Penny Gilley

While most of the big names only perform at the big US Military installations while they're on USO or MWR overseas tours, Penny Gilley was one of the few who appeared at the Scudbuster on Suwon Air Base, to the delight of some very appreciative soldiers (such as myself) and airmen. Having met Penny on three separate occasions, I could almost say I know her personally. Above is an interview she did last April for KOLR TV in Springfield, Missouri, about her shows at the newly-opened RFD theater in Branson.

Comedienne Tina Kim

Even though a rare breed, there are several pretty Asian stand-up comediennes ("comedienne," that's the feminine form of "comedian") on the US circuit these days. One of whom is Korean-American funny girl, Tina Kim, who was born in Seoul and immigrated to the United States at the age of four. She's a former TV news anchor who now books and produces most of her own comedy shows.

Tina's humor can be a little on the "blue" side at times (like another popular Korean-American comedienne, that I don't think I'll mention by name), but she seems to appeal to a pretty wide crowd. You can catch more samples of her humor at her Youtube channel, her Myspace, and her Offical Website.


Long before Elvira was wishing her viewers "unpleasant dreams," there was Vampira, TV's original sexy horror hostess with an hourglass figure poured into a sleek black dress. She told her fans she gave "epitaphs, not autographs." Played by Finnish-American actress Maila Nurmi, Vampira hosted the Vampira Show which originally ran on Los Angeles' KABC TV from 1954-1955.

"The Black Widow" Jeanette Lee

A couple of months ago, Korean racing girl Yoon Sun-hee was featured at Asian Sirens, which led me to find this video of her participating in a Racing Girl Billiard Tournament. I commented that she was "no Jeanette Lee," which made me wonder if the winner of 17 WPBA titles had ever been featured at Asian Sirens. I was surprised to find that she hadn't, so I'm featuring her here now and sharing this with Asian Sirens, for all to see why ESPN once named the Black Widow one of the sexiest female athletes in the world.

By the way, yours truly had the pleasure of meeting her last year when she visited Korea for some exhibition games, and she does have very a nice rack. (Pun intended.)

Kanny Theng

Model Kanny Theng first caught my attention at, where she was one of the many Singapore girls featured. (Michelle Phan, also featured there, is one of the few from the U.S.) Even though that site hasn't been updated in several months, Kanny still posts to her Xanga frequently.

New Miss Korea Lee Ji-sun

It doesn't seem like it's been over a year since Lee Ha-nui was crowned Miss Korea but it has and on July 30th, Miss Seoul, Lee Ji-sun succeeded Ha-nui (also spelled and pronounced as "Honey") by being crowned the 51st Miss Korea. Brief article here.

"Heart to Heart" Host, Ahn Jung-hyun

Ahn Jung-hyun (also known by some as "Dimple Girl" or "Miss Dimples") started with Arirang TV in Korea in 1996 as a news reporter and then later became an anchor. She's been the host of the popular Arirang talk show Heart to Heart since October 2001 and the DJ on the Arirang radio show World Cafe since late 2005. You can see by reading her bio that she has some quite impressive credentials and I don't mean to disregard her qualifications or skills as a journalist, but .... just look at those dimples.

Friday the 13th Victim, Marcie Cunningham

Again, in honor of Friday the 13th, here's Marcie Cunningham (No relation to director Sean, since he's a real person and Marcie is a character played by actress Jeannine Taylor) from the original Friday the 13th, getting a splitting headache from Mrs. Voorhees. That's right; Mrs. Voorhees. Jason didn't show up as the killer until part 2, the following year. (Too bad Casey Becker didn't know that when she was asked in Scream, or she'd still be aliv....naaa, he still would have killed her.)

WARNING: The above scene is graphic and not for the faint-hearted. (If you're the type that plays the video before reading the text below it and already saw the scene and found it disturbing, well .... you should have read this first.)

Teasers Girls

Teasers was a small Tennessee-based restaurant chain that was, in essence, a Hooters rip-off. From the color scheme and interior of the restaurants, right down to the outfits of their sexy female servers. (I'm not complaining, mind you, just saying.) They'd hoped to give Hooters a run for their money. They didn't. Not because anything at Teasers was bad (I ate there and I'd give the food, atmosphere, and servers all a thumbs up) just wasn't Hooters.

I happened to run into these two Teasers Girls at right, during the 1994 Summer Lights festival in downtown Nashville. The ladies were handing out these fliers and just doing some PR for the then-newly-opened sport grill. What they're wearing here wasn't the official Teasers Girls uniforms, which were very similar (of course) to the Hooters Girls uniforms.

Teasers has long since gone out of business, which isn't a surprise, especially since Hooters franchises started popping up all around Nashville during the mid-90s. So, the reason this post isn't in the "Whatever Happened to.." file, is because it's no mystery whatever happened to the Teasers Girls. They got jobs at Hooters.

Michelle Phan

Art student Michelle Phan, aka "Rice Bunny," isn't in the entertainment industry. She's done some modeling (Vietnamese T-shirts from Ahn Oi being her first project) and is very popular among the readers of her Xanga site (the girls; mostly because of her much-requested makeup tutorials, the guys; mostly because of her), but she tells me her main focus is on her artwork, and some good examples of it can be found here.

Lucymisser on Youtube

Take a cute girl with a video camera and a Youtube account and you have a simple formula for instant Internet popularity. She might even end up being featured here, as well.

