Vida Ghaffari at the 2015 Action on Film Festival

Me interviewing Vida Ghaffari for More Horror magazine at the premiere of Natural Born Filmmakers at the 2015 Action on Film Festival last September.

Inanna Deity - A Closer Look

Popular pinup model and "James Girl" Inanna Deity was one of the ladies featured in my first article on the models of renowned pinup photographer Mike James. In this recent, exclusive, and candid interview interview with her, Inanna reveals she's much more than a pinup model. She discloses her "day job" because, as she puts it; "I think it's important to convey the message that models aren't all starving artists," which she feels is a powerful message to women on both ends of the spectrum. She goes on to say that "women who want to explore their potentials can do so, whether that's from a successful professional perspective, wanting to tap into their artistic side, or those who are entertainers of some sort and want to tap into their intellectual side." Currently writing her autobiography, Inanna has a particularly adventuresome shoot with Mike James planned for later this year. Hear about that and much more by just pressing play, below. Photo and outfit at left by Sebastian Cauchos.

January 30, 2016 interview with Inanna Deity

Dawna Lee Heising Interview - Part 2

In this second half of my interview with Dawna Lee Heising, we delve much further into her acting credits, both past and upcoming. After returning to acting a few years ago, Dawna has built up some notable credits on her resume that include roles in Natural Born Filmmakers, Ten Violent Women: Part Two, Garden Party Massacre, and Gregory Hatanaka's Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance. The last one on that list, Dawna is particularly proud of being a part of due to the people involved on both sides of the camera, of whom she speaks very highly.

The above screen capture on Dawna's very recently released acting reel, shows her as the evil Madame Ans in Jared Masters' upcoming Blood Tulip. Dawna describes it as dramatic film, not a horror, except that she plays a horrific character. Just click to play it and read on for Part 2 of Dawna's exclusive interview with Idol Features.

Dawna Lee Heising Interviews Donna Hamblin and Ted V. Mikels

Donna Hamblin is the star of legendary filmmaker Ted V. Mikels' upcoming film Ten Violent Women: Part Two. I play Joanna, who is one of the ten violent women.

Shannon Mac - Live from Krungthep Thai

Singer and actress Shannon McDonough talks with me live from Krungthep Thai restaurant in Minneapolis, before a performance by the Shannon Mac Band later that evening at Lee's Liquor Lounge. See upcoming dates for the Shannon Mac Band at their official website. One of the handful of ladies who has graced these pages multiple times, also check out Shannon's 2014 St. Patrick's Day feature and her September 2014 interview. Above photo by Reedy.

January 20, 2016 interview with Shannon McDonough

In This Corner; Miss Ruby Tuesday

Whether known by her real name of Robin Lisa Kelly, her ring name the Red Snapper (among others), or her stage name Ruby Tuesday, this lady has had a colorful life and career under all of her names. Now a hairstylist in Southern California, Ruby (as I'll stick with here) is very open about her past, not that there's any reason for her not to be. She's got some stories to tell, along with some names to drop, and a jaw-dropping photo collection to document her escapades.

Ruby's show biz career began when she was a teenager and got a gig as a regular dancer on American Bandstand, which lasted six years. Then came her stint as the "Red Snapper," during the early-80s, when nightclub mud wrestling was in its heyday. She went on to wrestle under a couple of different ring names and later became an exotic dancer and adult magazine model.

This written interview is being published concurrently with the audio interview Ruby did tonight for Idol Features' podcast channel, where, besides Ruby's, you'll find several other of our audio interviews. Stay tuned for many more, among which will probably be a Part 2 with Ruby, in the near future. Above photo of Ruby as the Red Snapper at the Hollywood Tropicana, circa 1984, is from her personal collection.

Dawna Lee Heising Interview - Part 1

My hour-long interview with Dawna Lee Heising didn't seem like an hour at all, since we had a lot to talk about and she was such a pleasure to talk with. Dawna has done nearly everything on a film set, on both sides of the camera. She's an actress, model, dancer, producer, and entertainment journalist who's also experienced on both sides of the interview mic. For More Horror magazine, as well as her own website, Eye On Entertainment, Dawna's interviewed literally hundreds of people in show biz. Those who are part of the Hollywood scene as well as those who are in town to make an appearance at an event or award show.  Dawna shows the same genuine interest and charm, whether she's talking with a relatively unknown talent just starting out, or an A-lister ....and she doesn't have an unkind word to say about anyone. I found her to be a very sweet and personable lady with a great sense of humor, who just happens to also be a glamours bombshell who pole dances and does bikini modeling.

