Paranormal Investigator Ryleigh Black

Standing six feet tall and looking as she does, it should go without saying that Ryleigh Black can't exist without being a photographer's dream. Although she is a model, first and foremost, she's a paranormal investigator who founded Black Cross Paranormal in 2008.

A Chiricahua Native American from southern Arizona, who now calls Providence, Rhode Island home, Ryleigh is also an empath, but didn't realize until her late teens that she wasn't crazy and there were others who shared that ability. For skeptics (such as myself) or those who may think paranormal investigators are charlatans; while that may be true of a few in the field, Ryleigh conducts her investigations and operates Black Cross Paranormal with a high level of integrity and professionalism. She's not wrapped up in the hype that can go with her line of work and has even helped clients with issues that weren't brought on by paranormal occurrences.

As we spoke, Ryleigh had just thrown her annual "House of Black" party the previous weekend, and was recovering from an ailment that will unfortunately keep her out of circulation on Halloween, much to her disappointment, and surely the disappointment of others in Providence. Ryleigh tells me she's known as the "Ghost Lady" by local kids, and her house is a very popular stop for area trick-or-treaters. So popular, that parents actually bring kids there by the van loads and police crowd control has been required for the last few Halloweens.

October 29, 2015 interview with Ryleigh Black

In the Dungeon with Onyx Hades

Horror show hostess Onyx Hades (pronounced "On-iks Hay-dees") in set to debut her new Internet show In the Dungeon with Onyx Hades. The show, recorded from Onyx's hauntingly seductive manor, is slated to feature horror film reviews, as well as occasional guests.

Onyx, who's the former co-host of the podcast show Horrorcopia, very recently told me that she'll be hosting In the Dungeon solo. It's scheduled to make its debut on Halloween (just two days away, as this goes to press) but that date may be pushed back to Miss Hades' birthday; November the 4th.

You can catch In the Dungeon with Onyx Hades at it's official Youtube channel. Onyx promises it to be a lot of fun ....and hopefully a little creepy, at times. She likes creepy.

October 28, 2015 interview with Onyx Hades

Creative Corner Interview with Ladyaslan

Anitra DeLorenzo, better known in the literary world as Ladyaslan, made her writing debut in 2007 with Victorian Days and Punk Rock Nights. This quote from a passage in the book should be enough to grab one's attention: "Red may be bold on lips....but I prefer mine naked, without enhancement, so you know exactly what you are getting.” And there's plenty more where that came from. Her follow-up, Lipstick and Absinthe, is a collection of Gothic poetry, short stories, and horror erotica, which Anitra dubs as "R-rated." Due to the abundant favorable reviews those books received, Anitra was invited to be a contributor to the Jamie Collins horror anthologies In the Midnight Hour and Into The Night - A Poetry Anthology.

Being the avid music fan that she is, Anitra has also written about and reviewed some of the most press-worthy indie metal bands currently on the scene. You can check out her article on the band Conquer As They Come in the most recent issue of Gorgeous Freaks Magazine.

Besides her writings, Anitra's is co-host of the The Asylum Radio Show, whose guests have been from as many branches of the entertainment industry as you'll see here at Idol Features. In fact, readers of this site can look forward to seeing Anitra's contributions here in the very near future.

Also a lady with a charitable heart, Anitra donates fifty percent of the proceeds from her Ladyaslan T-shirt sales to Stand for the Silent, an anti-bullying campaign, and the animal sanctuary Wolf Haven International. All accompanying photos to this interview courtesy of Anitra, herself.

Debra Lamb as Ms. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Scream Queen Debra Lamb's talents have been featured on these pages before, but this recently surfaced video of Debra performing at the West Hollywood nightclub Peanuts in 1992 is a gem that many fans have not yet had the pleasure of viewing.

Alexis Iacono

The daughter of an award-winning sports photographer, actress Alexis Iacono began her career on the stage in and around her native New York City. She made the permanent move to Los Angeles exactly two years ago and says she hasn't looked back since. She's given winning performances in such films as Prescott Place, The Black Dahlia Haunting and Dead Sea, and will be seen in upcoming roles in The Ballad of Tennessee Rose, and the Caitlin Kazepis written and directed "short" (even thought its run-time is listed at 75 minutes), The Pipeline.

