Long before Elvira was wishing her viewers "unpleasant dreams," there was Vampira, TV's original sexy horror hostess with an hourglass figure poured into a sleek black dress. She told her fans she gave "epitaphs, not autographs." Played by Finnish-American actress Maila Nurmi, Vampira hosted the Vampira Show which originally ran on Los Angeles' KABC TV from 1954-1955.

"The Black Widow" Jeanette Lee

A couple of months ago, Korean racing girl Yoon Sun-hee was featured at Asian Sirens, which led me to find this video of her participating in a Racing Girl Billiard Tournament. I commented that she was "no Jeanette Lee," which made me wonder if the winner of 17 WPBA titles had ever been featured at Asian Sirens. I was surprised to find that she hadn't, so I'm featuring her here now and sharing this with Asian Sirens, for all to see why ESPN once named the Black Widow one of the sexiest female athletes in the world.

By the way, yours truly had the pleasure of meeting her last year when she visited Korea for some exhibition games, and she does have very a nice rack. (Pun intended.)

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