Sunghi Lee - Never Before Seen Photos

Going through some of my old photos, I came across this one of Sunghi Lee, taken in Suwon, South Korea on June 6th, 1998 while she was there to promote her movie A Night on the Water. Not a great film (despite a decent performance by Sunghi), but one I truly feel deserves cult status. Great soundtrack, though.

Dawn Yang

23 year-old Singaporean model and popular blogger Dawn Yang (aka Dawn Yeo), was actually brought to my attention by Kelly Siew, another young lady that I featured here last month.

Dawn's Xang blog (I love her user name there), which she updates frequently, is what's brought her most of her fame and even landed her a contract with a talent agency in late 2005. Since then, she was featured at the now seemingly defunct,, and has appeared in the Singapore editions of FHM (January 2006, where she was voted into 21st place of their annual 100 sexiest), and Maxim (May 2007, where she was voted into 7th place of their annual "Hot 100").

Of course, when a girl looks this good, she's bound to be subject to speculation as to how she got that way, as well as a little controversy here and there, but Dawn seems to rise above all that. Ignoring the negativity, she continues to grace the blogging spotlight.

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