Naked Newscaster Yukiko Kimura

Naked News, "the program with nothing to hide," has been mentioned at Asian Sirens before, with Lily Kwan being the featured anchor. However, Lily is/was not the only Asian member of their nude news team. Yukiko Kimura (Please don't confuse with the pediatric rheumatologist at Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital, of the same name.) has been a Naked Newscaster since September of 2005 and, as you can tell from this clip, she really gets into delivering the sports. One of her hobbies is glass blowing. Really. I would say see more of Yukiko at her Facebook, but you won't see as much of her there as you will in her above sportscast or at the Naked News official website.

The Beer Girls of "Better Than Beer"

(Author's Note: This post was originally published at my personal blog in October 2005 and has been slightly edited for inclusion here.)

I recently went to this "Hooters" rip-off sports bar/restaurant called "Better Than Beer" in Seoul's Itaewon district. Better Than Beer is a restaurant chain that has several locations in Seoul. I've been meaning to check out one (or all) for some time, as their ads feature very eye-catching ladies. I guess the name implies the girls there are better than beer, even though there was a Korean movie entitled Seven Reasons Why Beer Is Better Than My Lover (맥주가 애인보다 좋은 일곱가지이요).

Not that I expected to see her, but the White girl featured at the BTB website and in their billboard ads doesn't really work at any of the franchises and probably never has. She's just a model. (Probably Russian, since most of the Caucasian girls you'd see in ads for Korean businesses are Russian ladies in Korea on work visas.) There were three Korean servers there, known as "Beer Girls," wearing outfits very similar to the ones the Hooters girls do, as you can see by Helen's outfit at right.

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