Ijeoma Aniebo in 6:30pm

While I was watching the Nigerian short film 6:30pm I kept saying to myself, "this is gonna be good," since I was anticipating a shocking and climatic ending to a very suspenseful 9 minutes and 40 seconds. What I got instead was (SEMI-SPOILER ALERT) an anticlimactic ending that made me say "huh?" "so, that's it?" and "did I miss something??"

Ijeoma at the December 2011 premiere of the
short film Big Daddy in Lagos, Nigeria
Since this isn't a review of the film, but actually a feature of its lovely actress and co-writer, Ijeoma Aniebo, I'm just going to go ahead and give away the meaning of the film's ending (SPOILER ALERT): According to the actor and co-producer of the short, Adeyemi Okanlawon; the guy's a ghost and he died in the house. Simple.

Ijoema's character tells her friend on the telephone that she "got a new neighbor," so it implies that she's been living there awhile but had just recently started seeing this ghost next door. That means the guy would have to have lived and died there before she moved in next door, since she had obviously never seen him before. Why he suddenly became visible and so "inviting" is up to the viewer's interpretation.

Now that that's explained, the star of 6:30pm, Miss Aniebo has made quite a name for herself in Nollywood (the cinema of Nigeria) since the beginning of her career in 2009. To learn more about her, check out Judith Audu's profile of Ijeoma, that she featured at her blog earlier this year.

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