Bianca Barnett

Actress and model Bianca Barnett has the kind of look you don't soon forget (not that you'd want to). Bianca's a girl whom, after seeing play a small part in a movie or music video, you scan the credits for or do research on because you have to find out her name to see what else she's done.

A recent Golden Cob Award winner for best rising B actress, Bianca started out modeling in her native Texas but was convinced a few year ago to pursue acting so she moved to Los Angeles, where she made quite a mark on the B-movie scene. With films like The Devil's Muse, In a Spiral State, and Albino Farm to her credits, it may not be long before Bianca is referred to by B-cinema fans and critics by just her first name, like Brinke, Linnea, and company. I was recently fortunate enough (and able to show I wasn't just some hack) to have Bianca, who currently lives in Baltimore, agree to an exclusive interview.

Asian Women in Prison Movies

Arguably the most popular sub-genre of exploitation films, women in prison movies (regardless of where they were made) generally have three main elements, which are; sadistic guards, sadistic inmates, and at least one innocent new convict who was unjustly convicted and is now confronted with the first two aforementioned elements.

The majority of Asian WIP ("Women-In-Prison" for those not yet with the program) movies come from Hong Kong and Japan. I've caught a few notable ones from other Asian countries, such as Taiwan and Thailand, but not really from South Korea, which is disappointing considering the lovely talent pool they have always had there.

At right is Mina Asami gracing the video box cover of the 1983 film Female Prisoner: Caged! from Japan's Nikkatsu Studios. As covered in this entry, Nikkatsu was the leading producer of pink films during the "roman" porn era.

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