Vampirella made her debut in September 1969 with the first issue of her own aptly-titled Vampirella comic book by Warren Publishing. The creation of Forrest J. Ackerman and Trina Robbins, Vampirella was originally a horror hostess for a year before becoming the main character in the stories. Many artists have officially drawn Vampirella over the years. Above is one of the first ink incarnations of her drawn by Jose Gonzalez, circa 1971.

Korean Celebs' Tragic Endings

As many US readers may not already know, early this month, top Korean actress Choi Jin-sil (above) committed suicide by hanging herself at her home in Seoul. She was 39. It was reported that she had suffered from depression since her 2002 separation, and messy divorce two years later, from her pro baseball player husband and was upset by recent rumors (she claimed were false) that she had loaned a large sum of money to an actor friend and was pressuring him to pay it back, which was a reason he committed suicide in early September. I suppose the alcohol she had to drink that evening also helped with her decision to take her own life.

Although Jin-sil's death shocked many, it wasn't the first time a high-profile female Korean entertainer has committed suicide in recent years.

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