Sexy Taiwanese Quintet Does the Harlem Shake

One never knows what the next Internet meme is going to be or why it catches on and spreads like wildfire, but sooner or later, there will probably be a sexy Asian version of it. (Take for instance, this adaptation of the inanely popular "Charlie Bit My Finger." )

In the case of one of the latest memes, the ever viral "Harlem Shake," we have the above performance by five outrageously hot Taiwanese babes. The ladies are; Ting Ting ("Little Red Grinding Hood"), Xuan Xuan (stretching out with the leg up high), DJ Alyshia .L (working the black lingerie), Natasha Liang (the gyrating girl with the butterfly tattoo), and Cookie Wu (joggling the juggs). Oh, and you don't have to wait for the two solo performances that are "coming soon" because Alyshia's is here and Natasha's, here.

Judy Cerda in American Horrible Story

In this scene from Jason Salazar's comedy-horror short American Horrible Story, Judy Cerda plays a realtor who's very up front with details about the house she's selling. The film was produced by Beyond Forever Studios and you can see it in its entirety at their Youtube channel. Also check out Judy as Hollywood agent Amelia Orange in Salazar's web series The Uploaders, another Beyond Forever production. For those wondering; the large and lovely Georgian-style house the above scene was shot in, is located in San Francisco ....which means the price tag on it is even larger than the house itself. See my June, 2011 interview with Judy here.

How to Survive a Horror Film with Traycee King

Here's Traycee King's fifth tip in her How to Survive a Horror Film series, and it's a good one. Simply never be a sexy blonde with blue eyes who dresses like a slut, like actress Rebecca Denise winningly portrays here (even though I think her eyes are actually hazel). The video series is produced by Tracee's own Kitty Quilt Productions and you can check out the other tips in the series at the website and the Youtube channel. Also stay tuned here for (hopefully) an exclusive interview with Traycee in the near future.

See more of Traycee and her work at:

Lucy Liu Does Saturday Night Live

As an avid Saturday Night Live fan, I'm a pretty good authority as to who the more memorable (and forgettable) cast members have been and which hosts and musical guests have shined (and stunk) over the years. After watching the show the other night (and dubbing Cecily Strong the hottest female SNL cast member ever), I did some research and, just as I thought; in SNL's 38-year history, the show has never had an Asian cast member and has had only one Asian female host, who was Lucy Liu, well over a decade ago. Above is Lucy's opening monolog from her December 16th, 2000 appearance as host. Since she was the first Asian female to ever host SNL, it wasn't surprising that she capitalized on that fact by using some Asian stereotypes to bring out the laughs.
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