Korean Narrator Models

Not to be confused with racing or car show models, narrator models, also called "doumi," (Korean word for "helper") have been a fairly common sight on city sidewalks and in stores of South Korea since the early 90s.

Hired through agencies by businesses promoting grand openings, special events or sales, these ladies can be found outside the entrances to night clubs, restaurants, stores, or even in supermarkets like Jang Yoon-jeong, the lovely lady pictured at right (and not to be confused with the singer of the same name). Their duties include such things as handing out flyers and promo freebies, delivering sales pitches, and dancing to pulsating techno music pumped out by large PA systems under archways of colorful balloons. In addition to their appearance, these girls are chosen through auditions for their speaking and dancing abilities, and have to be of a certain size, in order to fit into the outfits provided to them.

Halle the Hooters Girl

Halle the Hooters Girl was a short-lived comic book character that was the brainchild of entrepreneur Susy Johnson. Unfortunately, the buxom blonde chicken wing-serving heroine was so short lived, you're looking at the cover of the one and only issue. It seemed that Cabbage Comics used the Hooters name, image, etc., without permission from Hooters, Inc., despite the fact that they stated in the issue that they did. So, after being threatened with a lawsuit, Cabbage Comics pulled the plug on Halle. I have no idea why the two parties didn't work out a deal, since it could have been a real win-win situation, but they didn't and the following are some panels and a rundown on the one any only adventure of Halle and company from the January 1998 debut and final issue.

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