Japanese Santa's Helpers

For this year's Christmas-themed piece, here are a bevy of Japanese beauties appropriately attired for the season, beginning with JAV idol Kirara Asuka (above) shown here on the DVD cover of Chri Chri Merry Christmas. Definitely not a holiday movie for the kids. 

Miranda (Korean Stage Play)

Author’s Note: This article is for the very few expats and English-speaking Koreans, who were in South Korea in the mid-2000s, during this play’s run at the Top Art Hall theater in Seoul’s Deahangno theater district, and remember catching this play, and who probably landed here after a Google (Bing, Yahoo, whatever) search.

Even if you can’t understand a word of Korean, Miranda (sometimes spelled “Milanda” since Korean English spellings sometimes use an “L” where there should be an “R” and vice-versa) shouldn’t be too difficult to follow. This play is tightly-based on the novel The Collector by John Fowels, which is a simple story of a man’s obsession with a beautiful girl. You know; the old “boy sees girl, boy becomes obsessed with girl, boy kidnaps girl, boy isn’t quite sure what to do with girl” story.

Miranda opens with a dream sequence; a completely darkened stage, and then you hear the string intro to the song “Yes Sir, I Can Boogie” by the singing duo “Baccara.” (A CD I had to run right out and buy after seeing this play). The lights come up right after the pounding drum beat comes in, and then the audience is treated to opening scene, which is a dream sequence in which we see the completely nude lead (well, only) actress’s backside through a very sheer veil that she holds high over her head and then lets fall to the floor. She then slowly moves over to the bed, where the male lead (and also only) actor lies face down. She then gently kisses him down his body and eventually gets on top of him a rides him until she collapses on top of him, both seemingly satiated. I won’t say that the rest of the play goes downhill from there, because it doesn’t, but the opening scene is the most erotic, by far.

Whatever Happened to Chieko Shiratori?

After mentioning Chieko Shiratori was a personal favorite of all who've stepped into the role of Special Undercover Agent Rei, the heroine from the Zero Woman series (featured here), there were a few readers who told me they also shared those feelings, which made it clear that she deserved a solo feature. Not having heard or seen anything from Chieko since her mid-to-late 90s heyday, I did a bit of research to see what the now-35-year-old actress/model, who was billed early in her career as "Tieko Shiroto," is up to these days.

Chieko is currently listed with a Japanese talent agency, with a photo that looks like it was taken within the last few years, but her inclusion on their roster is most likely just to boost their status. According to her Japanese Wikipedia entry and one other source, the 5'6" 34-23-35 former "V Cinema" queen retired from show biz in early 2000 and is now living a domestic life with a husband and son.

Sounds likely but until that's reliably confirmed or unless she one day (hopefully) makes a comeback, I'm afraid Chieko will continue to reside in the "Whatever Happened to..?" file and in our memories. So, the following is a little trip down memory lane.

Brenda Lowe

An Asian Sirens reader (and probably fan of the TV show Survivor) sent them this link on 27 year-old half-Chinese, half-Bolivian Survivor contestant Brenda Lowe, requesting a feature on her. The request was passed on to me because Brenda's a former pro cheerleader and the webmaster there considers me a sort of an authority on cheerleaders, due to the previous features I've done on them. So here we go.

The former Miami Dolphins cheerleader and owner of Paddleboard Miami was chosen to be a contestant for Survivor Nicaragua after trying out, stating she would "kick ass" doing what they do on the show. Maybe I wouldn't go so far as to use that term for her performance, but she has made a pretty darn good showing, so far and is currently viewed as a serious threat by several of the other "surviving" contestants.

As of this writing, the viewers have only seen 10 of the 20 contestants voted out of the competition and believe Brenda's still in the running. However, according to a leaked and 100% accurate (so far) "boot list" from a reliable source, at the next aired show's "Tribal Council," viewers will see Brenda being betrayed by her alliance and voted out as the 11th to go. (She was) Even though she wasn't among the top survivors, Brenda is now known by many fans of the show as Survivor's "Asian Sensation."

