2015 Christmas Compilation

As has now become an annual tradition at Idol Features, here are some ladies who we've interviewed and featured throughout the last couple of years and were gracious enough to send us photos of themselves dressed in the spirit of the occasion. Above is horror hostess Lilith Death (played by the lovely Jessica Felice, who will be seen further on in this article) in a still from the Tales of Horror Christmas Eve Special. Catch it Thursday, December 24th at 8:00 PM Eastern on Tales of Horror TV, exclusively at Vimeo on Demand. Merry Christmas!

Vida Ghaffari

As one of the top entertainment journalists in Hollywood, as well as an actress herself, Vida Ghaffari feels equally comfortable on either side of interview mic. She's covered film premieres, red carpet events, and shows all around Hollywood, interviewing everyone from small business owners to A-list celebs, including some Iranian personalities in Farsi, which is her mother tongue. She's also covered quite a few eminent fashion shows of top Hollywood designers, often while wearing their creations.

Although she enjoys hosting and conduction interviews, Vida is currently focused more toward her acting career. Her credits on the small screen include Green Manor, It Casting, and The Mindy Project, in which she appeared in the pilot episode. Filmwise, some of the titles on her list are the short Cross My Heart, Grunder Oakley Productions' Natural Born Filmmakers, and Mark Savage's highly anticipated Circus of Dread, which has been causing a buzz around the indie horror community, preceding its release. Vida's been the voice behind many commercials and animated films, as well. Notably, the 2014 comedy short Lovesick Fool - Love in the Age of Like, in which she worked with Dominic Polcino, one of the top animation directors in the business.

It's no surprise Vida's become a prominent name the Los Angeles entertainment community and has been recognized for her endeavors. This past June, she was honored with an award from the West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce for her outstanding work. More recently, she was the recipient of an entrepreneur award from The World Networks, and of course, she granted Idol Features the following interview. Above photo courtesy of Vida herself.

Cherry Bomb: From T&A to TNT!

I'm Geo Brawn, and I'm a screenwriter, a painter, a voice actor, and a graphic novelist. That last part is what I'm here to talk about. The creations of a single sexy character that created an entire universe for me.
Original Cherry Bomb drawing

See, once upon a time, I worked as a phone rep supervisor for a now defunct cable company, and there was this one friend of mine there who was having a particularly bad day ... and all I could do to help was draw her as this sexy goth-looking super hottie, I saw her as ...(the image at right)

Well, it did the trick and changed her day, but what I didn't know at the time is that this little goth vampire hottie with long pig-tails and a snarky attitude, was going to change my life. As I said, that company was going out of business and after eight years I was looking at the certainly of unemployment. But it made me start creating her more and more, and then thinking about the world she would live in... and so I did, I started creating other characters and creatures galore. And then stories. I needed stories and adventures for this sexy lil creation to go on.

And so the idea for my first venture into comic books, "Blood Rites" came to be. But, this story wold be put on the back burner until the first book of this series could make it's way and it was a much better start to the series that would come to be known as "The Untold Chronicles."

Jessica Felice

Jessica Felice began her acting career on the stage, doing dinner theater, as well as touring to do children's theater and summer stock. Besides acting on the stage, she also performed as an illusionist and escape artist, both solo and alongside one of the most acclaimed illusionists in the country. One of her highlighted feats was escaping from a straitjacket, an item she still has as one of her prized show biz souvenirs.

Jessica's first film role was in Steve Yeager's The Rosens, in which she played the challenging role of Rachael, whom Jessica describes as a mentally abused friend of the main character, who comes into her own throughout the film. Since then, Jessica went on to further expand her acting range and has become writer-director Shawn Anthony's favorite lead actress. Soulmate: True Evil Never Dies, The Haunted, and the upcoming Manifestation (written by David R. Williams) are a few of Shawn's films Jessica stars in. Her notable TV series roles include episodes of I Was Possessed, the crime documentary Southern Fried Homicide, and Harvest Moon Productions' currently-running Tales of Horror, in which she plays the darkly-seductive Lilith Death.

Also a very talented voiceover actress, Jessica treated me to uncanny and impromptu impressions of Margaret Hamilton's Wicked Witch of the West, Bubble (from the British sitcom Absolutely Fabulous), and Ms. Swan (from Mad TV) during our recent interview. Just press the play button to hear it all. Above photo by Wicked Photography.

December 4, 2015 interview with Jessica Felice

Kim Acrylic

(Editor's Note: The following interview with Kim Acrylic was conducted exclusively by her fellow author, whose published works are under the name "Ladyaslan." Both ladies graciously gave their permission to have it published here.)

Kim Acrylic, from Seattle Washington, is a poet, recording artist, and indie music journalist, who dedicated her life to poetry at age 15. Since then, she has published four volumes of poetry, and finally an anthology of everything she has written in the book The Myth Behind All Truth, in which artist and musician, Chris Mars, did the cover for.

Kim has worked for several online music and poetry magazines including Punk Globe, The Battered Suitcase and Reviewer magazine. She has been published in several anthologies and blogs including Little Episodes' first volume of poetry Back In 5 Minutes, alongside the likes of Sadie Frost, Clint Catalyst, Lucy Barat, Charlie Sheen, and Michael Madsen. She also collaborated with Andy Warhol, posthumously, for the New Britain Museum of Modern Art by writing a poem inspired by his painting of Manray for the book Visions, Voices, and Verses. As of to date, Kim has two CDs out; Fanfare Meltdown and an E.P Techno Eyes. She continues to collaborate to this day with artists all over the world, and has finished her first novel Rock 'N' Roll Melancholy.

Tales of Horror with Lilith Death

Lilith Death (played by actress Jessica Felice) isn't your typical, campy horror film hostess, if you consider Elvira as such. Lilith delivers a more subtle humor and has been described as a flirty dominatrix-style vixen, who adds levity and nostalgia to the show. As the above teaser from Episode 3 of Harvest Moon Motion Pictures' Tales of Horror reveals, Lilith's alluring manner, enhanced by a sultry British accent, provide an eerily provocative segue to the films featured on the show.

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