Cherry Poptart

Debuting in 1982, Cherry Poptart was the creation of artist and writer Larry Welz and originally published by San Francisco underground comic publishing giant, Last Gasp Books, who, I'm pleased to state, are still in operation today.

Last Gasp editor-in-chief, Ron Turner, tells me the character Cherry Poptart actually got her beginnings in Bakersfield Kountry Komics. According to Ron, it was after catching her there, that he got Welz and his colleague, artist Larry Sutherland, who were both originally from Bakersfield, where Bakersfield Kountry Komics was published, to "commemorate that lovely San Joaquin Valley shithole."

The title character, described as "blonde, cute, sexy, fun, friendly, and smart," (in addition to always braless, very openly bisexual, and eternally 18) was ranked #82 in the Comic Buyer's Guide's 100 Sexiest Women in Comics.

Shortly after the second issue hit the stands in January of 1985, the Kellog company (the makers of Pop-Tarts® toaster pastries) got wind of the buxom blonde comic cutie, and threatened legal action against Welz and Turner if they continued to use their trademarked name. Because of that, the title of the book was shortened to just Cherry by the third issue and the character's surname changed from "Poptart" to "Popstar." Above is the cover of issue #1. I've seen prices on this one ranging from a few bucks for one in fair condition to well over a grand for one in mint condition.

Honey Lee for Dulcolax

A familiar face on a recent commercial that aired on American television during the CBS evening News, caused me to do a double-take. The face was that of former Miss Korea Honey Lee, who’s featured in the above Korean-produced commercial for the laxative Dulcolax, that’s currently airing on network TV in the United States. 

Reportedly, the commercial has been airing in Korea since February and Dulcolax made the decision to start airing it in the US, after a consumer survey yielded positive feedback, which isn’t hard to see why. Since her pageant days, the 2006 Miss Korea and 2007 Miss Universe third runner-up, has established herself as fairly prominent TV, stage, and screen actress in Korea. Here name in Korean is 이하늬 and Google is our friend.

One-Question Interview with Linnea Quigley

When it comes to Scream Queens, they don't come any bigger than Linnea Quigley, who has appeared in over 100 films covering a span of 37 years. While some pundits may consider Jamie Lee Curtis the original Scream Queen, Linnea's horror film debut predated Jamie Lee's by three years and many consider Linnea the true holder of the title, often referring to her as "Queen of the B's." Among roles in movies that include the titles Silent Night, Deadly Night, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, and Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama, Linnea is arguably best-known for her role as "Trash," the orange-haired punk-rocker chick who did the graveyard striptease in the 1985 dark comedy-horror cult classic, The Return of the Living Dead.

One of Linnea's most recent films is Joe Hollow's Disciples, in which she stars alongside three other big names in Scream Queendom; Brinke Stevens, Debra Lamb, and Debbie Rochon. A horror film with those four names in the cast is sort of like a Yankees team with the names Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, and Mantel all in the starting line-up. Above photo taken 2011 on the set of A Blood Story, also directed by Hollow.

Zombierella - Messer Chups' Bombshell Bassist

Svetlana Nagaeva, better known as Zombierella or Zombie Girl, is the bombshell bassist for the horror surf band (as they are best described) Messer Chups. Hailing from from St Petersburg, Russia, Messer Chups' sound is reminiscent of the great surf rock bands of the 1960s but they definitely have their own unique style, which combines surf sounds, classic B-movie horror, and retro-themed artwork. Their instrumentals like "Twin Peaks Twist," "Tremolo From the Crypt," and "Zombie in a Mini Skirt" are just as cool as the titles. Zombierella's vocals on tunes like "Jason Bond 0013," spiked with her famous shrill, spine-chilling scream, make you wonder how a girl can sing, play, look so sexy and be so cool, all at the same time. Above is Zombierella playing her Fender "blue baby" at the 2012 Surfer Joe Summer Festival in Livorno, Italy. Thanks to Mauro Della Prugna at Youtube.

Levy Tran Featured in Controversial Music Video "Asian Girlz"

Heavily-illustrated model Levy Tran recently tweeted an apology after the above music video she appeared in received a strong backlash due to the song’s lyrics.

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