Gemma Chan for Bing

Unless you've been living without television for the past year and a half, you're familiar with the Bing commercials where the person rattles off the results he or she found after performing an Internet search, in a robot-like manner. The lovely Asian lady with the British accent doing so in the above ad is actress Gemma Chan and whether you use Bing, Google, or one of the other popular search engines, finding her website isn't difficult.

Japanese AV and Gravure Idols do Horror

Halloween is horror movie time and if you've watched a low-budget Japanese horror/gore flick in the last few years and wanted more info on the sexy actress in the lead role, finding it shouldn't be difficult. Chances are, a simple Google search is all it will take to see a lot more of her because most of the ladies seen in such gems were chosen from the very large talent pool of AV and gravure idols Japan has to offer. Above, we see how nicely JAV alumnae Sora Aoi, Risa Kasumi, and Mari Sakurai fill out their roles in Big Tits Zombie (in 3D!).

Two Asian Girls in a Cemetery

In keeping with the Halloween theme, here are sisters Michelle and Coy in the first of their 2008 nine-part video series, Two Asian Girls in a Cemetery. All nine parts were shot the same day during the girls' stroll through Oakwood Cemetery in Huntsville, Texas. Younger sister Michelle does most of the commentary throughout, talking about such things as the "Black Jesus" statue, scary movies, names on the headstones, and Elvira. Not to take anything away from her (because she is very cute and engaging), but ....check out Coy. 'Nuff said.

Science Fiction Double Feature - Park Eun-sook

In the spirit of the Halloween season, here's the Usherette (played by Park Eun-sook) with the opening number from the 2001 Korean version of the Rocky Horror Show, "Science Fiction Double Feature."

The licensed Korean version of the cult classic ran in Seoul from 2001 through 2008 (although not continuously) with Eun-sook being the first and arguably the best, actress to fill the role of the Usherette/Magenta. As of this writing, the original Korean cast soundtrack is available at Amazon.

The Last of the Derrick Dolls

Back in 1996, when the city of Nashville, Tennessee was courting the then-Houston Oilers to move to Music City (and become the now-Tennessee Titans), some of the Oilers Cheerleaders, nicknamed the "Derrick Dolls," made this promotional appearance at the Nashville City Fairgrounds. Unfortunately, I didn't get any interviews or names the day I took these photos, but if anyone recognizes any of these ladies and can give a name and/or some information on her or (better yet) is one of these ladies and would be willing to grant me and interview; please contact me!

Japanese Baseball Cheerleaders

The cheerleading squads in the Nippon Baseball League are much larger than those of their Korean counterparts and their routines are more elaborately choreographed. Watching the official cheerleaders for the Orix Buffaloes, the "Bs Dreams" in action (above) is evidence of that.

Korean Baseball Cheerleaders

Unlike professional baseball teams in the United States, all of the teams in the KBO (Korea Baseball Organization) have their own professional cheerleaders, stirring up the fans on both sides of the park during games. At right is the captain of the LG Twins squad, Kang Ye-jin, who's currently the best-known pro baseball cheerleader in Korea and is expected to branch out to other avenues of show biz in the near future. Oh, and despite what Ye-jin's banner reads, her team didn't even make the playoffs last year and are currently in 6th place out of only 8 teams in the KBO, which means at every Twins game, she has her work cut out for her.

What follows is just a sample of the girls from each team in the KBO and the outfits they wear. (They usually change at least once during games.) The whole squad doesn't cheer at every game. There are usually four girls cheering at an average game but I've seen at little as two at some games and as many as six at others. Also, Korea isn't unique by having pro baseball cheerleaders. Japan does as well and There will be a follow-up here on their Japanese counterparts in the near future.

Asian Cheerleaders of the NFL

The National Football League Kickoff game next month will mark the beginning of the 2010 NFL season, so after checking some of the teams' player rosters for this upcoming season, I decided to check all of the the teams' cheerleader rosters.

