Felissa Rose

Felissa Rose played young camper Angela Baker, the silent girl with a mysterious secret, in the 1983 cult horror film Sleepaway Camp. It's probably the role she will always be best-know for. Assuming she constantly gets questions about that film and her character, I suspected she may be sick and tired of answering them. However, after contacting Felissa through Facebook, I was surprised and pleased to find out that she is very proud to have been a part of what is now a must-have for any horror fan's collection and has no problem talking about her role in it.

Of course, Felissa's acting career is not limited to playing Angela, which was just her first film role. During the 10 year gap between Sleepaway Camp and her next film, she attended New York University, where she majored in drama and honed her acting skills on the stage, taking on such challenging roles as Desdemona in Shakespeare's Othello. Since returning to the screen in 1983, Felissa has over 35 titles to her credit and is now considered one of horror's iconic actresses. Above photo of Felissa exiting the "Barbie Dream Hearse" courtesy of Felissa and gAk Photography.

Friday the 13th Victim, Nikki

Another Friday is upon us and in recognition of that, here's Nikki (played by Darcy DeMoss) leaving a lasting impression in the wall of an RV, courtesy of Camp Crystal Lake's own Jason Voorhees in 1986's Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI.

Unlike most of the actresses who've been victims of Jason, Darcy hasn't faded away into obscurity, which a look at her IMDb listing will reveal. When she was younger, she looked a bit like Jennifer Love Hewitt (who never was in a Friday the 13th flick, but was great in I Know What You Did Last Summer and its sequel).

Science Fiction Double Feature - Maria Franzén

Since its 1973 debut at London's Royal Court Theater, The Rocky Horror Show has played on stages in over 20 countries and has been translated to more than 10 languages (sometimes pretty loosely). Here is Swedish actress Maria Franzén as the Usherette, singing the opening number on stage in Frankfurt, Germany in April of 2009. Another awesome performance of this number by Park Eun-sook from the 2001 Korean production, can be seen here.

Ginny You

A girl of many voices and a love for anime, manga, and black cats, actress Ginny You has done primarily voiceover work so far and considers herself a voiceover actress first and foremost. Her most recent voiceover role was that of Maid Marian in Robin Hood: Ghosts of Sherwood 3D. However, the Purdue alumna has proven she can be more than just a voice behind a character.

Ginny has also been chalking up on-screen acting credits since 2008, beginning with the piranha-owning lead in the short film Abby (one she'd rather forget because her acting skills have come a long way since) to the more notable roles in the web series Candy Girls, Lewis Schoenbrun's sci-fi adventure Aliens vs. Avatars, and David S. Sterling's 3D Bikini Beach Babes Issue #2.

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