One-Question Interview with Beverly Randolph

The 1985 dark comedy-horror film, The Return of the Living Dead is a classic of its genre and the cast often reunites for appearances at horror convention and fan events. Some had already made names for themselves in B-moviedom (such as Clu Gallagher, Linnea Quigley, and Jewel Shepard) when the film was cast, but most were unknown at the time, such as Beverly Randolph.

Van Tieu Apologizes for her Colleague’s On-Air F**k-Up

As many of you might already know, a rookie North Dakota TV news anchor was recently fired right after he preceded the opening to his very first news broadcast with some profanity. (Story here) If you saw it, you may not have paid as much attention to his gaffe as you did Van Tieu; his pretty co-anchor who introduced him and maintained her composure during the awkward on-air moments.

Since Van is the lead anchor of KFYR’s evening news, she was given the unenviable task of apologizing to the viewers for her former and very-short-lived co-anchor’s blunder. The above is her doing so at the opening of that evening's 10:00 PM newscast, which she handled solo. I don’t think they would have been the next Rather-Chung, anyway.

See more of Van at:
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Korean Racing Models Do the Gwiyomi Song

Released three months ago by Korean singer Hari, the Gwiyomi ("Cutie") Song immediately went viral and has now become the latest Internet meme to originate from Korea. Above are three of the most popular Korean Racing models doing their version. The ladies are (clockwise from top left) Hana Hong (whom I've had the pleasure of interviewing here), Boyoung Chun, and Siyoung Ha.

Erin Tjoe in "Too Good to Waste"

The above video still is from a recent ad for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission's water conservation campaign. It may give the impression that actress Erin Tjoe is going to be ill, but in fact, she's portraying a consumer who's made aware of the value of saving water. The 30-second spot is one of a series of ads being put out by the SFPUC, that feature Erin.

Stella Chuu

Above is the "Anime Princess of Burlesque" Stella Chuu, performing her act entitled "The Darkest Corners of the Internet," which is her homage to the infamous website and the notorious Internet meme it popularized; "Pedobear." The opening song is Florence + The Machine's "Girl With One Eye" with Oingo Boingo's "Little Girls" accompanying the Pedobear part at the end.

Besides being a burlesque performer, Stella, a New Yorker, is a very high profile cosplayer and pin-up model, often appearing at comic and game conventions for fans to meet. As of this writing, her website is still under construction but you can see plenty more of her at her Facebook fan page and countless other sites all over the net.

What would have been Brenna Roth's interview

Just because the interviewee never gets back to me after agreeing to an interview, is no reason to let my good and pertinent questions go to waste. So, here's my half of what would have been my interview with actress and model Brenna Roth. I contacted Brenna through a Facebook message on April 16, 2012 about an interview here, to which she replied "For sure. Email me at (e-mail address) xoxo blr" [sic].

I e-mailed her Brenna my questions. She never replied to them. No surprise, her loss, and chalk up another for the "Incomplete Interviews" file. At left is where the lead photo of Brenna would have been with credits to the photographer and, as always, a good lead-in here.

July 2015 Addendum: After seeing this, apparently for the first time, over two years later, Brenna responded and that can be seen at the end of this half-interview.

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