Of the 25 NFL teams that have official cheerleading squads (7 teams don't), I did find several Asian ladies among the members, one being Duyen (above), who proudly high kicks and shakes her pom poms for the Houston Texans.

Friday the 13th Victim, Mrs. Voorhees

Going back to the original, here we have the climatic scene in 1980's Friday the 13th which the original killer, Mrs. Pamela Voorhees (Betsy Palmer), attacks camp counselor Alice (Adrienne King) in a fit of psychotic rage to avenge her son Jason's death, some 23 years prior. However, Mrs. Voorhees ends up on the losing end of the machete, a tool that plays a key role in subsequent entries in the Friday the 13th franchise ....as does Mrs. Voorhees' head.

Na Ha-na

Unlike most of the top models in Korea these days, 26 year-old Na Ha-na did not gain her popularity from appearing at racing events and car shows. She made her debut three years ago when her mobile photo sets were downloaded to thousands of cell phones and computers across Korea.

A Google search will yield countless photos of Ha-na but (to fulfill some readers' requests at another site I contribute to) the shots that follow are the most risqué ones of her that are currently available online.

As of this writing, Ha-na has yet to make any big or small screen appearances, but if her popularity continues to grow, it should just be a matter of time before she does.

Korean Ero Icons

Of all the ladies who've set foot in the Korean soft core porn or "ero" (short for "erotic") video industry over the past 20 years, whether as a stepping (or stumbling) stone to other avenues of show biz or just to carve a niche for themselves as an ero actress before fading into obscurity, there are only a handful who have arguably earned icon status in the field.

One who can certainly be considered an ero icon is Jin Do-hee, who made her mark in the classic Milk Cow Lady's Love Affairs series. Pictured above is Do-hee adorning the video box cover for the 1995 original.

Han Ga-eun

Apparently, there weren't any Minas or Elf Girls that popped up in Korea during this year's World Cup as there were in 2002 and 2006, respectively. However, here's a nice photo of model Han Ga-eun (not to be confused with actresses Han go-eun or Han Ga-in) sporting World Cup cheer gear featuring the official t-shirt of the Korean national team's fans.

The shirt amusingly reads "Korea Legend - Begin to 2010" (sic), but even though the message on the shirt isn't quite clear, Ga-eun (23) compliments it more than well enough for me to forgive the questionable grammar.

Funny thing is, it wasn't my intention to do a solo feature on Ga-eun. Although she's very popular, she's just one of many popular Korean models adorning cars at motor shows these days. A friend sent me an e-mail about the Korean fan t-shirts with the "Konglish" wording and I got the idea to do a compilation post of Korean hotties wearing them, but Ga-eun was just one of too few to be found wearing one. However, rather than trash the entry, here's it is and what follows are a few more photos of Ga-in at some of the many events she's appeared at.

Subway Pole Dancer, Feifei

21 year-old pole dance instructor Feifei recently gained some notoriety in the Mainland Chinese city of Nanjing, for practicing her art aboard the local subway trains. Thanks to her skills on the pole and a some passengers uploading videos of one her performances to the Internet last month, Feifei, has now become a local celebrity in the Nanjing 1912 district, where she teaches and performs. Dubbed by Chinese netizens as "Steel Pole Sister," Feifei has been reported as saying she just wants to make pole dancing more popular .... and I'd say she's the perfect poster girl to accomplish that mission.

Danielle Fornarelli Shows Her World Cup Spirit

In the above video from her April photo shoot, Playboy model Danielle Fornarelli gave soccer fans an early look at the official US Mens National Team jerseys for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The US made it as far as the Round of 16 at this year's stage in South Africa. The 24 year-old, Chicago-based model is a 32DD and this photo shoot will probably prove to be a springboard to a pretty prominent modeling career. See more of Miss Fornarelli at her official website.

