Madison Linh

Madison Linh tells me she's currently a pre-med student in her senior year at UC Davis and a part-time model. I didn't exactly have a lengthy, in-depth interview with her, and when I asked about her modeling experience, she just said that she's worked with "many wondrously talented photographers and artists," but didn't name any names.

When asked about her hobbies and interests, she simply told me that she enjoys "working her mind and body with chess and tennis." Madison's also the second girl I've seen turn her Xanga blog into an advice column, where she posts replies to various questions her readers have sent her.

Coincidentally, this feature is being published on the now 22 year-old Madison's birthday.


Taiwanese amateur model I-Ling got into being photographed just this year. The 24 year-old former cheerleader holds a degree in electrical engineering and frequently emcees at banquets, fashion shows, and charity events in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

I-Ling (whose English name is Alice) tells me she's "awesome with public speaking and shy when it comes to singing, dancing, and performing on stage." However, she was convinced to enter the 2006 Miss DC Taiwanese American Pageant where she was among the finalists.

She's currently a designer for a friend's San Francisco-based t-shirt line and is looking to settle down in the near future ...."if a guy can actually keep me interested enough for me to marry him," she jokingly said.

Frost Ng

23 year-old freelance model and student Frost Ng was born and raised in Hong Kong and moved to the US when she was 16. Now based in New York City, she does mostly artistic and fashion shoots, but she's also worked as a fitting model and has done some erotically interesting body paint shoots with light bondage themes. She also does some glamour but not nude. (Sorry, guys.)

Frost is currently going to college, majoring in vocal performance. She's tells me she's a coloratura and studies Western classical music and opera. She actually gave me a lot of information on herself before she let me know she had a Model Mayhem profile where I could have gone to and gotten it from, but she was one of the most courteous and nicest girls I've ever contacted about a featured here, so corresponding with her was a pleasure.

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