Waveya Moves to Allegro con fuoco from Dvořák’s 9th

Antonín Dvořák’s New World Symphony, traditionally know as Symphony No. 9 was by far his most popular musical work. Composed in 1893, while Dvořák was the director of the National Conservatory of Music in America, the piece’s fourth movement, “Allegro con fuoco,” starts in E minor, goes through a realm of dynamics, accented by strings and horns, finally intensifying at about the 11-minute mark until it builds to a climatic crescendo, ending in E major.

The above video features Korean dance team Waveya doing their thing to an abbreviated, 3-minute version of “Allegro con fuoco.” This was produced by B-Classic, to promote their annual classical music festival, happening this month in Belgium. The festival’s theme this year is Slavonic dances, which is why their promotional video features a piece from Antonín Dvořák, who’s known as the “godfather of Slavonik dance music.” 

More info on the festival is available at B-Classic’s official website. For more on Korean dance team Waveya, whose above and current line-up consists of mainstays Ari and MiU, along with new members Rumi, Yess, and Jin, you can check out their Facebook fan page, which is pretty much the best English source for current info on them. Of course, they also have a Youtube channel, Twitter, and a Daum Cafe fan site in Korean.


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