Kelly Siew

I first caught medical intern and singer Kelly Siew at her Xanga blog and immediately thought her worthy of a inclusion here, so I contacted her about it and she immediately replied saying she was fine with the idea.

Having studied singing since she was 8 years old, the 5' 8", 24 year-old Malaysian native currently lives in Australia, where she's a first-year intern at a small hospital in Melbourne. Kelly's trying to decide between OB/GYN, psychiatry, or family medicine. However, she tells me singing is still her first love, which she does semi-professionally. Some of her achievements include being named first runner-up at this year's TVB International New Talent Singing Championship and 2nd runner-up at this year's Chinese Melbourne Miss University Contest, which the photo at right is from. She's also quite and amateur chef and even shares some of her many personal recipes at her Xanga blog.

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