Kekko Kamen

The creation of Japanese animator Go Nagi, Kekko Kamen first appeared in a popular Japanese manga series saying such memorable lines as "Nobody knows my face, but everybody knows my body" and "I don't mind showing my body in the name of love and justice!"

The comic book eventually led to an original video animation series and several movies with four different actresses filling the role as the sexy masked superheroine over the years. The best-known being JAV idol Maria Ozawa, above.

Cornelia Tang

I first caught Cornelia Tang's Xanga blog several months ago and found her to be quite intriguing. I immediately considered her for a feature, but couldn't nail down how I'd present her. even though she isn't a celebrity or in the entertainment industry, she appears to have sort of  a celebrity lifestyle. She isn't a professional (or even semi-professional) model either, but she has done at least one photo shoot with a professional photographer.

Cornelia is also a popular blogger within Xanga's seemingly self-contained community of "Xangans" and it's clear to see why. She has a great sense of humor, so her blog entries are amusing, as well as well-written and interesting, especially the ones where she's documented her extensive solo travels to countries outside of her native Singapore. After contacting Cornelia and learning she was open to being featured, I suggested an interview format would be the best way to present her here, which she readily agreed to.

Friday the 13th Victim, Terry

Even though Terry wasn't shown getting killed on camera in Friday the 13th Part II, we know she did, and knowing Jason, we also know it wasn't pretty. As for Kirsten Baker, the portraying actress, her IMDb credits end with her small role in the 1987 drama Weeds. However, she has appeared in front of the camera in more recent years, as well as made appearances at horror conventions to meet fans. The guys at the fan blog, Friday the 13th: Today, have some articles on Kirsten that cover more on that.

Pro Billiards Player Cha Yu-ram

21-year-old Cha Yu-ram is currently one of the two top ranked WPBA players from Korea. The other is Kim Ga-young (26), who definitely shouldn't be overlooked in this entry, nor should Korean-American favorite, "The Black Widow" Jeanette Lee. However, Yu-ram's recent photo shoot shown here, has now gotten fans to start appreciating her for more than her skills with a pool cue.
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