2013 Christmas Compilation

After catching Kristina Michelle (above) in her very recent holiday photo shoot with Scott T. Morrison of Discovery Photo, it gave me the idea for this Christmas-themed post featuring some of the ladies I've had the pleasure of interviewing over the past few years. A big thanks to all of them for sending me their photos, some of which were taken by them, exclusively for this feature. (Clicking on their names will take you to their interviews here.)

Charlite Brooks

Singer and model Charlite Brooks began her primary vocation when she was a child, singing at local events in and around her native Port Lavaca, Texas. Charlite (pronounced "Charlotte") also showed quite an ability for quickly learning dance moves from watching music videos on MTV and she soon began choreographing her own. After moving to the larger city of Victoria when she entered high school, she continued to develop her talent, performing in the choir, talent shows, and even putting together a step team, choreographing many of the routines they performed.

Although she's also a very experienced model, Charlite didn't begin or even show an interest in modeling until she was well out of high school. A friend told her she looked good in a bikini and should consider modeling. Charlite decided to give it a try, but sure didn't start out in the minor leagues when she did. She went right to the majors by auditioning and straight away landing a spot on the Austin-based Texas Bikini Team, which is sort of like guy who's never played baseball in school, suddenly deciding to try out for the Yankees and getting signed on the spot.

Now, turning her focus back to her music career, Charlite recently spoke with me about such topics as, why she took a break from singing after high school, her experiences as a bikini model, the difference between one who can sing and one who can "sang," and how she got the nickname "Lil Miss Swag" (which is the song that will play after the jump). Above photo by Roy Nierdieck.

Friday the 13th Victim, Alice Hardy

Not exactly a post to get one into the Christmas spirit, but it is Friday the 13th, so here's the sole survivor of the original film, Alice Hardy (played by Adrienne King), feeling the wrath of Jason's revenge in the opening scene of Friday the 13th Part 2. Alice was Jason's first victim in Part 2. For your Friday the 13th trivia question; can you name his first victim in the original?

Paula Marcenaro Solinger

This interview is going to press the day actress Paula Marcenaro Solinger is scheduled to arrive back in the US from Buenos Aires, where she was visiting via Columbia, where she was on location to shoot a film entitled Where Evil Dwells. Unfortunately, evil dwelled (as she put it) on the set and production was shut down. However, that setback will definitely not put Paula at a standstill. Since moving to the US from her native Argentina in 2011, Paula has landed roles in several independent films. A couple of the more promising ones, that are currently in the early stages of production, are Diana Bigham's Till Death, and Abel Berry's Blood Sombrero, the latter of which is described as "a trigger happy kill fest of blood lust and chrome vengeance."

Even though Paula is now completely focused on her film career, her true passion is stage, where she has an extensive background, beginning when she joined the drama club in elementary school.

Besides acting, Paula is also an accomplished painter and has been an avid hard rock fan since she was a child, growing up listening to the likes of Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, and Kiss. In fact, she's since met many of her musical idols and currently has very good connections for Skid Row concert tickets. Above photo by Toia Islas.

Cecily Strong - SNL's Hottest Female Cast Member Ever

This is just this author's opinion (which is all that counts here, anyway), but while only in her sophomore year on Saturday Night Live, Chicago-area native Cecily Strong has established herself, not only as one of the foremost funny ladies in any SNL cast, but also as one of the show's all-time absolute hammers.

Above is arguably Cecily's best character, "The Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started a Conversation with at a Party," appearing on SNL's "Weekend Update" last season, which she now co-anchors this season. Speaking of which, now that she's serving as an anchor on Weekend Update (pretty much a straight role), I hope that doesn't mean that we will be seeing no more of this character, as Update was the only segment in which she appeared. If SNL's producers don't see the potential in this character and feature her in a series of sketches, then they obviously haven't been talking to the the right girls at parties.

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