Natalie DeGennaro

When Natalie DeGennaro made her first film, she was a student, but you can't say she was a student filmmaker, since that refers to a film school student. Natalie was an elementary school student, who, at the age of 12, had realized her life's ambition was to produce and direct films. Since then, she's continued to follow that path, focusing on films with heavier subject matter that are a far cry from the "chick flick" box that some may assume she'd be within, after learning she's a filmmaker.

Currently a sociology major at the State University of New York at Purchase, Natalie, now just shy of her 22nd birthday, tells me; "since I became a sociology major, I have made it a point to incorporate my sociological knowledge into my films." In fact, she plans on exemplifying that in her senior film project, entitled My Life and the Kinsey Scale, that she's currently busy researching and writing the screenplay for.

A native New Yorker and obvious Yankees fan, Natalie says she would never want to leave the Big Apple to live anywhere else. The accompanying photos here, all courtesy of Natalie herself, definitely seem to confirm that.

What would have been Joanna Kim aka Etherealvixen's interview

Joanna Kim, whose screen name is/was Etherealvixen, is/was a model of sorts and, according to a bio she has at a popular model networking website, a former Miss Korea Hawaii. I don't even remember what first brought her to my attention, but I sent her a message on a whim and asked her is she'd be interested in a brief interview, so the cyber world could learn a little more about her. She replied; "sure." So, I did some research and send her some questions, to which she never replied. Didn't surprise me, don't care, her loss. However, my questions sure won't be a loss. At left would have been a photo of Joanna/Etherealvixen.

Bagel Soo - Bath Time

Despite a commenter at Reddit saying they call her “Bagel Soo” because he just “cream cheesed” in his pants while watching one of her videos, Bagel Soo’s nickname has nothing to do with the O-shaped bread.

Jess Greenberg - "Rock and Roll"

Above is Youtube star Jess Greenberg belting out an acoustic cover of the 1971 Led Zeppelin classic "Rock and Roll" that would surly make Page and Plant proud. Jess, who'll be 20 next month, performs all the songs she covers unaccompanied, unplugged, without overdubbing, and in the keys they were originally performed in.

Despite her up-front, outrageous sexiness, some cleverly-titled articles on her videos like "The Breast 'Highway To Hell' Cover Of All Time" and some bloggers criticizing her for "sexying-up" her image since her Youtube debut four years ago, Jess' playing and singing can easily stand on their own, regardless of the look she goes with. To hear and, of course, see more of Jess, check out her Youtube channel, her official website and she's on Twitter.

What would have been Chrissie Wunna's interview

I thought an interview with model and actress Chrissie Wunna would have been a fun and entertaining piece. I don't even remember how I first heard of her, but she was one of the contestants on the "reality" show Paris Hilton's British Best Friend. I didn't see it, but after checking out its Wikipedia page, I assumed Chrissie definitely wouldn't be one to pass on any free publicity, so I asked her if she'd be willing to do an interview for this site. She replied to my message and accepted the offer, but unfortunately and despite my efforts, it didn't end up happening. Anyway, enjoy the following unanswered questions.

Adele Yoshioka in Magnum Force

Above is Adele Yoshioka as “Sunny,” Harry Callahan’s very friendly neighbor, introducing herself to the San Francisco police inspector in 1973′s Magnum Force. According to the film’s screenwriter, John Milius, the character Sunny was written in as Harry’s “love interest” because Clint Eastwood received many fan letters from Asian women that contained sexual propositions. Unless the info that those ladies were Asian, was solely gathered because they stated so in their writings or from their names, one can assume photos were also enclosed in those fan letters. I wonder if Mr. Eastwood saved them. 

As for Miss Yoshioko, she pretty much retired from acting after her role as a lab assistant in the 1999 film A Table for One. She currently serves on the board of directors for the Coalition for Asian Pacifics in Entertainment, an organization she’s been involved with since 1991. Read more about that in this 2010 interview she did with

Amelia Gotham in Mannequin

The 2013 short Mannequin from Cowmaster Studios is testimonial to the interesting things apartment dwellers can find discarded by their fellow tenants. Of course, it's unclear if the mannequin was discarded by someone, or perhaps, escaped from a department store and was just hanging out at the complex's trash area (since it's a place visited often and by every resident there), in hopes someone would take her into their apartment.

For whatever reason the mannequin was there, when the lovely resident (played by Amelia Gotham) just snapped a photo of the mysterious figure and walked away, it apparently pissed off the living doll. The ending leaves the viewer guessing the outcome. As for Amelia, find out more on her at her official website.

What would have been Megan Sacco's interview

Megan Sacco is the founder and CEO of Lady Haunter Management, which is an independent film company that works to support local charities in the Boston area. Hers would have made for an interesting interview, if it would have happened. It didn't but, since I'm not going to let my good questions go unseen (even though they may go unanswered), here they are. Of course, at left would have been a photo of Megan and credit for that photo would have been written here.

Ijeoma Aniebo in 6:30pm

While I was watching the Nigerian short film 6:30pm I kept saying to myself, "this is gonna be good," since I was anticipating a shocking and climatic ending to a very suspenseful 9 minutes and 40 seconds. What I got instead was (SEMI-SPOILER ALERT) an anticlimactic ending that made me say "huh?" "so, that's it?" and "did I miss something??"

What would have been Claudine Marra's interview

I first caught former model Claudine Marra on a segment of KSAZ in Phoenix's Fox FYI, entitled "Are You a Facebook Addict?" The segment originally aired in December 2010 but it reran several months later on my Bay Area Fox affiliate. In fact, above is where I would have posted the video for the entire segment, instead of the five-second SMPTE color bar test pattern.

I subsequently found Claudine on Facebook (where else?), sent her a message, told her where I saw her, and asked her if she's be willing to do a brief interview, to which she replied; "def." Claudine, who lives in New Jersey, also told me of some modeling gigs, pageants, and bikini contests she'd done when she was younger, so this would have been a good opportunity to shine some light on all that. However, she never followed through and replied to my questions. So, I'll just welcome you to read on and enjoy my unanswered questions to her.

What would have been Jodi Selman's interview

Jodi Selman isn't an actress, model, or in any form of the entertainment industry. She's actually just a huge horror fan and pretty hot-looking, so I thought it would be fun, for both of us, to give her an opportunity to be featured her here with a brief interview and sort of introduce her to the horror fans who are readers of this site. So, I contacted Jodi about it and, despite being receptive to the idea and agreeing to do a brief interview, she never replied to my questions that I e-mailed her. I double-checked to make sure she received them, she did, but she just never replied to them. Her loss, but my questions to her from over three years ago sure weren't lost. They were in my sent file and now they're here. At left is where a photo of Jodi would have been.

What would have been Dani Lowe's interview

We've decided to make this November "Incomplete Interview Month," in which we'll be publishing halves of scheduled interviews that didn't pan out because the interviewees didn't reply to their e-mails. So, to kick off "Incomplete Interview Month," here goes: Indie film actress Dani Lowe's interview would have been a brief one, as her list of credits was fairly short when she accepted my interview offer. It still is, as of this writing. At left is where a photo of her would have been.

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