Lacey Hernandez

Actress and model Lacey Hernandez is another beautiful and talented lady who was brought to my attention by my friend and master of indie film promotion, Carlo Rodriguez. Carlo also seems to have the same keen eye for beauty and talent as I do. (Well ....the proof's right here.)

A native Texan, Lacey's background in front of the camera has mainly been in modeling, thus far. ("I've done some great gigs!" she proudly told me.) She focused on her college education before transitioning over to acting. Now, with degrees in psychology and nuclear medicine under her belt, even though she hasn't been in the acting biz long, she's managed to get some great parts in a short time. Namely, Terissa Kelton's Dear Boss Ripper and Bug Davidson's The Beauty Memory Project, both soon to be released. One of the films she's currently working on is the Doggett Brothers' Horror, a project she's grown particularly fond of. She's also picking up some good experience working behind the camera, as well. Most recently on Twitchy Dolphin's Daughter of Werebitch Meets Skankenstein (my favorite B-horror title since the classic Frankenhooker).
Lacey's eagerness to do this interview with me was very flattering and I'm happy to present one of the first of what will surely be many interviews in her career.


Since she started modeling in 2006, Inkerbella has been featured in some of the most popular pin-up and tattoo magazines in the US. She firmly believes that "you gotta love the skin that you were born in" and the skin she was born in is adorned with many colorful designs, reminiscent of the traditional American tattoo artwork of the 1940s and 50s. Speaking of that time, many of Inkerbella's photo shoots bring to mind the World War II-era pin-up models that graced the noses of fighter planes and GI footlockers, in addition to being tattooed on the arms of US servicemen.

Also an actress, Inkerbella's credits include appearances in such TV shows as 1000 Ways to Die and 8.13. One of her most recent film roles is in Jun-seong Kim's upcoming thriller Innocent Blood, where she's cast against type as a conservative-looking university student. She also has her own signature perfume line from Black Corset Scents, that come in bottles with mini handcuffs attached.

Bella (as her friends call her) was very happy to take some time to answer my questions that included the "regular" jobs she's held, who the best Phantom of the Opera was, and of course, her tattoos. I didn't ask about her piercings during the interview but found out about them later.

Asian Cheerleaders of the NBA

If you've seen an NBA game at any arena, then you know the high energy routines of the cheerleaders (who are more often called dancers, these days), keep the crowd pumped-up during halftimes and breaks in the action. With the current NBA season now down to the playoffs, some of these ladies may not be returning to the court until later this year but many of them stay busy during the off-season by appearing at promotions, special events, and touring as ambassadors of the cities and teams they represent. One dancer whose season is not yet over is Chicago Luvabulls co-captain Erika, whose team, the Chicago Bulls, are still in the running as of this writing. Erika is a University of Illinois alumna who's in her ninth year with the Luvabulls.

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