"Heart to Heart" Host, Ahn Jung-hyun

Ahn Jung-hyun (also known by some as "Dimple Girl" or "Miss Dimples") started with Arirang TV in Korea in 1996 as a news reporter and then later became an anchor. She's been the host of the popular Arirang talk show Heart to Heart since October 2001 and the DJ on the Arirang radio show World Cafe since late 2005. You can see by reading her bio that she has some quite impressive credentials and I don't mean to disregard her qualifications or skills as a journalist, but .... just look at those dimples.

Friday the 13th Victim, Marcie Cunningham

Again, in honor of Friday the 13th, here's Marcie Cunningham (No relation to director Sean, since he's a real person and Marcie is a character played by actress Jeannine Taylor) from the original Friday the 13th, getting a splitting headache from Mrs. Voorhees. That's right; Mrs. Voorhees. Jason didn't show up as the killer until part 2, the following year. (Too bad Casey Becker didn't know that when she was asked in Scream, or she'd still be aliv....naaa, he still would have killed her.)

WARNING: The above scene is graphic and not for the faint-hearted. (If you're the type that plays the video before reading the text below it and already saw the scene and found it disturbing, well .... you should have read this first.)

Teasers Girls

Teasers was a small Tennessee-based restaurant chain that was, in essence, a Hooters rip-off. From the color scheme and interior of the restaurants, right down to the outfits of their sexy female servers. (I'm not complaining, mind you, just saying.) They'd hoped to give Hooters a run for their money. They didn't. Not because anything at Teasers was bad (I ate there and I'd give the food, atmosphere, and servers all a thumbs up) ....it just wasn't Hooters.

I happened to run into these two Teasers Girls at right, during the 1994 Summer Lights festival in downtown Nashville. The ladies were handing out these fliers and just doing some PR for the then-newly-opened sport grill. What they're wearing here wasn't the official Teasers Girls uniforms, which were very similar (of course) to the Hooters Girls uniforms.

Teasers has long since gone out of business, which isn't a surprise, especially since Hooters franchises started popping up all around Nashville during the mid-90s. So, the reason this post isn't in the "Whatever Happened to.." file, is because it's no mystery whatever happened to the Teasers Girls. They got jobs at Hooters.

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