Bass Girl, Mascara Messi

Mascara Messi is the bassist for the indie rock band Leopard Bonapart, who've made quite a name for themselves in and around their native Moscow. The band's sound has been described by music journalists and pundits as having elements of glam and rockabilly. Regularly headlining at major venues like Moscow's Hard Rock Cafe and festivals, such as "Rock on the Roof," they're one of the most popular young bands in Moscow and are on the verge of gaining international attention. Mascara tells me that her and her bandmates are currently working on an album scheduled for release this fall, and are planning a tour that will include the United States next spring, but the specific cities have yet to be determined.

What would have been Devanny Pinn's interview

When actress Devanny Pinn, who's a popular Scream Queen, told me to send her an e-mail with my interview questions and said that she was "behind with her interviews," I knew the chances of her replying to my questions were slim and this one would probably end up in the "Incomplete Interviews" file. However, I did some research, sent Miss Pinn my questions, and after some time passed, even offered to settle for a "One Question Interview" (example) if she was too busy to find the time to answer all. Still, no reply. So, as I figured from the start, here are the unanswered questions to Devanny Pinn and at left is where a photo of her would have been, had her interview panned out.

June 27th, 2015 Edit: See Devanny's response to her incomplete interview at the end.

Sarah French Announces 2016 Nude Calendar

Scream Queen Sarah French recently announced her upcoming 2016, limited edition calender, that will feature 13 full nude (not just implied) photos of her. According to Sarah; "the full color calendar will be limited to 200, each one individually numbered and signed. Once they're gone, they're gone for good."

Inkerbella Covers "Tiptoe Through the Tulips"

Above is Bridget Chamberlin-Shoup, known professionally as Inkerbella, honoring a request by yours truly, for a cover of the Tiny Tim ukulele classic, "Tiptoe Through the Tulips." This very recent performance is also much to the enjoyment of PNut and Buttercup, who are contently snoozing behind Bella.

What would have been Melanie Robel's second interview

One of the policies of this website is that even unanswered questions will not go unseen. I don't know why actress Melanie Robel ultimately decided not to respond to the questions I sent her for a second interview here, especially since she brought up the prospect of a second interview to me and seemed pretty darn excited that a film she appears in (A Blood Story, directed by Joe Hollow) will be out on DVD and VOD June 9th (today, as this goes to press).

In fairness to Melanie, she was great during my first interview with her. She gave detailed and thoughtful answers to my questions and even sent two signed photos afterwards, to show her appreciation. All those who've worked with Melanie and I've spoken with, hold her in very high regard, so, not following through on any project seems to be completely out of character for her. I assume she had her reasons not to do this and that's fine. Anyway, what follows are my questions for Melanie Robel. At left is where a recent photo of Melanie would have gone and the photographer would have been given credit here.

Kim Matula - Sex Scene from Dawn Patrol

Above is a recently leaked sex scene between Kim Matula and Scott Eastwood (yes, Clint's son) from the 2014 thriller Dawn Patrol, which was released just yesterday, as of this posting. The film opened to seemingly mixed reviews, most of which yours truly has read, lean toward the good. One interesting remark by critic Frank Scheck of the Hollywood Reporter was "the worst victim (in the film) is Matula, whose exploitative nude scenes leave a sour aftertaste." I don't know what Mr. Scheck's tastes are, but in the above scene, Miss Matula sure looks sweet to me. She's on Instagram.

Ronnett'a Spencer

Ronnett'a Spencer made her recording debut at the age of seven, when she appeared on the track "Barre Baby," off of rapper Big Moe's 2000 album, City of Syrup. That followed with an appearance on Tow Down's version of Hall and Oates' "Rich Girl," on his 2002 release Chicken Fried Steak. A few years later, she auditioned for American Idol and was on her way to being a contender, due in part to her impressive vocal range. However, as AI rules would have it, she was soon informed that she had to be disqualified because she was underage.

Now 22, the Houston, Texas native and daughter of famed R&B artist Ronnie Spencer, has made a name for herself as a solo performer. She released her debut album, The Beauty of It All early last year and is currently working on a follow-up, with all songs she's written herself.

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