Nikkatsu Queens

"Pink films" ("pinku eiga" in Japanese), were certain types of Japanese softcore porn movies that were produced from the mid-1960s to the late-1980s. The ones made by Nikkatsu studios from 1971-1988 were known as the second wave of the pink film era. Also dubbed "roman porn," (which is short for "romantic pornography" and has absolutely nothing to do with anything coming from Italy's capital city) a couple of of the more notable early Nikkatsu productions were Apartment Wife: Afternoon Affair, which starred Kazuko Shirakawa and Secret Chronicle: She Beast Market, with Junko Miyashita.

In 1974, Nikkatsu movies such as Flower and Snake (poster above), began centering on bondage and S&M themes and often starred Noami Tani, a young actresses who savored her roles and looked great in rope. Naomi, together with Kazuko and Junko, became known as the first three "Nikkatsu Queens," who made their marks during the heyday of the Nikkatsu roman porn era.

Zero Woman

The main character of the "Zero Woman" series is Special Undercover Agent Rei (her family name's never been revealed), who works for "Section Zero" of the Tokyo Police Department. Her risky assignments require her to infiltrate the criminal underworld where, even though she often finds herself in "compromising" positions, she always manages to come out on top.

The role of Rei has been played by a total of 10 different actresses over the years, the first of whom being 70s pink film queen Miki Sugimoto (above). See the others after the jump.

Pastor Melissa Scott née Barbie Bridges

The unusually-sexy-for-her-occupation pastor Melissa Scott was once known as adult video star Barbie Bridges. In fact, I met Melissa/Barbie at the Deja Vu Showgirls in Nashville, Tennessee in late 1994. I'd never heard of her before then. She just happened to be appearing there when I visited. She was billed as a former Playboy Playmate in one of their foreign editions. I got a chance to briefly speak with her there after one of her performances and when I did, I asked which issue she'd appeared in. I remember she replied in a stereotypical dumb blonde voice; "all of 'em." As I thanked her for the signed photo (above right), she said, "Sure hon. Can I have a hug?" Of course, I obliged.

More Wardrobe Malfunctions

A term coined by Justin Timberlake to describe the infamous 2004 Janet Jackson Super Bowl halftime incident, it's only surprising that "wardrobe malfunctions" don't happen more often, given the outfits many female celebs and models wear onstage and on the red carpet.

Above, we see Japanese-born K-pop singer Ayumi Lee head off stage for assistance after literally shaking off one of her adhesive bra cups during a 2007 lip-synced performance of her single "Wrongful Meeting." Taking it in stride, Ayumi returned to the stage to finish the number after adjustments were made, probably realizing that it could have been worse, as some other ladies will attest to.

Pretty Pitchers

April 4th was opening day for the 2010 Major League Baseball season and if you've ever been to a ball game in Japan or Korea, where a well-known person has opened the game with a ceremonial first pitch, I'm sure you appreciated it if the well-known person was an attractive female celebrity, which it usually is.

While the Korea Baseball Organization almost always has mainstream actresses and singers doing the honors, Nippon Professional Baseball often has less conservatively-dressed gravure idols and models take the mound, such as Satoko Miyata (above and allegedly aka Akiko Miyata), who impressively did get it across the plate from the pitcher's rubber at the Tokyo Dome last summer. What follows are  some examples of what you might see at the opening of a KBO or NPB game, if you're lucky.

Cosplay Girls

I recently became acquainted with Chai Chen (pictured at left as Silk Spectre II from the popular comic book Watchmen), who's been into cosplay just little more than a year but in that short time, she's become one of the most well-known cosplayers on the Philippines' cosplay scene. Chai belongs to an online cosplay community based in the Philippines called "Filocosplay" and she often attends events and conventions where she and her fellow members interact in costume as some of the most popular comic book, anime, and game characters.

Chai was a little reluctant when I first approached her about doing an interview, citing some more popular and seasoned cosplayers I should try for instead, but after some gentle persuasion (and flattery), she obliged.

