Charlo Greene says "F*ck it" and Quits

Above is KTVA reporter and sometime anchor, Charlene Egbe, known professionally as Charlo Greene, giving her final news report as an employee of the station, in which she announces on the air that she's the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club (which probably wasn't such a big secret, anyway, and may explain why she chose her professional surname).

Reporting on a story for KTVA last year
Since Miss Greene/Egbe owing a pot shop and being an on-air personality was frowned on by KTVA station execs, she simply chose to dedicate all of her energy "for fighting for freedom and fairness," said "..fuck it, I quit," gave a shrug and walked off camera. However, her interjection of "not that I have a choice," indicated she already saw the handwriting on the wall and just wanted to beat KTVA to the punch, as this probably would have been her last broadcast for them, regardless.

Anchor Alexis Fernandez was sure caught off guard as the camera switched back to her. She awkwardly offered an apology and stumbled as to what to do or say next, finally going ahead with the next story as soon as she realized the camera wasn't going to cut away from her.

One of the best articles on the details behind Miss Greene's on-air F-bomb resignation is this one by KTVA's rival station KTUU, who must have eaten this one up.

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