The Lizzies

The 1979 cult film The Warriors, featured many sinister and eerily charismatic New York City street gangs that claimed their own parts of the city and didn't take kindly to rivals passing through those turfs. (My favorite bunch were the Baseball Furies from Riverside Park, Manhattan, but this is about the ladies, so we'll move on.) The only female gang in the movie was the Lizzies from Union Square, Manhattan.

Above are the deadly dames making their first appearance in the film on the Union Square subway platform, laying in wait for three members of the targeted Warriors, intending to use their feminine charms to lure them back to their hangout (which was right across the street from the famous CBGB's club) for a little party. The actresses are, from left to right (Appreciate this because this is probably the only place on the net where you'll find at least some of the Lizzies IDed by the portraying actresses!): Dee Dee Benrey, Kate Klugman, Lisa Maurer, unidentified (top), Wanda Velez (bottom), and Laura Delano (credited as Laura De Lano).

Friday the 13th Victim, Vera Sanchez

In honor of Friday the 13th, here's Vera Sanchez (played by Catherine Parks) performing her last act; retrieving a wallet she dropped in the water in Friday the 13th Part 3 (in 3D). And for a trivia question; how many victims had the hockey-mask-wearing Jason claimed prior to Vera? Answer after the jump.

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