Clara Grace Walker

(Editor's Note: The following interview with author Clara Grace Walker was conducted exclusively by her fellow author, whose published works are under the name "Ladyaslan." Both ladies graciously gave their permission to have it published here.)

Best selling romantic suspense author, Clara Grace Walker, writes about fictional worlds populated with characters living out soap opera style lives. Expect sex, murder, and more than a little back-stabbing inside the pages of her books.

Her debut series, "Desire Never Dies," is comprised of three books, Gratification, Gossip, and Redemption, all of which have made their mark on Amazon’s best seller list. People and circumstances are rarely what they seem in these stories, and getting to the truth can be a dangerous thrill-ride. So hop on board and hang on by your fingertips as you read your way to happily ever after.

Liane Langford - Red is Better

It's been over three years since actress, model, and (no kidding) Reddi-wip heiress Liane Langford has appeared on these pages. Since my last interview with her in October of 2012, Liane signed with a top San Francisco modeling agency and has done shoots with several notable photographers. She was a Vampirette for Pat Johnson's Malevolent Magazine shoot, posed with pink flamingos for Mark Pernal in Florida, was a girl with a gun in black lingerie for Lance Miller, and the flaming red muse for Robert Gifford's above photo illustration.

Liane's film appearances since her last interview here are even more notable. They include Joe Hollow's A Blood Story, which was released earlier this year, and her role as "Brenda the Badass Bartender" in Steve Oakley's Natural Born Filmmakers, which premiered at the Action On Film International Film Festival in September. Among her upcoming films are Ted V. Mikels' 10 Violent Women: Part Two, Cameron J. Scott's The Krokodil Chronicles, and Lawrence W. Nelson's You Found Me, that has a cast chock full of some of the best-known and talented ladies on the indie film scene today.

To find out details on all the aforementioned, as well as much more, including her feelings for Roxy Music's Bryan Ferry and what she has to say to Edward Cullen of Twilight, just press play to have a listen to my latest interview with Miss Langford.

November 17, 2015 interview with Liane Langford

Horror Film Reviewer Lilith Kafka

It's no secret, especially since she introduces herself as Jackie in the above video to kick off her recently launched Youtube channel, that Lilith Kafka is a professional name. However, it's hardly an alter ego. Those who know Jackie Dusza personally or Lilith Kafka professionally, know that she lives and breathes horror and can articulately express her critiques on any of the hundreds of fright films she's seen since childhood.

Launched aptly the day before Halloween and simply titled "Lilith Kafka" (for now, anyway), Lilith's film review channel will focus primarily on the independent horror genera, but she'll also devote some reviews to mainstream horror films and possibly some non-horror films in the future. Lilith is also a big supporter of indie film producers, who often work with limited budgets, so she doesn't believe in piracy. The films she reviews are from her own vast DVD collection or were sent to her by producers. To those indie film producers and directors who follow this site and hadn't heard of Lilith before; remember, you heard of her here first and you can learn a lot more about her in this recent interview.

November 16, 2015 interview with Lilith Kafka

Whatever Happened to Ryu Mi-oh?

The name Ryu Mi-oh won't mean anything to those unfamiliar with Korean nude models who were popular from the mid-90s to early 2000s, but those who know who she is/was (a group that will mainly consist of expats in Korea during that time) will surly appreciate this article.

Ryu Mi-oh was one of the ladies featured here in this 2010 piece on the most notable names ever in Korean adult entertainment. She started her career in front of the camera as a nude model. Her voluptuous image not only graced magazines, she was also featured on such things as advertisement posters and nightclub flyers. She first appeared on the scene in the mid-90s, when the Internet was in its formative years. Even so, it's surprising there's so little information about her online (and I say this after searching Korean sites for her), seeing that she was arguably the most popular nude model in Korea when the Internet became commonplace a few years later.

Friday the 13th Victim, Bree

In all of the entries in the original Friday the 13th franchise, Jason Voorhees usually made very quick work of his victims, slaying most without them even knowing what, much less who, hit them. However, in this scene from 2009 remake of Friday the 13th, Jason takes a moment to savior Bree's fear before impaling her on a pair of antlers.

As for Julianna Guillm, the actress playing Bree in the above scene, she's been busy for over a decade, as her IMDb will show. Despite her extensive acting resume, she'll probably go down in history (among horror fans, anyway) as having the most memorable mammaries in any Friday the 13th film.

What would have been great exposure for Jenn Gundlach and her company

Jenn Gundlach isn't a celebrity or in any form of the entertainment industry. Not even in a behind-the-scenes role. As she describes herself, she's "just a horror fan with too much time and craftiness," who makes and sells some pretty cool items that caught my eye. So cool, that I contacted Jenn about doing a short interview in which she could promote herself and her business during the Halloween season, which should have been her busy season, considering the products she makes.

Immediately after receiving my interview offer, Jenn replied; "Oh I'd love too! What were you thinking?" In short; I told her what I had in mind. She ardently agreed to an interview. I sent her my questions and she subsequently sent me a few messages to let me know she was busy but she would be sending me her replies and/or photos soon, to expect them soon ....but in the end; she simply didn't. Her loss. However, since it is the policy here to never let even unanswered questions go unseen, read on to see my half of what would have been Jenn's interview.

Naturally, since Jenn didn't hold up her end, the name of her company and the products she creates, as well as descriptive words to indicate what her products are, will be ✘✘✘✘'ed out. Above would have been a photo of Jenn, probably holding one of her products.

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