Shannon McDonough Revisited

Actress, model, and (as she puts it) self-employed rock star Shannon McDonough was featured here back on St. Patrick's Day, as I thought it appropriate to have an Irish lass in top spot that day. I recently got in touch with the multi-talented Minnesota native for for this follow-up interview.

Even though Shannon has starred and looked great in such retro sci-fi films as Terror from Beneath the Earth, Attack of the Moon Zombies, and The Giant Spider, she's more a fan of classic musicals and doesn't aspire to being a Scream Queen. (In fact, she hates spiders.) Her versatility has also landed her roles in which she's showed her comedic and dramatic sides in non-horror films, such as Jarrod Crooks' Thieves Like Us and Dispatched. As a singer, Shannon has appeared all around the Twin Cities area, currently with Elvis tribute performer Anthony Shore.

One fact about Shannon that she seems to understate, is that she's also a very talented artist. An example of one of her drawings, as well as info on where others are available, in her interview after the break. The above photo is from a recent shoot with Old Abbot Photography.

JAV Idol Mana Aoki Makes the Cover of Basic Mathmatics

Earlier this month, Thai publishing company Muangthai Book released a public school math textbook featuring a shot of JAV Idol Mana Aoki as their “cover girl.” The photo is originally from the promo shoot for Costume Play Working Girl, in which Miss Aoki (naturally) stars as the costume play working girl. The authors’ names on the image of the cover (at right) that’s been floating around the net to accompany this story, have been blurred out to protect the embarrassed.

Of course, Muangthai Book didn’t know who Miss Aoki was when her photo was found on the net and selected by one of their employees, but when they found out, they stopped publication of the book until a new cover is chosen. As for the reported 3,000 copies that had been released, it’s a good bet that they’re already collectors’ items, so some astute math students and teachers will probably hang on to theirs, despite a recall.

This has been all over the net for a couple of weeks now, so for more details, a simple Google search will take you to many other articles covering this, such as this one at Rocket News 24.

Tammie Baird

Award-winning Hollywood stuntwoman Tammie Baird grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. The eldest of six children, Tammie studied gymnastics as a child until her mother deemed it too dangerous and made her quit. Needless to say, it didn't make Tammie shy away from risky activities. Quite the opposite, in fact. She's since doubled for numerous A-list actresses when their characters have gotten in fights, been slammed on concrete, and hit by cars, just to name a few things. Despite all that, she says she's never had any serious injuries, just a few aches and pains the next day.

When not on the set, Tammie can often be found swinging from the Traveling Rings at Santa Monica, which, she tells me, relieves her of all stress and makes her feel weightless and free. She says her "to do" list includes (probably to the horror of her mom) hanging from outside of a helicopter, crashing through glass, and doing a car-to-car transfer. (Yes, of course while they're moving fast.)

Also an avid Pez collector (which is probably something only those close to her knew until now), the above photo of Tammie with two of her most prized Pez dispensers; Inspector Clouseau and the Pink Panther, is courtesy of Tammie, herself.

Charlo Greene says "F*ck it" and Quits

Above is KTVA reporter and sometime anchor, Charlene Egbe, known professionally as Charlo Greene, giving her final news report as an employee of the station, in which she announces on the air that she's the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club (which probably wasn't such a big secret, anyway, and may explain why she chose her professional surname).

Calista Flockhart & Lucy Liu – Television’s First Interracial Lesbian Kiss

Many TV trivia pundits say that US television’s first interracial kiss was between Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura (William Shatner and Nichelle Nichols) in a 1968 episode of Star Trek. Actually, that isn’t true because Lucy and Ricky Ricardo (Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez) kissed many times on screen in I Love Lucy over a decade earlier, but I digress. Above is US television’s first interracial lesbian kiss, between Ally McBeal and Ling Woo (Calista Flockhart and Lucy Liu), on an episode of Ally McBeal entitled “Buried Pleasures,” which aired in November of 1999. It didn’t suck.

Dahlia Derriere

Model Dahlia Derriere was one of the "James Girls" featured here in July, whom I found to be particularly charming and gracious. So charming, I asked her if she'd be interested in giving me an interview for a solo feature, so readers could find out a little more about her, and here it is.

Even though she considers herself a just regular girl who likes to model on occasion, Dahlia is currently one of the premiere pinup models on the East Coast. She's graced the pages of such popular magazines as Retro Lovely, Tease and Cake, and has an soon-upcoming feature in the debut issue of Tinsel. Her images have also adorned posters, calendars, and billboards in and around her region and she often poses for area artists. "It is such a delight to see different interpretations of yourself put to paper," she says.

Also a lady with a good head on her shoulders, Dahlia has some words of wisdom for young ladies interested in going into modeling, whether it be professionally or just as a sideline. The above, unedited, photo is courtesy of Dahlia, herself, proving to those who haven't had the pleasure of meeting her, that her beauty is no studio creation.

Ms. Vampy Interviews Michelle Tomlinson and Denise Gossett

Above is the debut episode of Ms. Vampy entitled "Coffin Tawk" [sic] featuring Brooke Lewis as hostess Miss Vampy and her guests, actresses Michelle Tomlinson and Denise Gossett.

The show Ms. Vampy only ran for four episodes in 2009 but the Brooklyn vampiress followed it up in 2011 with Ms. Vampy's Tween Tawk, Teen Tawk & In Between Tawk, which ran for six episodes, and in 2013 with Ms. Vampy's Bites and Ms. Vampy's Love Bites, which ran for five and four episodes, respectively. You can read all about Ms. Vampy, and some about her alter ego, Brooke Lewis (who really impressed yours truly in the 2010 short, Sprinkles), at her official website.

As for Ms. Vampy's lovely Coffin Tawk guests; Denise has a long and impressive list of credits that begins with her small screen debut as Lena Luthor in the TV series Superboy. Michelle, whose acting resume is equally impressive, has a upcoming and exclusive interview that will appear at this very site in the near future.

Elizabeth Di Prinzio & Angela Fong for Boost Mobile

The above TV commercial that ran earlier this year for Boost Mobile, features Los Angeles-based actress and model Elizabeth Di Prinzio, as a girl getting her purse “snatched” by a do-gooding motorcycle passenger in the form of model and former BC Lions (of the CFL) cheerleader, Angela Fong.

You can see more of Elizabeth at her official website and she's on Twitter. See more of Angela, who's also a former WWE Diva, and may be better-know by wrestling fans by her ring name, Savannah, at her Facebook fan page, and she's also on Twitter.
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