Traycee King

Producer, director, actress, model, and Air Force veteran, Traycee King was featured here nearly a year ago when her How to Survive a Horror Film series grabbed me. After looking over her resume, I knew she was a lady I had to ask for an interview. While doing my research, I learned there are a lot facets to Traycee and it wasn't easy narrowing down the questions for my usual-length feature here. She has several award-winning projects to her credit (most notably her web series 8.13), all produced by her own company, Kitty Quilt Productions, she dabbles in archeology, astronomy, and giving people positive reinforcement. Also, her work with the Young Storytellers Foundation, where acting mentors volunteer their time to work with underprivileged kids, was definitely on the list of things to learn more about.

Besides all that good stuff, Traycee also occasionally enjoys making a real piece of crap film. So bad, in fact, that she had one of her gems featured at last year's International Shit Movie Film Festival. (I didn't make that up. Google it later.) The above, and exclusive photo is courtesy of Traycee, herself.

The Ladies of Captured Hearts

Here's the very recent New York City Horror Film Festival interview with three of the lovely stars of the 2013 gore delight, Captured Hearts. Melantha Blackthorne, Rachael Robbins (also the film's co-writer), and Seregon O'Dassey play three of the five Van Houten sisters Susan, Leslie, and Rosalie, respectively, in the Kenneth Del Vecchio-Dylan Bank splatterfest.

Susan Kiger - Never Before Seen Photos

In response to my piece on whatever happened to former Playboy Playmate and actress Susan Lynn Kiger, I've had several readers post comments and send me messages telling me of times they spent with the lovely Miss January 1977. Some said they had the pleasure of knowing Susan personally, while others shared their recollections of meeting her at promotional events and fan signings during her all-too-brief modeling and acting heyday.

Tony M., a reader who met Susan a little more than a year after her Playmate issue hit the stands, sent me the photo scans you see here. He took the photos during Susan's appearance at the 1978 Sacramento Autorama car show, which is an annual event still held to this day. Tony's also been gracious enough to allow me to publish these photos here, for the first time anywhere.

Terissa Kelton Welcomes 2014

Ringing in 2014 is the very lovely actress Terissa Kelton, whom I had the pleasure of interviewing back in April of 2012. After contacting Terissa a couple of weeks ago, regarding her being part of the Christmas Compilation piece here (which she was), I saw that she'd been very busy since we last spoke. She's still one of the top talents with Twitchy Dolphin Flix, working on both sides of the camera. In 2013, she made appearances at several of the most popular indie film festivals in the US to promote movies she'd done in the two preceding years, which included Abram's Hand and Dear Boss Ripper.

With no less than three more completed films to her credit and a delve into professional modeling in 2013, I asked Terissa to bring me up to date with her projects since our first interview, which she graciously did. Credit for the above, and exclusive, photo goes to Chris Copple and Terissa, herself.

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