Tales of Horror with Lilith Death

Lilith Death (played by actress Jessica Felice) isn't your typical, campy horror film hostess, if you consider Elvira as such. Lilith delivers a more subtle humor and has been described as a flirty dominatrix-style vixen, who adds levity and nostalgia to the show. As the above teaser from Episode 3 of Harvest Moon Motion Pictures' Tales of Horror reveals, Lilith's alluring manner, enhanced by a sultry British accent, provide an eerily provocative segue to the films featured on the show.

Tales of Horror promo poster by Erik Wilson
Tales of Horror debuted on Vimeo this Halloween, with Lilith making her debut in Episode 2. (As of this writing, she doesn't appear in Episode 1, but I've been told by a reliable source that it will be re-edited to include her.) The show is a TV series that will be divided into 13 separate episodes, featuring short horror films from some of the best talent in independent movies, from the US and abroad. Some notable shorts featured so far, include Chuck Hartsell's Transfers, Jason A. Wallace's The Full Walrus, as well as Harvest Moon's Blood Loss and The Price.

As for the lovely Miss Felice; in addition to seeing her starring in some films featured on Tales of Horror, look forward to learning much more about her in an exclusive interview slated for this site in the very near future. "Sweet nightmares and pleasant screams."


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