Naked News Anchor Carli Bei

(Editor's Note: This interview with popular Naked News anchor Carli Bei was conducted in June of 2014 by Tom Heckbert for the now-defunct website It’s been republished at Idol Features courtesy of Carli and Tom.)

Carli Bei is one of the newest anchors on Naked News. For those who do not know, Naked News, billing itself as "the program with nothing to hide," is a subscription website featuring a real television newscast. The show is filmed in Toronto and airs 25-minute episodes, 6 days per week. The gorgeous, all-female cast delivers the news fully nude or while removing their clothes.

A very short time after starting at Naked News, Carli has become one of the most popular anchors due to her on-screen personality, reporting skills and of course, she’s easy on the eyes. Naked News anchors cover regular news such as current events, business news, tech, travel, TV, music, dumb criminals, and more. There are also interviews, and a regular "Versus" segment where the anchors compete with each other at various tasks like hockey, sumo, and darts with often hysterical results. Naked News anchors travel occasionally to cover events like Hedonism Jamaica or the AVN awards.

EYESTRANE: Carli, so the original founders of Naked News started the network because they were curious about how the anchors looked without their clothes on. Is this something that you ever wondered yourself before joining Naked News?
CARLI: It's funny until now I haven't really wondered how it all started. I do remember watching the show on weekends and thinking "wow this is seriously entertaining and it's making me watch the news" Well, all I can say is I'm glad someone wondered what anchors looked like undressed and made it happen!
EYESTRANE: Despite being naked on camera, Naked News provides a serious look at the news, correct? The idea of doing the news naked seems contradictory yet some people do not have a problem with nudity or are comfortable with it. Do you think your viewers come for the news, to see naked women or perhaps both?
CARLI: Yes we cover a variety of current events as well as taking a serious look at news. I suppose it really is all about perspective, I understand some people may see it as contradictory or offensive but the news is the news no matter what you are wearing...or not wearing! If I had to guess, I would say they come for both the news and the views. We differ from other news networks, some of our segments really let you get to know the anchors. I think our viewers come back because they get to see us in the studio delivering the news to them, but they also get to see us talk, compete, and try new things. I think the ability to see us in that light builds a certain rapport between the viewers and the anchors.
EYESTRANE: Has your view of nudity changed since working there?
CARLI: My views on nudity changed long before working at Naked News. I just got to a point where I saw so many other things in the world to really care about it just seemed less and less important to care about nudity and why it isn't exactly widely accepted yet. I've always viewed it in a different way though, I grew up a dancer so I was always in my ballet gear, I used to create these crazy outfits and wear them to school thinking I was being fashion forward or creative, but I got in big trouble for showing too much of my back wearing a shirt I had made and I didn't understand why I was in trouble. They banned that style of shirt from the school because of me. I guess I always saw nudity as something freeing rather than shameful.
EYESTRANE: What was your audition like?
CARLI: (Laughs) Ugh. Well ....if I were to describe it, robotic, and totally like that scene in Talladega Nights when Will Farrell’s character is being interviewed and doesn't know what to do with his hands. It's hard for me to watch and not cringe a little. I also remember rapping "Baby's Got Back" and trying to twerk in heels, which is more difficult for some reason! It was fun.
EYESTRANE: When shooting, how many people are in the room with you? A cameraman, a sound person, stage manager? More?
CARLI: Sometimes it's me and the cameraman. Victoria Sinclair comes in too and helps the newbies with some of the challenges that come with being new to this. But depending on the situation there can be a few guys behind the scenes.
EYESTRANE: Silly question, but where it the microphone put?
CARLI: It's above us.
EYESTRANE: It is legal to be topless in Toronto so you do on-the-street segments as well. What have been some of your favorite stories you have covered?
CARLI: It's hard to say because it depends so heavily on who I meet that day. I've gotten so many wild answers! I'd have to say the day I asked people about bachelor parties. It was one of my first times out and everyone was being really hilarious that day. I met a girl that totally cracked me up with what she wanted for her bachelorette party. I got a few invites that day too.
EYESTRANE: Are people generally open to being interviewed by a naked or topless woman? Have any offered to or gotten naked themselves?
CARLI: It's a total gamble. I'd say most people are pretty open to it or very polite when they decline. There have been a couple that have offered to get naked, just men though.
EYESTRANE: Do you have the ability to make suggestions for topics to be covered?
CARLI: Yes. I brainstorm a bunch of ideas and give them to the producer to approve. It's really cool getting to ask my own questions and get creative with it. Everyone is able to submit topics
EYESTRANE: When you are out on the streets, and fully clothed, do people recognize you with your clothes on? (Thanks to Chris Charles for this user submitted question on the Facebook page)
CARLI: Not yet. I've only been there about two months. I'm not sure I'm really that recognizable yet!

From last April: Then-guest Naked News anchor Carli with fellow guest
anchor Angie Heyward in the (un)dressing room, discussing wardrobe.

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(December 2014 Editor's note: Check out my interview with Carli at Amped Asia.)



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