Jessica Cameron at Screamfest

Jessica Cameron (whom I had the pleasure of interviewing last year) gave this brief interview to at the premiere of The Collection at Screamfest in Los Angeles last month. The Golden Cob award-winning actress will be appearing in many upcoming films scheduled to come out over the next couple of years. The next to be released will be the thriller she co-wrote with her fellow Scream Queen Devanny Pinn, American Girls, which she mentions here.

Emily Chang for Ruffles Ultimate

This 30-second spot featuring actress Emily Chang (not to be confused with the journalist or web designer of the same name) as a quick-to-catch-on poker player, has been running on network TV in the US for the last several months. Emily is no newcomer to acting with many credits and a New York regional Emmy Award under her belt, but this commercial seems to be on its way to achieving a sort of cult status and becoming what she's best-known for. So far, anyway. Catch Emily on Twitter.
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