Risa Kudo as Zombie Hunter Rika

In keeping with the spirit of Halloween, here's popular gravure idol Risa Kudo (as well as the supporting cast) of the 2008 gore-fest Zombie Hunter Rika, a movie that proves when it comes to comedy/horrors with awful scripts, high-school special effects, and bad acting from beautiful, buxom young ladies, the Japanese definitely do not take a back seat to their counterparts in Hong Kong.

The Cast of The Vampire Who Admires Me

With Halloween drawing near, it's fitting to feature the beautiful female cast of a movie that's in the spirit of the season. The 2008 Hong Kong comedy-horror film, The Vampire Who Admires Me, centers on a lovely group of young models who travel to the ancestral home of their director's boss, on "East Dragon Island," to shoot some print ads for the "Zombie" clothing line. Of course, the models arrive unaware that the island will soon be inhabited by zombie-like vampires and a vampire king who will rise from his tomb and hunger for fresh blood.

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