Jasi Lanier for Heinz Ketchup

Top Hollywood stuntwoman Jasi Lanier was one of the "James Girls" featured in this article last month. She commented that she's a real tomboy but photographer Mike James helps her get in touch with her "girly side" during her photo shoots with him. In the above 2007 commercial Jasi did for Heinz ketchup, she shows that tomboy side as she deals with an interruption that doesn't often occur while waiting for ketchup to emerge from the bottle. However, I suppose since Heinz ketchup is so thick and rich, it takes much longer for it to come out than it does for other brands, so anything can happen during that wait.

A native East-Coaster, Jasi said this commercial was one of her first gigs in California and "lots of fun, even though it was a tight space to fight in." See more of Jasi at her official website, Facebook fan page, and she's on Twitter. You can also see her most recent stuntwork in the upcoming films Barley Lethal (scheduled for release later this year), Fast & Furious 7, and Insurgent (both slated for release next year).


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