Collette England - A Closer Look

Drummer for the Norfolk-based all-female rock trio, the Drendas, Collette England was interviewed alongside her two bandmates, guitarist Holly Womack and bassist Denise Lawrence, here in July of last year. After learning that playing with the Drendas isn't Collette's only artistic outlet (okay, and seeing that she looks like a young Susan Sarandon), I contacted her for a solo interview.

Besides pounding the skins for the Drendas (okay, and looking like a young Susan Sarandon while doing it), Collette also performs with Norfolk's own Absolute Uncertainty Sketch and Improv Comedy. As the solo interviewee here, she talks about that and a few other facts about herself that the casual Drendas' fan probably didn't know, such as her also being a Navy veteran. Of course, Collette gives her Drendas bandmates and her fellow performers in Absolute Uncertainty a shout-out, as well as the The Pushers' Improv Training and a certain someone for being "so onboard with all her shenanigans." Oh, and when asked to supply a photo, Collette is know to go above and beyond the call, as exemplified by the above and particularly by the following photo, both courtesy of Collette, herself.

February 24, 2016 interview with Collette England

Kristina Michelle Revisited

Since her first interview here, the events Cleveland-based actress and producer Kristina Michelle runs have grown considerably. 2016 marks the fifth showing of the Horror Hotel International Film Festival. What started as a one-day show has grown into a four-day event that now includes multiple screening rooms, panel discussions, and the ever-popular Scream Queen competition. The other event she produces, the Indie Gathering International Film Festival, now will include the United Latino International Film Festival, which will feature Spanish language indie films from around the world. Also debuting this year at both events will be a car show and outdoor drive-in-style film showings.

In the studio on the Reel TV Network, Kristina still hosts Horror Hotel as her alter ego, Lamia (featured here in May of 2014), with occasional guests from the horror industry. Indie Film School, a show that's shot at the aforementioned conventions and Indie Music Scene, hosted by Jessica Graie, who features music videos and interviews with indie bands, are two other shows Kristina produces. Listen to Kristina's recent interview and check out the Reel TV Network website for more details on the shows. Above photo by Scott T. Morrison of Discovery Photo Online.

February 22, 2016 interview with Kristina Michelle

Andreea Boyer Revisited

Currently in Los Angeles, where she's been working on her new screenplay, actress and writer Andreea Boyer gave me an update (taking advantage of us being in the same time zone) on her activities since our first interview last summer. Besides appearing in Ulli Lommel's highly anticipated Boogeyman: Reincarnation, which is slated to be released this year, Andreea has added some prominent achievements to her list of studies since last August. Late last year, she studied with famed director Jack Garfein in Paris and then at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London, where she studied Shakespeare. While in London, she also landed the part of Veronica in the Marcus Warren's upcoming thriller Snapshot, which also stars Sasha Jackson (Blue Crush 2).

Certainly a name to look for watch as she shows remarkable dedication to her craft, Andreea also shares what gave her the passion for writing and performing, as well as how she enjoyed spending last Christmas with only the company of her friend's little dog.

February 21, 2016 interview with Andreea Boyer

Debra Lamb - Ruby Dreams

This 1994 music video featuring Scream Queen Debra Lamb, is a rare gem that recently surfaced on Youtube. It was produced and directed by then-USC film school student Susan Lambert. The song the video is set to is "Ruby, " performed by Marti Jones off of her Used Guitars album. It was written by Janis Ian and Kye Fleming and originally released on Janis' Revenge album. As for the story behind this video, just read on.

Patty Mullen - Penthouse to Frankenhooker and Beyond

When I said to my colleague, Geo Brawn, that it looked like Patty Mullen was going to be hard to nail down for an online interview, but would be well worth the efforts to pursue, he replied; "Oh definitely. I mean, c'mon, she was Frankenhooker!" That, she was.

If you're a horror fan, then you undoubtedly know Patty from her iconic title role in Frank Henenlotter's 1990 cult B-horror classic, Frankenhooker. Perhaps you also remember Patty as Penthouse magazine's 1988 Pet of the Year. Some of you have memories of Patty that go even further back to when she was the August 1986 Pet of the Month.

However Patty is remembered first and foremost, she has a select legion of adoring fans. They show up to meet her at horror and comic cons, have her sign (occasionally) Penthouse and (mostly) Frankenhooker memorabilia, ask to her her say "Wanna date!?" and even show her their Frankenhooker tattoos. However, there was long hiatus between the release of the film that made Frankenhooker a household name among horror fans, and Patty's reemergence at horror and comic cons a few years ago. It was a hiatus that was filled with, as Patty puts it; good, bad, and ugly.

Actress Laurene Landon of Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance

Tall, leggy and extremely well-built, statuesque blonde actress Laurene Landon has enlivened a bunch of hugely enjoyable movies with her spunky energy, physical dexterity, bubbly, upbeat personality, and considerable sex appeal. She plays Detective Higgins in Gregory Hatanakas's Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance!

Bianca Allaine Revisited

Actress and producer Bianca Allaine talks Zombinatrix and more in her third exclusive interview with Idol Features. Initially announced last summer, as covered here, and set to start filming in April, Zombinatrix was co-written by Bianca and she also stars as Mistress Tawny, a lady who's "into whips and brains." Also tentatively slated to appear in the film in her long-awaited screen comeback, is Frankenhooker herself, cult icon Patty Mullen.

Besides giving as many details on the highly anticipated Zombinatrix as she can at this point, Bianca also talks about several of other projects that include her earlier works such as 2008's Albino Farm, in which her beauty was hidden under the makeup and appliances of the "Pig Bitch," and her web horror film review show, Watch These Films with Bianca Allaine. She also gives the status on some of her other films listed at her IMDb page, a few that probably won't be seen anytime soon. See more of Bianca at her official website and, even though it's four and a half years old, check out her first interview here from August 2011, when she was known professionally as Bianca Barnett. Above photo by by Michael Kyne.

February 1, 2016 interview with Bianca Allaine

Kate Bennet, the Vampirette of Everdance

The First Empowered Super Horror Heroine

The Character of Kate Bennet was the main protagonist of my first book Everdance: A Blood Story. The creation of such a character came from the simple concept of a character who doesn't know her true strengths, and its not until she's driven to really fend for herself, that she learns who she really is.

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