Lily Ann Lam

Hair stylist and makeup artist Lily Ann Lam first caught my eye earlier this month, while I was composing an entry for this site. I was tuned in to the reality courtroom show Judge Judy (I'm a fan) where Lily was the plaintiff in a case that involved her former employee/tenant. Lily didn't have to do too much talking to win the judgement, as the evidence was pretty well stacked against the defendant, but when she did present her case, I could tell she had her act together. I also couldn't help but notice that she wore a off-the-shoulder top that exposed some very exotic-looking tattoos (which was a little risky to wear before Judge Sheindlin, and those of you who are familiar with her, know what I mean).

Intrigued and wanting to find out some more on Lily for a possible interview, I started at my computer keyboard. Armed with her name, occupation and city, I soon found out that Lilly owned and operated the Hanami Salon in Sacramento, CA until last year. (Even though her Judge Judy appearance aired recently, it was taped in November of 2010, when the salon was still open.) She's currently working out of her home, but with her good reputation and ambition (not to mention her recent exposure from her appearance on Judge Judy), it won't be long before a even larger Hanami salon opens in a new location. The above photo by JL Image, was taken before her shoulder artwork but you'll see her current designs after the jump.

Hana Hong

Racing and car show model Hana Hong is among the top ladies in her field in Korea. Her popularity as a model has even helped land her some parts in TV shows. However, since her exposure is pretty much limited to Korea, she's received practically no press outside of her homeland. Of course, models like Hana often have their photos posted all over the net by Korean and non-Korean bloggers alike, but it's very rare you'll see an article or blog post where the author has actually contacted and received a reply from her worthy of publication.

I sent Hana a message through Facebook and asked if she'd like to be featured here and if she'd mind answering a few questions. She gave me a positive response and asked me to e-mail her about it. Knowing it could have been a brush-off, I sent Hana some questions anyway, thinking there's always a chance of getting a reply. As it turned out, I was pleasantly surprised when Hana replied the next day with answers to some of my questions.

Sasa Leung

Sooner or later, I was going to interview the other Cave Girl from Creepy KOFY Movie Time, so I decided to make it sooner. The very next interview, in fact. Winnie Leung, known professionally and henceforth here as Sasa Leung, is the other half of the foxy duo of horror host supporters that San Francisco viewers can enjoy seeing Saturday nights at 11:00 PM on KOFY Channel 20 (and I hope you guys at KOFY are appreciating all the plugs!)

I first met Sasa the same time I met her co-Cave Girl Scarlet, which was last year at Reyna Young's Nightmare to Remember film festival. Despite her outward appearance, she seemed a little shy, which was something I was also told by a few of her friends, and that may have been the reason she didn't reply to my first request for an interview. However, seeing her colleague featured here seemed to be what it took to prompt Sasa to spend some time with me and talk about her travels, the history of the Cave Girls, and the upcoming launch of their new business venture.

Scarlet von Harlet

Scarlet von Harlet is best known as one half of the "Cave Girls," who appear on the Saturday late night horror flick show Creepy KOFY Movie Time on KOFY TV, San Francisco. She and her fellow Cave Girl, Sasa Leung, are sort of the cheering section for the show's hosts (Balrok and No Name), and much more. In addition to lending the show some eye candy and showing off her go-go moves to some great retro surf and rockabilly music (provided by house band, The Deadlies), during intermissions, Scarlet gets involved with such things as answering viewer questions, demonstration how to use Shake Weights as a distraction, and sampling unique cuisine.

After briefly meeting Scarlet last year at Miss Misery's Nightmare to Remember film festival, I made a note to later contact her about a feature here. I did, she graciously accepted and this is it. However, I actually didn't interview Scarlet, per se, but rather the lovely young lady behind the Scarlet persona, who willingly stepped out of character for our chat. (Sort of like Batgirl agreeing to talk to me as Barbara Gordon.) Still, out of respect for her privacy, I'm using her stage name here. Oh, and I give Scarlet very high marks for her punctuality.

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