed piece and way past the Halloween season for a horror-themed one, but this is the latest and last episode of the first season of the fright film review show, WTF with Bianca Barnett. (It stands for "watch these films" and yes, of course; at first, I thought it stood for "what the fuck" like I'm sure most of you did.) This one posted on Christmas Eve and here Bianca gives her review of the 1980 Yuletide slasher flick, Christmas Evil

The online syndicated show has become quite popular and is carried on Apple iTunes and several websites such as Horror Palace, where you can find all season 1 episodes on video and podcast. To learn more about the 2011 Golden Cob award-winning Scream Queen, check out her website and my August, 2011 interview with her, which is the best interview with Bianca on the net, despite what others may claim.

Frances Manzo as Redlight Kate

October 2014 Author's Addemdum: Redlight Kate's funding campaign fell short of meeting its goal and the above trailer is no longer publicly viewable. While the film project has not been officially cancelled, it has been indefinitely shelved. If  and when it resumes production, this article will again be updated.

The above teaser for the yet-to-be-completed indie drama Redlight Kate, stars Frances Manzo, who also wrote and produced the film. The song "Suffer, Kate" (no, not "Suffocate") is by Los Angeles-based band, Maudlin Strangers. The supporting cast includes Monique Dupree and Melanie Robel, two ladies who've already made names for themselves in the independent film industry. In fact, I had the pleasure of interviewing Melanie for this site last year.

Redlight Kate has a campaign at, a site developed to help raise funds for various projects, most of which are in the performing arts. Check it out to see what your support for this film will get you in return. Frances also has a strong dance background and has worked with and choreographed some pretty big names. Check her Now Casting resume and her IMDb listing to see just who they've been.

Annette Lawless

News reporter Annette Lawless has been with WJW Fox 8 in Cleveland for the last two years, after moving there from her native Kansas, where her heart still seems to be. The Kansas State alumna and die hard Wildcats fan, has recently branched out into acting, which is how I first noticed her. Annette plays the vilianess "Pandora" in the upcoming action fantasy film Lady Dragon, written and produced by Kristina Michelle.

Besides covering news stories for Fox 8 and her acting gigs, Annette co-hosts the podcast show Hottie and the Jerk, is a wiz in the kitchen and an experienced bowler, recently scoring a 238. She's also very knowledgeable about the best places to eat in Cleveland (and you owners whose restaurants she's given praise to here, should show her your gratitude). Learn more on Annette in my following interview with her. For those who haven't heard of her before; you'll probably someday remember seeing her here first, before she became a famous actress, cooking show host, or pro bowler, depending on which path she takes.

Soo Yeon Lee for Target

This recent Target commercial for Nature Made prenatal vitamins is entitled "Ravenous" and features actress, model, and world class table tennis player, Soo Yeon Lee, portraying a pregnant lady who's in a frenzy to satisfy her hunger cravings ....or just to make a mess in her kitchen. Said Soo Yeon (who was not actually pregnant here) of this role: "It was good practice to be a pregnant woman." See more of her at her official website.

Tiffany Apan's Driving Nowhere

November 2020 Author's Addendum: The below trailer for Driving Nowhere, as well most of the media related to the film, has long been removed from public access online. To find out if the film is available from any source, I suggest you contact Tiffany through her official website (link below).

The above trailer for the soon-to-be-released supernatural thriller Driving Nowhere, features Tyffani Richards, Heidi Engel, and Tiffany Apan. The short film has gotten some very favorable reviews from fans and critics at the indie film festivals it's shown at, and even won the award for Best Horror Short Script at the 2012 International Indie Gathering Film Festival. Tiffany Apan, who, in addition to starring in the movie, wrote and directed it, is also a talented singer and musician. Learn more about her at her official website.
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