Alexis also has a strong dance and music background. Her bio states she was a dancer on the MTV show The Grind, and she tells me she is a skilled tap dancer and cellist, even though her cello may now be collecting dust. Oh, and if you're a video gamer, you might recognize her voice. Above photo (taken in 2014, and not exclusively for this interview, but that's okay) courtesy of Alexis, herself.

The Girls of Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead

(Author's Note: This article was originally written for another, now-defunct, site and was "transplanted" here because I don't like to see my work and efforts go to waste [no pun intended]. So and despite the toilet humor aspect of this film, I'm sharing it here, but without any labels, to minimize this becoming a top 10 most viewed article that could end up getting featured on the home page. In fact you reading this; how did you arrive here?)

As I’ve stated before; when it comes to horror flicks with film school production, cheesy, blood-spurting gore effects, laughable scripts, and casts full of former and/or current AV and gravure idols, the Japanese are second to none. And as this is the Halloween season, it’s time to feature another one of these gems from Japan that contains most of the above. (I say most because none of the girls in this one is a JAV alumna.) Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead, has exactly what you’d expect it to have with a title like that, as evident by the film’s official website. However, since this site is only about beautiful women, its female cast members are the focus here and I’ll leave the splatter descriptions and toilet humor for a future review at another site. Featured on the above poster is Arisa Nakamura, who plays the film’s heroine, Megumi.

Ladies of The Coed and the Zombie Stoner

These days, if a filmmaker throws the word "zombie" in a movie title with anything that implies there's going to be some gratuitous T&A, the film's going to get some serious attention from horror fans and pundits. Set it at a summer camp, womens prison, or an institute of higher learning, as we have here, and all the better. Such is the case with last year's comedy-horror, The Coed and the Zombie Stoner. The film's been panned by most reviewers all over the net (including yours truly), but certainly not overlooked. In fact, it may become a cult favorite in the years to come. The film's tagline; "sex, drugs and the walking dead," simply states the content of this gem.

Pictured above is star Catherine Annette, who plays hot lab nerd Chrissie, whose sexiness seems to be well-concealed by her eyeglasses. As so colorfully explained to her by her foul-mouthed sorority president, Chrissie has to snag a frat boyfriend or else she'll get kicked out of her sorority. Although Miss Annette plays a "straight" role, she isn't exempt from popping her top in a brief scene. She also appeared last year in famed B-movie director Fred Olen Ray's After Midnight. She'll be in Josh Eisenstadt's upcoming Spreading Darkness and is "rumored" to be in the slated-for-2017 Vampire Schoolgirls. Click on on either one of Catherine's breasts to play the full trailer for The Coed and the Zombie Stoner.

Alle Connell as Cady's "Ex-Wife" from Mean Girls

It's National Mean Girls day and the Halloween season, so to cover both those occasions with one piece; above is makeup and fashion blogger Alle Connell as Cady Heron's "Ex-Wife" from the Halloween party scene from the cult film Mean Girls. You can see Alle's full tutorial on how to create this look and the outfit at her article at xoVain, where she's the senior contributing editor. You can see much more from Alle at her personal blog and, to save you the trouble of searching, see the Halloween scene with Cady and company after the jump.

Sarah Nicklin

With October here and the Halloween season now in full swing, it's fitting to start out this month with an actress who's appeared in over 60 horror movies. With films like The Disco Exorcist, The Black Dahlia Haunting, and The Sins of Dracula to her credits, Sarah Nicklin has truly earned the title of Scream Queen. As this goes to press, she's preparing to start filming Jordan Pacheco's Blood Pi this month and fans will be able to catch her on Halloween and November 1st at IFCON (Island Fantasy Convention) in Victoria, Canada.

A New England native and Emerson College alumna, Sarah made the move to Los Angeles in 2011. She tells me she didn't set out to become a horror actress, per se, but gravitated toward horror, due to it being the genre in indie films that has the most opportunities and draws the most attention from distributors. She has since made quite a name for herself in the indie horror industry. In my recent interview with Sarah, she revealed to me that besides acting, she also writes, paints, loves the outdoors, is a cat person, and has finally gotten over Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Above photo courtesy of Sarah, herself.

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