Sadako Yamamura Emerges

This scene from end of the 1998 Japanese horror film Ring (aka Ringu, the Japanese romanization of "Ring"), has been edited to show only Sadako Yamamura emerging from the well and right through the television screen. The odd shots of the male viewer watching it and dying of cardiac arrest have been cut out. If you want to see the face that he saw hidden behind that long, black hair, and feel you can handle it, see it after the jump ....but brace yourself.

Debra Lamb Revisited

I recently caught up with actress Debra Lamb for a follow-up interview for this Halloween season. I was fortunate to catch her when I did because, as this goes to press, Debra will be preparing to get on a plane to the East Coast for her appearance this weekend at Chiller Theater in Parsippany, New Jersey.

Since my last interview with Debra, she's been pretty busy. Last November, she and three of her fellow Scream Queen icons (Brinke Stevens, Linnea Quigley, and Debbie Rochon) shot the soon-to-be-released Disciples, directed by Joe Hollow. She also shot commentary scenes (a still at left) for the recently-released Celluloid Bloodbath: Previews from Hell and has a still-under-wraps project in the works with her good friend and fellow psychic, Liane Langford, that you'll be reading about here first.

Hello Franceska

If the Korean sitcom Hello Franceska could be considered Korea's belated answer to The Addams Family, then I suppose Franceska (played by one of the Korean screen's great beauties, Shim Hye-jin) would be comparable to Morticia. The show ran on Seoul's MBC network from 2005-2006 and co-starred Jung Ryeo-won as Franceska's "daughter," Elizabeth. The story centered around a group of vampires, headed by Franceska, who boarded the wrong ship and accidentally ended up in South Korea, where they attempted to pose as a normal family and adapt to normal lives in modern-day Seoul until their vampire leader found them and returned them to Romania, or so they hoped.

This is Halloween with Lily Stitches

In keeping with the spirit of the Halloween season, here's New Jersey-based burlesque dancer Lily Stitches performing to Marilyn Manson's "This is Halloween" at The Slipper Room in New York's Lower East Side. She also does a pretty hot routine to "Science Fiction Double Feature," as well as many other numbers that you can catch at her Youtube Channel.

See more of Lily at:

Liane Langford Revisited

After my first interview with Liane Langford, I knew that I'd just scratched the surface and she had a lot more tales to tell. I also knew the best time to for a follow-up interview with her would be during the Halloween season. Her blog post "It Only Comes Once a Year," and video of her shopping for caskets at Costco (yes, Costco) should save me from having to explain why.

The first thing Liane told me during our most recent conversation, was that she has an upcoming project in the works with our mutual friend and her fellow psychic, Scream Queen Debra Lamb (whom I've also had the pleasure of interviewing for this site). Going from what preliminary info Liane was willing to give me on that, it should be hilariously awesome that fans of dark humor should love.

Focusing on Halloween-related topics, we talked about such things as the old ladies who gave walnuts and pennies instead of candy when you'd come trick-or-treating, those cheap-o costumes they sold at department stores that tied in the back and had those PVC masks that made you sweat profusely, and her favorite graveyards. Speaking of which, Liane gives this site a shout-out in the above photo taken at the El Carmelo Cemetery in Pacific Grove, California of her favorite resting grounds. After the jump are excerpts from my conversation with Liane.

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