Stephanie Hsu for Discover Card

This currently airing 30-second spot for Discover Card has actress Stephanie Hsu playing a dual role as a cardholder asking about her cashback bonus and as a rep explaining it to her.

Why did the producers of this ad hire one girl to play both roles? Were they too cheap to pay two actresses? Did they want viewers to think there are twins here like in that other Discover Card commercial (with Sinab and Meltem Gulturk)? Perhaps it has something to do with Discover Card’s ad slogan; “At Discover, we treat you like you’d treat you.” Maybe Stephanie can say for sure.Ask her on Twitter. Also see more of her at her official website. You may have also caught Stephanie playing a not-too-concerned babysitter in another recent commercial for Nest smoke alarms. It’s wrong, but funny.


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