Judy Cerda

Even though not all of her movies have been in the horror genre, actress Judy Cerda could be considered a "Scream Queen." Her list of acting credits include Spyware, California Tango, Priest's Calling (as Gwen, a club girl with an attitude), and a Doritos commercial where she's chased by a zombie. Speaking of which; the above clip is from the 2004 film Tele-Zombie (one that has given Judy the Scream Queen tag), which also features a true Scream Queen legend; Brinke Stevens.

Judy's been on my Facebook and Myspace friends lists for the past few years and, as I saw that her list of acting credits has kept growing during that time, I decided it was time I contacted her about an interview, which she graciously agreed to.

Debra Lamb

I first caught actress Debra Lamb on video in a little-known gem entitled The Stripping Telegram: Special Delivery, which was shot in Hollywood in the mid-80s. In it, she played a pizza delivery girl who forgot the pizza but more than made up for it with a sizzling routine that showed she had formal dance training. Her exotic looks were familiar to me and I was sure I'd seen her somewhere before, so I did a little digging and found her featured in the June 1987 issue of Easyriders magazine I had in my collection.

Wanting to learn more about such a striking girl, starting with her last name, I checked magazines stands, book and video stores (these were the pre-Internet days) and found her featured in a now-defunct publication entitled Focus, which included her bio and list of acting credits. That was in 1994 and she has since been among my favorite B-movie actresses. The above photo of her as "Jessica" from the 1989 B-classic Beverly Hills Vamp should save me from having to explain why.

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