Since I covered so much with Dawna, her interview here is being presented in two parts. Topics covered in this first part include her family (all of whom are very successful, whether in show biz or otherwise), her behind-the-scenes roles, her interview work with her show Eye On Entertainment, and her modeling. Of course, we also touch on her acting roles, but that will be delved into much more in Part 2. Above photo by David J. McNeil.

Creative Corner Interview with Elizabeth Marx

Elizabeth Marx pens deeply emotional romances that take her readers on a roller coaster ride between desire and despair. Often described as hilarious, heartbreaking, and heartwarming, she’s not afraid to add a sprinkle of magical realism just when you think you know what’s going to happen. Because let’s face it; happily ever afters have to be earned.

Goldie Fatale

Born and bred in the great state of Tennessee, actress, model, and producer Mandy Hawley, know professionally as Goldie Fatale, colorfully describes herself in a way that I can't equal, so I'll just quote her from her bio at her blog, which states she's a: "Klutz, barfly, adventurer, socially dangerous blond, wing-woman for the romantically bankrupt, methodically disorganized genius, AWOL, self proclaimed virtuoso, anti-hipster lover, southern empress, red neck diva, Jesus phone hater, bootylicious boloney [sic] pony whisper, and female Hoss." Even thought I believe her acronym "AWOL" is different than the military's and I'm not sure what that next-to-last one is exactly, I'm sure Goldie is all that and more. She's a blast to talk to and her being from Nashville is an added plus for me.

Goldie and her fellow actress and Nashville babe, Andie Noir (Andrea Collins) founded Fatale Noir Productions in early 2011 and have since brought us Holy Ground, which they filmed as a tribute to the Evil Dead and director Sam Raimi, and The Grindhouse Sleepover of Terror, in which the ladies play hostesses to a trio of splatter films in which the splatter is featured, not cut out.

Singer is also on Goldie's resume and she informed me with a slight southern twang, that a country single of hers entitled "Old Flame" received some airplay a few years back and with a little coaxing from fans, I'm sure it will be available from Goldie in the near future. Learn more in my recent interview with Goldie by just pressing play and I hope you guys at Larry's in Nashville (stiff drinks and karaoke seven nights a week!) appreciate the plug. Above photo courtesy of Goldie herself.

January 4, 2016 interview with Goldie Fatale

What would have been Chanel Ryan's interview

This is a rare one for the Incomplete Interview file, as in this case, it was the potential interviewee who personally contacted us about an interview. That's correct; actress Chanel Ryan initially contacted Idol Features through our Facebook page, with a lengthy message beginning with; "Hi! I just stumbled across Idol Features and would love to be featured!" to which I promptly replied with an "I'd love to," gave her the option of a real time interview over Skype or an e-mail interviews, in which I'd send her my questions and to which she could reply to and return at her convenience.

Chanel opted for the latter and, to shorten the story; I did. She didn't. I made further efforts. She didn't. After realizing "soon" must translate to "never" in some jargon, here we are with another addition to Idol Features' Incomplete Interview file. Yes, even though our questions may sometimes get disregarded or forgotten, and go unanswered, they will never go unseen. What follows are the questions Chanel Ryan never did answer ....for whatever her reasons. Above is where a photo of Chanel would have been.

The Tale of Lilith

Lilith's Evolution has been a fun ride to say the least. But then again ...

I've always loved horror and fantasy, it's my passion. I've created a superhero/horror screenplay based on my graphic novel Everdance: A Blood Story. This is the story of a fledgling vampire named Kate who has never lived as a vampire, feeding only off of her husband and sire, Andre, but Kate runs into a very serious problem when Andre never returns home from feeding one night. Now Kate must learn to survive on her own. This is where our story began ....and my career as a graphic novelist.

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