The Last of the Derrick Dolls

Back in 1996, when the city of Nashville, Tennessee was courting the then-Houston Oilers to move to Music City (and become the now-Tennessee Titans), some of the Oilers Cheerleaders, nicknamed the "Derrick Dolls," made this promotional appearance at the Nashville City Fairgrounds. Unfortunately, I didn't get any interviews or names the day I took these photos, but if anyone recognizes any of these ladies and can give a name and/or some information on her or (better yet) is one of these ladies and would be willing to grant me and interview; please contact me!

Japanese Baseball Cheerleaders

The cheerleading squads in the Nippon Baseball League are much larger than those of their Korean counterparts and their routines are more elaborately choreographed. Watching the official cheerleaders for the Orix Buffaloes, the "Bs Dreams" in action (above) is evidence of that.

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