Donna Hamblin - A Closer Look

Despite having appeared in such films as Cauldron: Baptism of Blood, Mark of the Astro-Zombies, and Blood Reunion 3: Hunters, Donna Hamblin isn't fond of the dark, being covered in fake blood, and to this day, can't sit thought The Exorcist. However, she puts all that aside and always gives 100% when doing a scene in a horror movie.

A favorite of acclaimed cult filmmaking guru, Ted V. Mikels, Donna has appeared in several of Ted's films and is slated to appear in more, including the highly anticipated Ten Violent Women Part 2. She'll also be starring in Len Kabasinski's upcoming Angel of Reckoning, along with Scream Queen icon Deborah Dutch. Len, another director who's recognized Donna's talents, also cast her in his 2014 action sci-fi film, Blood Mercury, also along with Deborah.

Last November, during the making of Ten Violent Women Part 2, Donna was interviewed by her fellow actress Dawna Lee Heising, which we featured here. Knowing Donna deserved a closer look, she graciously gave this exclusive interview to Idol Features, where, besides her acting roles, we cover some other topics, such as the charitable causes she's involved with in Las Vegas, the city she's called home for most of her life. Above photo of Donna and Ratzy-Rue courtesy of Donna, herself.

March 21, 2016 interview with Donna Hamblin

Krista Grotte - A Closer Look

Actress and fitness model Krista Grotte's "day job" as a project manager for a Florida-based aviation technology company, requires her to travel quite a bit, which would make one wonder how she also manages to have a successful acting and modeling career. You'd think her frequent travels would hampering her show biz career. However, Krista says she coordinates the two by scheduling her shoots and appearances to coincide with where she'll be at the time, thus turning what could be an obstacle, into an advantage.

A favorite of award-winning director Thomas J. Churchill, Krista's proud to be starring in his upcoming film Check Point, and rightfully so. It deals with domestic terrorism, an issue our country is currently faced with, and has a strong cast. She's also been recently cast in three more of Thomas' upcoming films; Marilyn: Zombie Hunter, starring Sarah French, and two that have just been recently announced: Beautiful Nightmare, which will also feature Vida Ghaffari in a starring role, and Nation's Fire, which was covered in last week's press release featured here, that also included her Eye on Entertainment interview with the lovely Dawna Lee Heising.

Also, a correspondent for the Florida-based TV show Born to Ride, Krista, a motorcycle enthusiast herself, is a familiar face among the biker community throughout the southern states, where the show is broadcast. Just press play to hear about that and much more in Krista's very recent and exclusive interview with Idol Features.

March 21, 2016 interview with Krista Grotte

Krista Grotte Guests on Eye on Entertainment

Gracing the above promo poster for the upcoming action-thriller Nation's Fire is the multi-talented Krista Grotte, who was my recent guest on Eye on Entertainment. See the full press release, including my exclusive interview with Krista, that follows.

Author Amy McCorkle

Award-winning author and blogger Amy McCorkle, whose works have been published under her real name as well as her pen name, Kate Lynd, is probably most noted for her non-fiction book, Letters to Daniel, which was spawned by her blog of the same title. Started in May of 2013, the blog Letters to Daniel consisted of open letters she had written to actor Daniel Craig, whom Amy is a huge fan of. However, the entries in the blog were definitely not typical gushing, fan letters. They were written as is Amy were talking to a close friend and the subject matter ranged from light and humorous to, as Amy puts it; "dark, heavy shit most people take to their graves with them." Most of Amy's other works have been of the sci-fi and erotic romance genre, which have also been quite successful, making Amazon's paid best seller list.

The Kentucky native and avid Wildcats fan is also a screenwriter. Her first films, which she also produced, she chalks up to learning experiences, but, as this goes to press, her script for the film adaptation of Letters to Daniel has been nominated for best script by the International Christian Film Festival and is an official selection at the NOVA Fest (The Northern Virginia International Film & Music Festival). Of course, for the ICFF, Amy decided to trim some of the coarse language from her script, as her writing pulls no punches. Above photo courtesy of Amy herself.

Heroines and Bad Girls Deep Inside the Pirate Office

As a creator, I get to draw inspiration from all over the place, and that all comes together for me here in my very own "Pirate Office." It's a place where I do all my digital artwork, great pinups for Geo's Vixens, and my salute to pinups. It's where I recently created the first book for The Angel Codex; Midnight Angel: Afterfall, and it's where I work on writings for Idol Features as well, like now.

All of this comes together in one spot: The Pirate Office. It's here that I'll now be focusing on as a feature for my Youtube channel, where the first episode is now up. I'll take all those who want to see what inspires some great art and a lot of madness. It's that source of energy that really takes me anywhere I want to go, in terms of my art. I'll be honest; usually, it's a very sexy place I end up going. Creating pinups for a living has really made my world complete, and many of the statues in the Pirate Office will be highlighted. I'll also be telling everyone what I like, or sometimes dislike, about various items that dwell deep within the Pirate Office's hollowed walls. It's a who's who of sexy horror and amazing comic book heroines and bad girls. Why is that? Because more than anything, I'm inspired by strong empowered and yes, sexy, creations.

What would have been Siren Thorn's interview

I dug this one out of my sent e-mails from December of 2010. Siren Thorn, whom I believe originally went by the professional surname of "Tee," was referred to me by May Ling Su, who's been featured and interviewed here in the past. May Ling thought Siren may be interested in an interview as she'd just gotten started modeling at that point. Siren e-mailed me back, stated she's love to do an interview and asked if we could do it over e-mail. I replied and told her that would be no problem, sent her my questions, and when I received no reply after a very reasonable wait, I made attempts to follow-up. Siren never did.

The interview I had planned for Siren was actually intended for a different, now defunct, website I was writing for at the time, but I'm publishing this here now because I'm not featuring Siren, I'm featuring my questions, and, since this is my site, here's where my questions will be featured. So, enjoy these fairly basic interview questions Siren never bothered to answer. At left is where a photo of Siren Tee, who now goes by "Siren Thorn," would have been.

Destinie Orndoff

Co-founder of indie film production company, Deranged Minds Entertainment, Destinie Orndoff has been an avid horror fan since she was six and saw A Nightmare on Elm Street. Rather than the film giving her nightmares, as it would most kids that age, it gave her dreams of someday making and acting in her own horror films. She and her partner launched Deranged Minds just last year and they are currently in production with their first film, a slasher entitled Red Eye.

Set in the backwoods of Black Creek, West Virginia, Red Eye is the tale of four friends who set out to document a local legend for a horror film festival. In Desitnie's own words:

We have unique and relatable characters to genre fans and many, quotes and classic moments that horror fans will eat up." We, being fans of the genre ourself took it upon ourselves to do something for the genre that has made such an amazing impact on our life. We are genuine horror fans making horror to give back, its our dream and passion. We feel it is very important to include the fact that this film will NOT be a "found-footage" film. What it IS, is a pulsating slay-fest that unfolds this sadistic story, drop by drop, including many, many twists. Get ready for a place where your passion bleeds through.

Another thing that particularly makes this film look very promising is that two of the names that have already signed on to appear in it, are quite big names in indie horror: Jessica Cameron and Heather Dorff. Listen to Destinie's exclusive interview with me, as we also delve a bit into what gave her her passion for horror and who her inspirations in the horror industry have been. If you're in the horror industry and have not yet heard of Destinie; remember you heard of her here first.

February 29, 2016 interview with Destinie Orndoff

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