Asian Makeup Gurus

Until several months ago, the only Asian makeup "gurus" that I could name were two that had been featured at Asian Sirens in the past. Those two ladies being; Elessa, aka Pursebuzz, who actually works in the video game industry and does hair and makeup tutorials as a sideline, and Michelle Phan, aka RiceBunny (pictured at right), who these days, occasionally does tutorials on how to become likenesses of pop icons such as Lady Gaga, Sailor Moon, Snow White, and (one of my personal favorites) a Tim Burton movie character (shown here).

After mentioning these ladies' names to a professional makeup artist friend, she informed me that they are just two of the many Asian girls who have Youtube channels dedicated to hair, fashion, and makeup tutorials, and proceeded to name several more (most included in this entry) right offhand.

Motivational Posters

Since the original "hang in there, baby" image of a kitten struggling to hold on to a tree branch, started appearing on walls over 40 years ago, motivational posters have been created to inspire us to persevere when the going gets tough. Demotivational posters have since shown up as a parody.

Either way, I've noticed that quite a few photos of well-known Asian ladies have appeared on Internet versions over the last several years, such as this famous shot of Sunghi Lee (above) from her 1996 milk photo shoot that she did for Playboy's Book of Lingerie.

Im Ji-hye

24-year-old Im Ji-hye is currently one of the most popular models in Korea. Standing 172cm tall with (according to most sources) 37D-25-37 stats, she made her debut (and stole the show) in a 2006 music video entitled "Weak Man" by the Korean rap duo, Square.

After landing the June 2006 cover of the Korean edition of Maxim magazine and becoming a favorite event and car show model (as shown above), she has since branched out to fashion modeling and even landed a part in a late night TV drama. Just a few photos here. A Google image search will yield hundreds more.

Asian Ladies of the Lingerie Football League

Spawned by the popular Super Bowl halftime feature, the Lingerie Bowl, the Lingerie Football League had its inaugural season just last year. Having sexy, lingerie-clad players was probably thought to be the only way a womens football organization could survive, but these ladies aren't merely eye-candy in some powder puff league. In fact, some of the players even have semi-pro experience.

In the LFL, the ladies play all-out, full-contact football for two 17-minute halves on an indoor arena-size field under arena-type rules. However, you're not here to read about all that, so anyway ....browsing the rosters of the 10 teams revealed a handful of Asian gridiron girls, most notably Korean-born G-N Kang (above and yes; she uses a hyphen in her name), who plays center for the Philadelphia Passion. G-N's "day job" is co-host of the "Chio in the Morning" radio show on Philly's Wired 96.5 FM.

Korean Narrator Models

Not to be confused with racing or car show models, narrator models, also called "doumi," (Korean word for "helper") have been a fairly common sight on city sidewalks and in stores of South Korea since the early 90s.

Hired through agencies by businesses promoting grand openings, special events or sales, these ladies can be found outside the entrances to night clubs, restaurants, stores, or even in supermarkets like Jang Yoon-jeong, the lovely lady pictured at right (and not to be confused with the singer of the same name). Their duties include such things as handing out flyers and promo freebies, delivering sales pitches, and dancing to pulsating techno music pumped out by large PA systems under archways of colorful balloons. In addition to their appearance, these girls are chosen through auditions for their speaking and dancing abilities, and have to be of a certain size, in order to fit into the outfits provided to them.

Halle the Hooters Girl

Halle the Hooters Girl was a short-lived comic book character that was the brainchild of entrepreneur Susy Johnson. Unfortunately, the buxom blonde chicken wing-serving heroine was so short lived, you're looking at the cover of the one and only issue. It seemed that Cabbage Comics used the Hooters name, image, etc., without permission from Hooters, Inc., despite the fact that they stated in the issue that they did. So, after being threatened with a lawsuit, Cabbage Comics pulled the plug on Halle. I have no idea why the two parties didn't work out a deal, since it could have been a real win-win situation, but they didn't and the following are some panels and a rundown on the one any only adventure of Halle and company from the January 1998 debut and final issue.

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