More Wardrobe Malfunctions

A term coined by Justin Timberlake to describe the infamous 2004 Janet Jackson Super Bowl halftime incident, it's only surprising that "wardrobe malfunctions" don't happen more often, given the outfits many female celebs and models wear onstage and on the red carpet.

Above, we see Japanese-born K-pop singer Ayumi Lee head off stage for assistance after literally shaking off one of her adhesive bra cups during a 2007 lip-synced performance of her single "Wrongful Meeting." Taking it in stride, Ayumi returned to the stage to finish the number after adjustments were made, probably realizing that it could have been worse, as some other ladies will attest to.

Pretty Pitchers

April 4th was opening day for the 2010 Major League Baseball season and if you've ever been to a ball game in Japan or Korea, where a well-known person has opened the game with a ceremonial first pitch, I'm sure you appreciated it if the well-known person was an attractive female celebrity, which it usually is.

While the Korea Baseball Organization almost always has mainstream actresses and singers doing the honors, Nippon Professional Baseball often has less conservatively-dressed gravure idols and models take the mound, such as Satoko Miyata (above and allegedly aka Akiko Miyata), who impressively did get it across the plate from the pitcher's rubber at the Tokyo Dome last summer. What follows are  some examples of what you might see at the opening of a KBO or NPB game, if you're lucky.
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