Terissa Kelton

If you've seen any Twitchy Dolphin Flix production since 2009, you've seen actress Terissa Kelton. She began with them as an extra and had her first starring role as Becca in 2010's Snatch N Grab, which earned her a best supporting actress award.

The native Texan began her acting career while a student at Texas State University, which she entered at age 16, as being home-schooled put her a couple of grades ahead of her peers. She entered her sophomore year of high school at 14 and despite feeling "socially inept," fell in love with the theater during that time. While in college, Terissa studied in Stratford-upon-Avon, England with the Royal Shakespeare Company. A time she considers to be one of the best times of her life.

Terissa's recent work has been a far cry from Shakespeare, but it's impressive nonetheless. Being recognized by fans and peers as a top actress in indie movies has put a lot on her plate these days, such as her appearance at Twitchypalooza 2012 (which the above photo is from), so I was especially glad to get the opportunity to talk to Terissa for this exclusive interview.

Harisu for Dodo Cosmetics

As a filler piece, here's the 2001 Dodo cosmetics TV commercial that gave Korean transgender model, singer, and actress Harisu her big break. Her name was taken from the English words "hot issue" and she sure was after this 30-second spot cast her in the Korean public eye. She went on to become, and still remains, a household name in Korea and even a few other parts of Asia. The Korean text that appears on the screen at 0:25 reads "downright lie."

Miss Misery Revisited

Since my last visit with San Francisco horror hostess Reyna Young, aka Miss Misery, she's earned an even higher profile among Bay Area horror aficionados. Her weekly TV show, Miss Misery's Movie Massacre (viewable throughout California on AT&T U-Verse) has quickly gained over 10,000 viewers, so far. Besides the classic horror and sci-fi movies she features on the show, her guests include some of the top names in the independent horror film industry, comic book authorities, as well as segments with fellow horror personalities and local celebs.

I recently caught up with Reyna for an update (and a little exclusive info) on her upcoming convention, "Miss Misery's Days of Terror" which is being held next month in Sacramento.

Dayna Fuller

East Bay Area fitness model Dayna Fuller first caught my attention after I saw a photo of her in the gym, next to her workout partner, KPIX's Roberta Gonzales. I had the pleasure of interviewing Roberta for this site in January of this year and considering her achievements, I knew Dayna couldn't be any slouch to keep up with her in the gym.

I figured Dayna was a lady who was serious about her workouts and after contacting her about being featured here, I saw I was right. Despite having a fun and goofy side to her, Dayna doesn't take fitness lightly. Even though she's not currently competing (but is considering getting back into it), she spends five days a week in the gym and out on the running trails ....and the photo at left shows that's definitely no exaggeration.

Also an avid sports fan, Dayna's done promotional modeling for the Oakland Raiders and is a season ticket holder. She also frequents A's games to cheer on the green and gold. Her "lighter" activities include river rafting, compound bow shooting, and of course, collecting photos of five-star hotel restroom toilets.

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