Miss Misery's Movie Massacre

As it's coming up on the Halloween season, here's the Queen of Horror in the San Francisco Bay Area, Reyna Young, better know by Bay Area horror fans as Miss Misery, with a teaser for her Movie Massacre.

Besides hosting Movie Massacre, which is now getting ready to go into its fourth season, Reyna is now earning some attention for her acting roles in several short films. The most recent being in two of her own, Sally, and Monster of the Golden Gate, the latter of which she tells me is a throwback to the awesome black and white cheesy B monster movies of the 1950s and 60s. She'll also be appearing in a small role in Patrick O'Bell's The Divine Order, due out later this year and she recently published her book of poetry, entitled Dislocated Thoughts

Tiffany Apan

A multifaceted lady, Pennsylvania native Tiffany Apan began her affair with music and theater at an early age and has since built up quite an impressive resume. To drop a couple of names; her first dance teacher was Gene Kelly's niece and she worked with jazz great Billy Harper in a production of Marta Effinger's Whispers Want to Holler, where she played a freestyle jazz singer.

Also a prolific fiction writer, Tiffany's Bloodlines series is another one of her works currently in progress. Originally intended to be "light and relatively happy with just a touch of paranormal mystery," she said she didn't like how the story was turning out and so she stopped to take a second look at it. After some refocusing, she then began uncovering things and just let the story flow naturally as it took a different direction. Not originally intended to be a series, the story expanded, and now it will be a four, or possibly five, book series.

It took a while, but I was finally able to get Tiffany to take time out to answer some questions for me. I had planned on doing an interview with her shortly after catching a very favorable review of her film, Driving Nowhere, (currently in post-production) and writing this this brief feature on it, but her schedule these days includes several irons in the fire, so I was lucky to get this in time for the Halloween season. In fact, as this goes to press, she's appearing this weekend at Horror Realm Con as one of the featured guests.

Friday the 13th Victim, Eva Watanabe

Serial killer Jason Voorhees isn't a discriminating slayer, but to date, his only Asian female victim has been Eva Watanabe (played by a then-unknown Kelly Hu), in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989). As you can see from the above scene where Eva meets Jason, and her fate, her death sure wasn't merciful, but at least it was "splatter-free."

As for Kelly, she's definitely not one to be found in the "Whatever Happened to..?" file. In fact, she's gone on to have the most successful career of all the ladies who've played prey for Jason in any of the films in the franchise. See her list of credits, spanning 26 years, at her IMDb page.


Adrea Simmons, known professionally as Dre'a, has been singing since she was five years old, taking after her mother, a professional singer whom Dre'a tells me fronted for the band Blues 'N' More for 12 years. During that time, she saw her mom open for some top acts, such as the Temptations and MC Hammer.

Hailing from Port Lavaca, Texas, the 23 year-old singer-songwriter is currently signed with H-Loyal Management, who originally recruited her to write songs for another singer on their label. She accepted the offer, and was subsequently asked to be half of a singing duo with the lady she was writing songs for. She agreed and after that project ran its course, Dre'a realized a solo career was what she really wanted to pursue and she's currently working on her first solo album.

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