Lucymisser (her user name, she doesn't state her real one) doesn't really talk about anything too profound or even very interesting, for that matter .... but she's a cutie and has an adorable accent, so I thought; "what the hell .... I'll add a little to her 15 minutes of fame." My favorite video of hers is the above entitled, Experiment -Being a Nudist-, in which she claims she experiments with nudism. Even though I doubt that she was really naked (or even topless) when she made that video, it's a nice thing to imagine.

The Lizzies

The 1979 cult film The Warriors, featured many sinister and eerily charismatic New York City street gangs that claimed their own parts of the city and didn't take kindly to rivals passing through those turfs. (My favorite bunch were the Baseball Furies from Riverside Park, Manhattan, but this is about the ladies, so we'll move on.) The only female gang in the movie was the Lizzies from Union Square, Manhattan.

Above are the deadly dames making their first appearance in the film on the Union Square subway platform, laying in wait for three members of the targeted Warriors, intending to use their feminine charms to lure them back to their hangout (which was right across the street from the famous CBGB's club) for a little party. The actresses are, from left to right (Appreciate this because this is probably the only place on the net where you'll find at least some of the Lizzies IDed by the portraying actresses!): Dee Dee Benrey, Kate Klugman, Lisa Maurer, unidentified (top), Wanda Velez (bottom), and Laura Delano (credited as Laura De Lano).

Friday the 13th Victim, Vera Sanchez

In honor of Friday the 13th, here's Vera Sanchez (played by Catherine Parks) performing her last act; retrieving a wallet she dropped in the water in Friday the 13th Part 3 (in 3D). And for a trivia question; how many victims had the hockey-mask-wearing Jason claimed prior to Vera? Answer after the jump.

Korean Hooters Girls

In January, the Hooters restaurant chain opened a franchise in Seoul, making South Korea the fourth Asian country with a Hooters restaurant. The other three being China (with three), Singapore, and Taiwan. Though most of the Korean Hooters girls may not fill out the classic orange and white outfits quite like their Western counterparts, they more than make up for it with their Far Eastern charms and enthusiastic service.

Naked Newscaster Yukiko Kimura

Naked News, "the program with nothing to hide," has been mentioned at Asian Sirens before, with Lily Kwan being the featured anchor. However, Lily is/was not the only Asian member of their nude news team. Yukiko Kimura (Please don't confuse with the pediatric rheumatologist at Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital, of the same name.) has been a Naked Newscaster since September of 2005 and, as you can tell from this clip, she really gets into delivering the sports. One of her hobbies is glass blowing. Really. I would say see more of Yukiko at her Facebook, but you won't see as much of her there as you will in her above sportscast or at the Naked News official website.

The Beer Girls of "Better Than Beer"

(Author's Note: This post was originally published at my personal blog in October 2005 and has been slightly edited for inclusion here.)

I recently went to this "Hooters" rip-off sports bar/restaurant called "Better Than Beer" in Seoul's Itaewon district. Better Than Beer is a restaurant chain that has several locations in Seoul. I've been meaning to check out one (or all) for some time, as their ads feature very eye-catching ladies. I guess the name implies the girls there are better than beer, even though there was a Korean movie entitled Seven Reasons Why Beer Is Better Than My Lover (맥주가 애인보다 좋은 일곱가지이요).

Not that I expected to see her, but the White girl featured at the BTB website and in their billboard ads doesn't really work at any of the franchises and probably never has. She's just a model. (Probably Russian, since most of the Caucasian girls you'd see in ads for Korean businesses are Russian ladies in Korea on work visas.) There were three Korean servers there, known as "Beer Girls," wearing outfits very similar to the ones the Hooters girls do, as you can see by Helen's outfit at right.

May Ling Su

Multi-talented Internet exhibitionist (to sum up with only two words) May Ling Su's images and videos may leave little to the imagination, but she definitely has an imagination of her own. You'll see what I mean when you visit her Myspace or any one of her several websites. The main one being here (with links to all the others.) The above photo is from Timothy Greenfield-Sanders' photo book; XXX: 30 Porn-Star Portraits. Click on it for the NSFW version.

The "Mansion Madame" Melissa Wolf


Former Penthouse Pet (June 1985) Lisa Ann Taylor, known professionally as Melissa Wolf, recently made headlines after she was arrested for running a brothel and call girl ring from her mansion in Atlanta's upscale suburb of Duluth. I'd hazard to say most, if not all, the allegations against her are probably true, and I sure can't tell you anything about the particulars of the case that you couldn't read in the numerous articles on it (one of the better ones here), but I can tell you that I did have the pleasure of meeting Miss Taylor/Wolf during her engagement at Nashville's Club Platinum in late-1994. I don't remember what songs she danced to or if she did her noted "Popsicle Disappearing Act" (and that sounds like something I'd clearly remember) but she jokingly told me she started very young, at 12, when I mentioned to her that it seemed like I'd seen her in magazines for years, but she couldn't be any older than me. I also observed her to be very gracious and she seemed very friendly toward the house dancers.

Kaori Ohara for Denroku

Surprisingly, Japanese gravure idol, Kaori Ohara, whose bouncy "Choco Party" commercial (above) can be found floating all over the Internet, is almost 31. According to her bio, she was born February 17, 1976 in Tokyo. She hasn't done any nudes as far as I know but with a body like this, one can always hope that she'll reconsider in the future.

By the way, in the chocolate commercial, she says; "Denroku! (the name of the company) Choco Party, Good! Good!" three times in an adorable voice while she's bouncing around, then looks down at her boobs and chides, "What are you looking at?"
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