Margaret Ann Garza

May 31, 2017 Author's Addendum: It is with much sadness I write this, as I learned today of the sudden and untimely passing of Margaret on May 30th, 2017. I didn’t know Margaret personally, but my interactions with her for this interview left no doubt that she was a joyful human being, who was a pleasure to know on a professional and personal level, in addition to being a talented actress and singer. Needless to say, she will be deeply missed and never forgotten by her family, friends, colleagues, and fans. The Texas indie film community lost a very bright star.

 - Chris Charles

Margaret Ann Garza began her show biz career competing in pageants in her native Texas, where she earned the crown as Miss Texas Latina. She subsequently caught the eye of a marketing director and was soon appearing on billboards and in print ads in and around her hometown of Laredo. She's since branched out to acting, where she's currently among the several talented ladies appearing in Twitchy Dolphin Productions.

Bright, outgoing, and personable, Margaret would get very nervous when she first started doing interviews but now says she loves being interviewed, thanks to all her pageant experience. It was no surprise to hear that she also loves horror movies, as most of Twitchy Dolphin films are of that genre, but it was a big surprise to hear that she doesn't even like shopping and malls. Read more about Margaret in my interview with her after the jump.

Sexy Vampire Andrea Brooks

It's already the Halloween season for many and to get this site into the spirit of the season, I decided to browse some vampire makeup tutorials posted by some of Youtube's top makeup gurus, and feature the one I found to be the most striking, in terms of the tutor and the end result of the tutorial. There were many videos to choose from, presented by some very talented ladies, but the one I kept coming back to was this one by Andrea Danielle Brooks.

Made two years ago, the video's title, "Sexy Vampire KILLER," is somewhat misleading. It implies that Andrea has transformed herself into a killer of vampires, rather than a vampire herself, which she obviously appears to be. I mean, a killer of vampires is a mortal who hunts them down armed with an arsenal consisting of (but not limited to) wooden stakes, crucifixes, rosaries, and holy water. I've never know a vampire killer to be one herself but there may be instances of such. I'll definitely ask her about her inspiration for this video if I get her for an interview. Whether or not that happens, you can see more of Andrea at:

Her Youtube Channel
Her Facebook Fan Page
Andrea on Twitter

Yna Alba

If having perseverance and a positive attitude are key to success, 21 year-old model Yna Alba, is definitely on the right path. Speaking four languages and possessing a great sense of humor doesn't hurt, either.

Yna (her professional name) writes some pretty clever captions to the array of photos in her modeling portfolio. Speaking of which, Yna considers her look very "metamorphic," which enables her to take on a wide range of looks, suitable to the themes of her photo shoots. Besides the more standard glamour, import, and fashion modeling, she's done photo sessions that involve her putting on full body paint, climbing trees, and even being made to look like a man, which was one of her own concepts. I'm not sure what else she'll come up with, but I'd assume, since she's an avid Miami Heat fan, a shoot as a Heat Dancer will be on the horizon ...probably just as soon as she can get ahold of an official Heat Dancers' outfit.

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