Jessica Cameron

Originally from Ontario, Canada, actress Jessica Cameron didn't decide to become an actress until after she began her first career choice, which was fashion design. After taking some acting classes, the Ryerson University alumna gave up her position at an Ohio design company a few years ago to pursue her passion for acting and hasn't looked back since, not that she should. Since she's been acting, Jessica's landed roles in several TV commercials as well as short and feature films, several of which are now in post production, so stay tuned.

I contacted Jessica about an interview in September but didn't hear back from her until just a week ago, when she complimented me about the recent interviews that have been featured here. Asking when I would get to add hers to the list, she replied I would soon and was true to her word. Now living in Los Angeles, Jessica's the second Golden Cob Award-winning actress I've had the pleasure of interviewing. She won the honor in 2010 for "Best Rising B Actress" for her role in in the short film Absolution. Some other films of note she's done are Ninety Degrees and Sunny, and the shorts The Wrong Damn Thing to Say, and Accomplice. You can currently catch her in the web series Two Doors Down and read her most recent interview right here after the jump.

Sarah French

Many fans may know actress and model Sarah French under her former stage name, Scarlet Salem, which she went by until this year. Now going by her real name, Sarah currently has over 30 film credits under her belt and quite an impressive modeling portfolio. While browsing her photos, what I found particularly impressive are her tribute photo shoots where she assumes the classic looks and poses of horror and screen icons.

Born and raised in Minnesota, Sarah started modeling after being discovered by a professional photographer at a metal concert. Modeling soon led to small parts in independent horror films, which led to larger parts that included non-horror films such as her recent role in Opposite Blood, in which she plays a Russian Spy (and yes, she does the accent well). Some of her other credits include Strip Club Slasher, In Harm's Way, Insectula! and the online series Ghostbustin 911, which has been described as a "mix of Ghostbusters, Reno 911, and Cops."

Most recently, she reportedly landed a part in the upcoming film Disciples, which features Scream Queen icons Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens, Debbie Rochon, and Debra Lamb. If Sarah thinks she can't say she's made the big leagues yet, she'll sure be able to after appearing in a film with the likes of those ladies. You can also catch Sarah's column at Shock Horror magazine and catch her in person at the many events and horror conventions she often appears at such as Texas Frightmare Weekend

Kaylee Williams

Many of the actresses I interview tell me they wanted to be on stage or in front of the camera from a very early age. Not so with Kaylee Williams, who didn't set foot on stage for the first time until she was in high school, and that was only after the persistent urging of some friends to get her to audition for a school play. However, once she was on stage, Kaylee said she felt like she belonged there and discovered her unexpected passion.

A native of the Chicago suburbs, Kaylee did theater for a few years before she began doing films. She started modeling around the same time she got into films, but said she's never wanted to be a model or considered herself one. Judging from the pictures I've seen, I'm sure the photographers she's worked with would differ with that and definitely consider Kaylee a model, as well as an actress.

Kaylee was brought to my attention by my good friend Carlo Rodriguez over at (The best in underground movies!) Impressed after seeing her portfolios and list of film credits that include Slices of Life, Cut, and Zombie Babies, I contacted Kaylee about an interview, hoping to add her to the elite group of girls who've been featured here. Thankfully, she's now one of those girls. (Above photo by Peter Matthes)

Original Hooters Girl, Lynne Austin

Former Playboy Playmate and original Hooters Girl, Lynne Austin probably couldn't care less about getting any more publicity, let alone being featured here, but for a date with all 1's in it, it's appropriate to feature a lady who was the first in her field. So, here's the very first Hooters commercial from 1983 featuring the first Hooters Girl Lynne, explaining how they keep their beer so cold. Definitely a classic.

Marie Lynn

Like many of the other ladies I've interviewed, actress Marie Lynn has a strong background in dance, having studied several forms of it from a very young age. Unlike many of the other ladies I've interviewed, she has a B.A. in psychology and worked as a behavioral therapist for two years. That was before changing career paths to one that includes modeling in sexy 70s-style bikinis, running on a treadmill with a fake bomb strapped to her, and falling prey to psychotic killers on screen.

A native of Chicago, Marie didn't fully get into acting until she was "old enough to sign her own release forms," which is often the best choice for performers. She studied acting formally after moving to Los Angeles, where she currently lives. Besides credits that include roles in such films as Rules, Burlesque Massacre, and Afraid of Sunrise, Marie's also landed parts on TV and has modeled for some of LA's most talented and creative photographers, as her modeling portfolios show. In fact, it was very difficult choosing just several photos from them to go with this interview.

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