Lotta Losten in Lights Out

Have you ever been home alone and heard a noise after you turn the lights out? You turn the lights on and everything seems to be fine. Shut the lights out, and a minute later, there's that strange sound again. Is there something there in the darkness that isn't there in the light? Or someone? Of course not. You've just seen too many horror films and have an overactive imagination. Or it's just the wind ....or the house settling. However, if you actually see something in the dark that isn't there in the light ....

May Ling Su Revisited

It was hard for me to believe it had been so long, especially since she doesn't look a day older now than she did then, but the first time I wrote about May Ling Su was over seven years ago. That brief article I did on the lovely "Internet exhibitionist," was actually for another site and I shared it here.

Keeping in loose touch with May Ling through Facebook over the last several years, I knew she was somewhat of a nomad. She's lived on both coasts of the US as well as her native Philippines, since I first met her. Currently living in Maine, she still has several unique websites that she personally operates. Super Spy Chick and Strip Karaoke being two of the more humorous and milder examples.

In addition to her work in front of the camera, May Ling has recently lent her voice to the audio book version of Anthony Pacheco's Armageddon's Princess. Also making a name for herself as a photographer, she's had works displayed in galleries in the US and Europe. She tells me that her Maine location and the winter months have made it difficult for her to find models, but she plans on meeting with some this spring and for those interested, "fierce and fearless" is the type she says she's looking to shoot. 

Shannon McDonough

On St. Patrick's Day, it's couldn't be more fitting than to feature a beautiful Irish lass who's dressed for the occasion, and actress Shannon McDonough definitely fits the bill.

Despite appearing in mainly horror films, such as It Came from Another World!, Terror From Beneath the Earth, Attack of the Moon Zombies, and The Giant Spider, the Minnesota native's favorite film genre is romance, both dramas and comedies. She's said of doing horror films; "I didn't think I'd like horror at first, but it's kind of fun getting all bloody and dirty." As of this writing, Shannon has just completed her work on Jarrod Crooks' Dispatched, which is currently in post production and slated to be released later this year.

Also a talented singer and DJ, Shannon has performed at many hot spots in and around her native Minneapolis. You can look forward to an interview with Shannon at this site in the near future, in which she'll confirm she's a gourmet cook, a former Rogue Cinema Sleepover Girl, and an avid Doctor Who fan.

Elissa Dowling

Actress and singer Elissa Dowling obviously has a way with her bird, Loo, and a look down her long list of film credits will show she also has a way with horror filmmakers. Some of the more colorful titles Elissa's been in, include The Legend of Bloody Mary, The Corporate Cut Throat Massacre, Orgy of Blood, and A Night of Nightmares, for which she also sang the soundtrack's title song. More recently, she appeared in Joe Hollow's Disciples, which has a cast like a who's who of Scream Queens.

Tressa Graves

Horror novelist Tressa Graves is an intriguing lady, with a look very fitting to her occupation. As someone who's read a couple of her works, I did find her characters to be well-developed, the settings vivid, and the stories gripping, even though some will probably not be to everyone's taste. I know it's cliché to say "I couldn't put it down," but if you aren't flipping ahead to see how many pages are left to go in the chapter until you can take a break, then it's a gripping read, and that's what I've found Tressa's writing to be, particularly her short story The Lady in the Backyard.

As evident from reading the early chapters of her most recent novel, The Sawgrass Footpath, it's clear that Tressa seems to believe there's a significant cultural clash between Southerners, living in the heart of Dixie, and "Yanks." Perhaps there is, but before reading her humorous narratives of these incompatibilities, which are from a Southerner's point-of-view, I thought it was only Northerner's who were aware of it.

What follows is hardly what I'd consider an in-depth, or even full interview with Tressa, but for those who haven't heard of her, and are looking for something new by someone new to add to their horror library, here's an authoress whose works you may want to check out.

Park Seo-yeon – Gastronomic Exhibitionist

Sexy broadcast jockeys (known as BJ’s and yes, I know), who dance for and flirt with their viewers in exchange for tips, are nothing new in Korea. However, in the last couple of years, a new breed of pretty female BJ has emerged, who simply eat for their viewers’ enjoyment.

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